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Update: Treo now does Blackberry 'Push eMail' AND 'Push RSS'

As I mentioned previously Chatter Email is an amazing email application that allows for IMAP accounts to push and sync messages automatically on a Treo (for now it only works on Treo, though might eventually work on an OS 5 device with bluetooth connectivity to a phone.)

Based on a post I just read and considered at Treo Central I discovered a way for RSS Feeds to automatically get pushed to your device as well!!! The best part is that this added functionality is free thanks to the amazing Info Aggregator, which I had also previously mentioned and actually used briefly as a way to read feeds. Info Aggregator is unique in that you can receive your feeds directly to an IMAP email account which is exactly what Chatter wants and needs in order to PUSH the feeds to you as things get updated.

First, head over to Info Aggregator and register to create a free account. You can then either manually add feeds you want to track or import an OPML file from another reader like Bloglines or NetNewsWire. Next you need to create a new account in Chatter, which is actually called a New Folder Mailbox from the Box Menu (menu / New Folder Mailbox). Enter the settings you received from Blogstreet / Info Aggregator.  You need to manually enter the server folder name as Inbox to get it to stick.

That's it! Everything else is the same... You can set or deactivate alerts as you like and enjoy feeds and email pushing to your Treo as things happen. You are now fully connected... one more way to demonstrate how much more versatile your Treo 600 is to the BlackBerry's out there!

This post kindly contributed by Jonathan Greene.


Posted by Andrew on August 24, 2004 at 07:37 PM

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by John G | Aug 26, 2004 4:54:00 PM

I also recommend and use http://www.newsinmotion.com . It aggregates my RSS feeds and then daily sends them to an IMAP act.

by John G | Aug 26, 2004 4:55:30 PM

OOPS- my bad.

I meant http://www.newsinmotion.net

NET on the end NOT COM.


by Gary C | Jul 20, 2005 2:08:48 PM

What's the difference between push email and setting up VersaMail to automatically check your inbox at a set interval? I can see how push would be useful for a POP email but not for IMAP.

Does push transfer emails only when new ones arrive? I don't see how that can happen without a constant data connection on your cellphone. Does the computer somehow know where to push the email? Or does the cellphone constantly query the computer?

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