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Strong quarter ends hard year for PalmOne
By Richard Shim
CNET News.com

Is there anything else to say?  The Treo 600 has now become as important to Palm as the iPod has to Apple.  Hopefully the people at PalmOne will continue to innovate and provide us with even better next generations of products.  I have to admit that even a small improvement to a 320x320 screen would seal the deal for me right now.  Well done PalmOne!

BTW: I do own stock in the company so I have a reason to be cheerful (up 120%)...

Posted by Andrew on June 21, 2004 at 08:25 PM
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by craigdts | Jul 12, 2004 9:24:11 AM

nice site. The treo is much more important to PLMO than the ipod is to AAPL. The ipod at best looks to be 20% of revenue, while PLMO looks to have the Treo account for 50% or better of its revenue by the end of its 2005 financial year.

by andrewc | Jul 12, 2004 10:16:12 AM

Thanks for your comment and for your appreciation of our blog - I hope that you'll visit again soon.

I must admit that I didn't realize just how important the Treo line was to Palm. Perhaps now I should try to redouble my critical efforts as although I believe that Palm has done an excellent job thus far it has also left many stones unturned. There is still much to be done if they really intend the Treo to become the killer mobile device and to account for 50% of sales by the end of next year... As I discuss elsewhere they could start by targeting a wider audience by positioning the Treo as an entertainment device and less of a 'strictly business' tool...

If your interest goes beyond just Palm's Treo, I can suggest that you visit our other blog at http://alteraxion.typepad.com where you will find a number of articles relating to Digital Entertainment Convergence which is my other focus.

Looking forward to your future comments.

BTW: You can also email your comments at blog[at]alteraxion.com

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