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PalmSource Euro DevCon Exclusive Preview

Earlier today I had the opportunity to sit on a preview presentation ahead of some of tomorrow's 'official' announcements by PalmSource and others.

1.  The CEO of PalmSource, David Nagel, stressed his intent to bring his company's US smartphone OS leadership to Europe where it currently ranks a (some say distant) #3 behind European market leader Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.

Nagel also talked briefly about the "BlackBerry Connect" services arriving shortly (but still no exact date) as well as specificaly highlighting support for BlackBerry's Data Services which will also be added.

The CEO further aluded to a new Palm OS installer system and strongly emphasized the focus of the company's Cobalt and Garnet OS' smartphone and wireless developments reiterating that there are currently 10-12 'Palm Powered' smartphones under development (these will hopefully be unveiled tomorrow...).

2.  A very brief presentation by Tapwave outlined some of the capabilities of their Zodiac - particularly and obviously mainly on the entertainment applications front.  The company is keen to drum up support and raise awareness among the European Palm developer community as it will be launching the Zodiac in this market via the UK shortly.

3.  Handango also briefly outlined some future website redesigns but otherwise did not present much noteworthy.

4.  Leaving the best for last, PalmSource unveiled details of a completely new application package installer called "PalmSource Installer Files" which will come packaged in *.psi format.

I can tell you that I jumped through the roof with this particular demo.  If this becomes the new standard among Palm OS developers you can forget the tedious days of:

  • Find correct file
  • Download zip file
  • Extract zip file
  • Read installation instructions
  • Double click .prc and .pdb files
  • Hotsync

With the *.psi you don't have to do any of the above - you just download directly to your Treo or PC and click "Yes" to extract the *.psi file and that's it.

I spoke at length with the PalmSource team responsible for the *.psi development and implementation and I can unreservedly say that I came away very impressed and excited by what they had to say, have done and plan to do in the future.  Well done PalmSource!

I will report more fully on the PalmSource Installer Files tomorrow.

Posted by Andrew on September 27, 2004 at 05:49 PM

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