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OMG!!! Treo 650 Ace Pictures are Here!!! [NOW FULL SIZE]

The forthcoming Treo 650 (Ace) has now finally been photographed and made public - well sort of as there's still no official PalmOne release for it...



FRONT: Dedicated call buttons (left/right).  Voice Record Button? 
BACK: Digital Camera (1.3MP but no flash...) is now also Digital Video Recorder? OMG... what is that... a removeable battery!?  Is that a lens cover?

Wassup with the keyboard and the change of key shapes?!?!  The keys on the Treo 600 are UNIQUE which translates into competitive advantage (it's a defining signature of the Treo line) - change for change sake is just dumb design... bring back the old keys please (albeit with backlighting)... at the very least keep the overall shape and flatten them if you want P1...


Totally Different Keyboard Backlighting System: Now this is wicked cool!!! + Looks like our screens will be centered now!


TOP: Bigger IR window... what's that about?  SIM card slot... What does it mean for CDMA? ++NEW That slot is _much_ bigger than a standard SD card slot... is there some new card standard in the making?  Please G, let it be a 4GB card of some sort... for $250...

BOTTOM: Houston... we have a bigger port...

Casing is great!  Please don't release it in charcoal... Same footprint as Treo 600...

I wonder what that second side button is... some are saying PTT (Push-to-Talk)... That would be cool...


So, what will we be getting with our super dupy new Treo 650?  Well, some things we had a clue about from this earlier image release:

Some things we didn't know about and are currently still just 'rumours':

  • Totally Different Keyboard Backlighting System
  • Video Recording Built In
  • 1.3 MP Camera


  • EvDO or EDGE...
  • Voice Dialling
  • WiFi

 There's also some angry news for current Treo 600 users in that there's (as the originator of these picts described on the treocentral forum) going to be a "TOTAL INCOMPATIBILITY WITH ALL ACCESSORIES.  They simply will not work... not any... not even one (save universal headsets) Cradles... chargers... not gonna work... Pocket Keyboard? Also no."

Am I the only one familiar with a company called Dell who learned long ago that both consumers and businesses welcome the flexibility to have multiple interchangeable parts between devices (read COMPATIBILITY) and that this translates into higher sales (anybody study network economics?)

More as soon as we get a minute!  Will be updating about every 15 minutes until we exhaust all information...

[All original images via treocentral forum Thanks Michael!]

[Sprint PPT Slide via pdaPhoneHome forum]

[Large retouched photograph via Engadget]

[Images are also mirrored here]

Have you had any other sightings of the Treo 650?  Please let us know in the comments area below or drop us an email... Cheers!


FLASH! First ever "treonauts Gold Award" goes to WeeBitObsessed for his outstanding contribution to all fellow treonauts for releasing the first images of the Treo 650. Congratulations!



UPDATE: For those of you that don't yet own a Treo 600 (get one now!) or if you're thinking of buying a Treo 650 when it is released and you would like to learn more about the amazing phone, business and entertainment capabilities of the Treo line I strongly recommend that you read one of our most popular earlier posts.

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Posted by Andrew on August 25, 2004 at 09:06 AM

Treo 650 Preview

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by GJK | Sep 7, 2004 11:49:53 AM

On the new connector - as long as it works - i.e. the phone doesn't disconnect when you breathe on it - I'm all for it, otherwise its just a revenue generator. I have the USB cable, travel charge, and auto charger and they are all real sensitive to disconnecting.

by ian | Sep 7, 2004 1:10:14 PM

ill still probably pick the treo 600 over to 650. reasons... my big fat fingers would love the raised keys more than the flat one (how about pressing 4 keys accidentally? i wouldnt love that). it has a pretty good sounding mp3 player anyway. the keypad arrangement on the 650 is a wee bit too curved for me.. much like how i felt when IBM released their stupid ergonomic bent keyboard! plain stupid. (snicker snicker)

one lil reason to swtich to 650, though... i had my unit replaced twice already. 1st reason, it blacked out on me. second, the buzzing sound (an antenna problem common in most treo 600s.. watch out when you experience it) is just soooo horrible. glad for their customer service though. its the best.

cheers and good luck people!

by daniel gil | Sep 10, 2004 2:23:38 AM

cant wait to get my hands on the treo 650. the 1.3mp camera with video will be a huge step up as will the better resolution screen.

by Fatboy | Sep 10, 2004 3:46:44 PM

Please, please please tell me it will sort my records by "Company". I have been using Palm for 7 years, Palm III, Palm V, Handspring Platinum, Various Clies, Tungsten C, Tungsten E, Zire 72, now Treo600. It will not display my contacts they I have always had them, by company name. Other than that it is perfect. I hope the new 650 has it or I will go crasy!!

by Copasetic | Sep 16, 2004 11:40:24 PM

> Posted by: Andrew Carton | August 27
> I have the Sprint (charcoal) 600, and >would take it over the silver model any
> day.
I dunno about masculine for charcoal, I have to agree otherwise, when silver flakes/rubs off and looks horrible, and besides, silver's so gauche... :-P

> Posted by: Bob Dole | August 27, 2004
> 08:44 PM

> MP3: [...] consider that you can > now find 1GB SD cards for your Treo 600
> for as low as $100-$150...

Hmm...OK I am be still in 2004 then, and you are where/when? 2006? Taiwan? They are at least $250 here, well ok legally that is :P

by Perry Holden | Oct 4, 2004 1:41:48 PM

Is the reason for the new method of connection due to the fact that it will be a USB mountable drive ala' the new Tungsten T5?

I thought I read in a T5 blog last week that Palm or a retailer had mis-posted (early) a reference to a cradle accessory that could be used for either the T5 or the Treo 650.

If so, will the 650 be USB mountable . . . . ?

by Yves G. Tremblay | Nov 11, 2004 2:10:53 PM

When will the treo 650 will be available on the market ?

Please adv.


by Seekaow-WHITE | Nov 12, 2004 9:11:35 AM

My Palm T3 were lost by someone ,ewho took it away from me in last month and now my mobile LG are broke and now I lived in rural area ,must to find entertainment for my life .So I think if I don't want to live in lonely area ...I should to take smart phone like Treo 650.Acually I like the body shape of T5 but just to read the review of them ,it's worst than the old Palm T3 .basicly if it's not expensive for my parents, I'll take it suddenly....how about sony ux50 ,you have any idea?..I know they not to produce again.

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