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Treo 600 Power Shopping: 1GB SD Card

Following my recent post "TiVo on your Treo" where I discovered that a competing phone came with 1GB of memory I became so jealous that I decided to remedy this and finally get myself my own 1GB SD card - I wasn't going to let an usurper have a better phone than my Treo 600!

Having last seen SanDisk's 1GB SD cards for about $300 this is what I was expecting to pay but to my amazement after about an hour of research across the web I found offers that were as low as $150!!!  That’s only $50 more than a 512MB card…  For a moment I have to admit that I was so excited by the price that I even considered buying two…

Here are the results of a few of hours spent on my 1GB card quest:


First Choice - Buy.com | SanDisk 1GB SD Card | $185.53 + FREE SHIPPING

Special Buy.com Offers

- $15 Instant Coupon on any electronics purchase above $200

- $5 Instant Coupon on any electronics purchase above $50

Please Note: The above offers are not valid with any other coupon, shipping coupon, or other promotions, including Deal of the Day + you can only choose one Coupon not both.

- $25 Rebate Check when you sign-up to ‘Great Fun’ (first two months free)

Second Choice – Costco | SanDisk 1GB SD Card | $175 ($149 + 5% for non-members + $6 (est.) S&H + Sales Tax)

Third Choice – Amazon.com | SanDisk 1GB SD Card | $219.95 + FREE SHIPPING

Fourth Choice – Compuplus | SanDisk 1GB SD Card | $150-$165 ($136 + $14.95-$24.95)

Fifth Choice – ISSI | SanDisk 1GB SD Card | $175 ($136 + $14.95-$24.95)

Now I will finally be able to carry all my movies, pictures, music, Audible programs (Listen to two audio programs for FREE), videos, audio files, games, business files, applications… on just one card!!!

[UPDATE] While the above prices are the best available for SanDisk 1GB SD cards, the three other cards below are cheaper.

- PQI 1GB SD Card | $100 (Not Currently in Stock - ETA 23.08.04)

- KINGMAX 1GB Platinum 60X SD Card | $133

- Ritek 1GB Multimedia Card (SD Compatible) | $139

PLEASE NOTE that pricing and availability for all of these items changes daily and that the prices we state were accurate at time of posting.


Posted by Andrew on August 21, 2004 at 07:34 AM

Treo 600

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by Majnoon | Apr 22, 2005 4:31:22 PM

20% Coupon from Handango for ALL PDA'S !!!! Just used it for my Treo 650 and it works.
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