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Treo 600: Confessions of a Treo-naut

If you enjoyed Peter's previous post about how to use your Treo 600 to leave your laptop behind, I hope that you will find this one just as good, honest and perhaps even funnier.  Enjoy and have a great weekend fellow Treo-nauts!

I have become addicted to reading entries, postings & editorials at most of the Treo-centric blogs and sites each day. One of the most recurring themes is "what I did with my Palm today..." Yep; there are a bunch of certifiable characters out there having relations with their PDA's which will never be sanctioned by Mother Church. It makes me ask myself: "Myself...how in the name of Tom Swift and his Giant Robot, did we all get in this humiliating position?" Brothers, Sisters...I feel the need to give my testimony.


1992: Single guy/ confirmed Day-Timer man/ my definition of "Palm" is something my Mom warned me not to abuse

1993: Engaged fellow/ solid Day-Timer man/ uh-oh...see my first Palm Pilot in the hands of a client's helpdesk manager/ the seeds of madness are sown/ "Palm" is now defined as a growing obsession

1993 Christmas: The itch has taken over my mind/ buy myself a Palm PilotPro for Christmas/ my fiancé simply says "boys, with toys!"

1994: Married man/ forbidden to bring Pilot to the wedding/ I bring it to wedding/ FORBIDDEN to bring the Pilot on Bermuda honeymoon/ I bring it on honeymoon/ find out my new wife will never be an addict/ discover my wife is cool enough to deal with my addiction

1996: My son is born/ my Pilot puts me in the 'geek' elite at my employer/ my geekiness makes me an outcast amongst my fellow salespeople/ glad I finally have a legitimate reason not to associate with them/ company gets me a Palm III/ my wife starts to shake her head/ I convert my father-in-law to a Palmie.he gets a Pilot Pro/ my wife tells me to leave her family alone

1999: Using more and more of my hard-drive to archive every Palm app or utility I can get my hands on/ constantly swapping out apps on my Palm III due to RAM issues/ get a Palm Vx/ install FlashPro and now have lots of memory/ Now using AvantGo all the time, and start to use the Palm for restroom recreation (reading, not pictures!)/ my wife begins to develop a hard glint in her eye when she sees the Vx in my hand/ my father-in-law upgrades to a Palm III/ my mother-in-law gets the Pilot/ my wife stops asking them over when I am home

2000: OmniSky giveth wireless to my Palm/ OmniSky taketh one heluva lot of memory from my Palm/ my 'accessorizing' begins with a Vaja custom Vx-OmniSky case/ my wife adds teeth-grinding to the glint/ I can no longer deny the emotional attachment I have for my Palm/ Add folding keyboard/ add Docs To Go/ stop taking my laptop to client meetings/ my 'computer bag' shoulder begins to level with the other one/ my father-in-law upgrades to a Vx/ my mother-in-law gets the Palm III/ she gives her Pilot to my son/ my wife thinks I am league with the devil

2001: OmniSky purchased by Earthlink/ Earthlink is a waste/ sell my OmniSky equipment/ offer the Vx to my wife/ SHE TAKES IT/ find nothing from Palm that I like/ BUY AN iPAQ (oh, the pain)

2002: My daughter is born/ iPAQ is good hardware/ PPC 2002 is a waste of code/ buy CoPilot Live, and turn the iPAQ exclusively into a GPS unit/ fed up with AT&T Wireless "service"/ Handspring & Sprint run deep-discount promotion on Treo 300/ buy Treo 300/ Treo 300 purchase causes my wife to constantly look at the ceiling and implore the powers that be to 'beam-me-up'

2003: Take Sprint's "early-adopter" offer, and upgrade to the Treo 600/ I put the Treo 300 in storage/ my wife's Vx develops a digitizer bug/ my son loses his Pilot/ I get my wife an m515/ she gives the Vx to my son/ she says I will have a lot to answer for when I reach the Pearly Gates

2004: My son is now 8 years old/ I discover Palm Addict/ convince my father-in-law to upgrade to a Zire 71/ my mother-in-law gets the Vx/ my mother-in-law wants my father-in-law to buy her a color Palm/ my wife's brother gets a Treo 600/ he quickly develops all the symptoms of serious addiction/ his wife complains to my wife that this is all my fault/ my son's Vx develops too many digitizer issues to be used/ I give him my Treo 300/ he constantly asks my wife to get him phone-data service for it/ I run down to my office every time he does/ my wife insists that I will burn in Hell for all of the Palm mischief I have caused in her life/ I wonder what my next Palm will be?

Posted by Andrew on July 22, 2004 at 09:20 AM

Treo 600

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by treolady | Jul 22, 2004 2:38:08 PM

lol. this is great. i have the same problem!

by maxmasa31 | Jul 26, 2004 10:33:10 PM

This is me and my fiance! The teeth gnashing and squint has given way to head shaking and arms thrown up in the air. I've won! Now, what do I do with my Treo 600, Zire 72 and Clie TH-55...I think I need to grow a third arm.

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