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Posted by Andrew on June 20, 2004 at 06:32 PM
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by Annette Hoellebrand | Oct 1, 2004 4:37:05 AM

fun communications won PalmSource Powered Up Award 2004 for funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM at Palm Source Euro DevCon 2004
funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM: The Text Messages Manager for palmOne Treo 600

fun communications today announced that its popular funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM - the text messages manager for palmOne Treo 600 - has been honoured by the prestigious PalmSource Powered Up Award. funSMS 4 Treo 600 won the Palm Powered Up Award in the category Wireless / Over-the-air.

The Euro Powered Up Awards celebrate the best Palm OS applications that the developer community has to offer. The Powered Up awards are judged on a number of criteria including innovation, ease of use, popularity and benefits to business and personal users. The awards were presented at this year’s PalmSource Euro DevCon in Munich.

"We're very excited to be recognized by PalmSource for our text messages manager," commented Klaus Nahr, CEO fun communications GmbH. “funSMS 4 for the palmOne Treo 600 is the complete solution for managing text messages with ease. The integrated address functionality makes it even more comfortable”.

The program provides an incomparable broad range of functions and fascinates at the first look with its golden-metallic interface design. funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM supports the 5-way navigation button for comfortable navigation within the application - all without lifting a stylus. funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM offers an extremely attractive layout and optimized graphics especially designed for the 160*160 pixel resolution of the palmOne Treo 600.

funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM supports multi-part messages, which means that an SMS message is no longer restricted to its usual length of 160 characters. An SMS can be sent to one or more recipients. SMS messages can be sorted using freely definable categories and can also be exported to the Palm applications Memo Pad and To Do List. An SMS can be written and then saved as a template together with the recipient list. This is particularly practical when the same messages are frequently sent. Integration with the Palm Address Book allows senders to be identified automatically and recipients selected easily.

by Jesper | Jan 4, 2005 10:01:45 AM

Does the Treo 650 synchronize with ACT!

by visitor | Mar 15, 2005 12:02:16 PM

Apparently not - at least not through the use of Act!'s Act!Link 2.0 program, nor through Act!Link 2005. Treo 650 is now showing on the "unsupported devices" list for Act!2005

by Harry Kolb | Mar 29, 2005 4:16:19 AM

I'm using Act 6.0 and syncing to my Treo 600 through Act for Palm hotfix2. Everything works fine except under Treo Contacts I only see Home and Work phone numbers and no mobil phone numbers. The mobil phone numbers do show up under ACT on my Treo. Does anyone know how to add the mobil numbers to Treos Contacts?

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