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MailWave: Another PUSH e-mail Option for Treo 600

While Mailwave actually came out before Chatter Email, it was not quite as ready for primetime until now.... Push and background capabilities within email applications is becoming a must-have feature on our Treo 600 and I'd expect customers to be demanding it soon enough from SnapperMail, AgendusMail and others.  For me, it's a personal choice... I like Chatter.  Mailwave does support POP3 accounts, calendar events (depends on your server ... ala Exchange) and attachments which are still pending for Chatter at the moment. Mailwave does however, require either a subscription to the Mailwave service (a very reasonable $7/mo) or a hosted solution which they are selling for corporations.

MailWave for is intended for Palm OS 3.5 and higher. Although many handhelds carry the same OS, the features vary. MailWave is designed to take advantage of certain features when possible. For example, the TREO 600 series smartphones allow for screen object focusing. This feature allows for the user to perform everyday tasks without ever needing to use the stylus. MailWave also supports devices such as the TapWave Zodiac which has landscape and portrait viewing modes. [Mailwave]

There's a helpful testing page to see if your accounts are compatible with the service which certainly helps save the time of installing and tapping in your account info.

This post contributed by Jonathan Greene.


Posted by atmasphere on August 26, 2004 at 04:47 AM

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