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PalmSource Euro DevCon 2004: Live Reporting

Hi Treonauts, starting today and for the next couple of days I will be reporting from PalmSource's European Developer Conference in Munich, Germany.

A number of significant announcements are due to be made by PalmSource as well as the many developers and other partners (such as Orange and RIM) in attendance over the coming 48 hours.  During this time I plan to bring you some exclusive reports, interviews and announcements (perhaps even a scoop or two...)

Please let me know via the comments box below or via email if there are any specific questions that you would like me to put forth to any of the many people and companies present here.

Here's a little picture story about getting over here...

BlackBerry 7100v advertised at Heatrow Airport on a 'huge' billboard... Obviously Vodafone are a good partner to have as I've never seen anything like this from Orange for the Treo 600... not a good start to the trip... can't wait to have a word with the people from Orange when they arrive...

Lufthansa Flight to Dusseldorf where I had to change...

Lufthansa Flight to Munich...

Munich Airport is gleaming...

View from my hotel room...

Posted by Andrew on September 27, 2004 at 11:44 AM

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by Jalil Vaidya | Sep 27, 2004 12:19:47 PM

Does Palm or any other PDA maker using PalmOS have any plans of integrating Biometric security in their devices? Fingerprint authentication in IPaqs is proving to be very useful and it will be a great addition to Palm based handhelds.

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