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Irreverent Thoughts: Does pa1mOne need Family Counseling?

I'm very concerned for the health of the Palm Family, these days - particularly in light of a possibly fast-growing Treo family.  Bear with me, and consider the following:
  • They used to produce healthy children (Pilot, IIIx, Vx)
  • They used to seek out counsel from the relatives (we, the Users)
  • They would incorporate the best ideas to developing the kids into attractive, productive members of society
But now:
  • They've legally changed their name and divorced from their mate (PalmSource)
  • They haven't had a child in a long time, seem to have hit an evolutionary wall, and are now simply cloning
  • The newer kids are having a lot of physical issues (cracks, chipping paint, defective earpieces and screens)
  • Their brightest new child (the Treo 600), was delivered by surrogate (Handspring). Should it have been called the in Vitro 600?
  • Handspring nourished the Treo 600 by creating a community awareness and identity long before the birth...pa1mOne won't even acknowledge the Treo 650's existence (maybe it's code-named 'Bastard'?)
What's needed:
  • A Family Gathering: pa1mOne has to start reading blogs and sites like this, get out to meet the users and actively seek owner feedback
  • A global perspective: I'm a Yank, and will be the first to admit that pa1mOne's current 'vision'(?) doesn't seem to care about the different buying criteria that exists for such products in Europe and Asia (WiFi, anyone?)
  • Digital Viagra: Obviously, no one is too inspired in the bedroom anymore. A boost is required to get the juices flowing again
  • A road-map for the kiddies: try to figure out what neighborhood they will live in, what other kids they will play with, what they should be when they grow up...BEFORE  YOU HAVE THEM!
  • Hand-me-downs: There is no reason that the sibs can't use the elder kids' old stuff (accessories!). It is abusive and insensitive to expect us to buy a brand-new set of clothes and toys every time we adopt a new child of yours. Standardize!!!
Innovation, leadership and daring all used to be the family heritage of all Palm's - a family that I love and care deeply for.  Now, the terms sterile, in-bred, mongoloid and second-rate come to mind. Obviously, either pa1mOne needs to have a wild affair, or get religion in a big way if they are to keep the Family together. What do you think, Treonauts?
This post kindly contributed by PJ Arts who will undoubtedly be one of the first people to buy the next and next and next addition(s) to the Treo family...

Posted by Andrew on September 17, 2004 at 09:27 AM

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by samsung LN46A650 | Dec 15, 2008 6:54:55 PM


I've found this article to be very useful, though the information is not rather new.
I'm your permanent reader now!

p.s. BTW, what happened to your site template? Or is it just my browser? :)

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