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Unofficial Treo 650 Pictures Release II are here...

Here we go again! Now with the latest pictures (unofficial naturally...) of the Treo 650.

If you missed the first batch of pictures please go to the very bottom of this "Treo 650 Preview" page and read upwards (that's the way blogs work...) + don't forget to fill out the Treo 650 Design Survey.

Latest pictures of the front and back above.  Let's see how they compare with the previous pictures that we posted...

The new Treo 650 version (right) has:

  • Different color casing (gunmetal blue)
  • Two-tone keyboard as on original Treo 600
  • The keys themselves look much less 'flat' than on the previous version and appear rounded upwards as on the Treo 600

Nothing to report on this front... everything on the previous version (left) appears to match exactly on this new version.

The silver details around the Treo 650 remind me of the iPod...

A question on many people's minds was whether the stereo jack had been changed from 2.5mm on the Treo 600 to 3.5mm on the Treo 650... 

I'm sorry to disappoint but the stereo jack on the Treo 650 is still only 2.5mm (left picture is Treo 600)...   In this picture it is also somewhat easier to notice the change of casing color from the Treo 600 charcoal to the new gunmetal blue - I wonder who told palmOne that this was my favorite color...

Battery with easy removal edge + new reset button slot (Thanks Mike)

Battery out...

New stylus (top).  Gone are the plastic bits and the 'stick' for resetting the unit as the new new reset slot can use the normal tip (Thanks Mike).

LEFT: Treo 650 battery settings indicate a 2000mAh capacity while the Treo 600 was 1800mAh.
RIGHT: Bluetooth settings seem straightforward enough (I'm just getting started using BT on my new Clie TH-55 so still have to get to experience the full benefits of this).  WARNING... Apparently Sprint has locked down BT to hands-free (headset or car) and hotsync [at least on this particular unit but there's no way to know if this was for security reasons or whether this will be so when the Treo 650 goes commericial...]

LEFT+RIGHT: This seems to be final confirmation that Treo 650 will be running PalmOS Garnet v5.4.5 (After attending the PalmSource Euro DevCon I can say that this is likely to be the last Garnet device as Cobalt is the next gen PalmOS)

LEFT: This is a little confusing... we thought that we were to expect 32MB RAM + 32MB ROM on the Treo 650 but this image indicates only 20MB...
RIGHT: Testing the new 1.2MP digital camera on what looks like an architectural blueprint...

LEFT: In 'All Applications' you can see the new 'Camcorder' on second row right - will be fun to shoot video on the Treo 650 and then email these around (perhaps even moblog them...)
RIGHT: The 'Touchscreen' preferences hasn't changed...

LEFT: New 'Downloads' (Top left app) leads me to think that this will be some sort of Over-The-Air (OTA) applications and content download service.  Also 'Pics&Videos' (Third row left) may be similar to the Sony Clie media management application.  RealPlayer (Third row right) now comes bundled with the Treo 650 (a shame that they didn't choose to bundle Pocket Tunes instead but I imagine that palmOne must have done a deal with Real to share revenues from the Real music store).  Still, Real has not announced streaming support for the PalmOS so Pocket Tunes will be your only bet if you want to listen to streaming shoutcast radio OTA - which is extremely cool.  There's also a 'Software' icon (bottom center) with the Sprint logo so again this will likely be an OTA software download service (?)
RIGHT: Treonauts have got TV!  Well sort of... The 'T.V.' here is undoubtedly MobiTV for the Treo 650 [NOT... T.V. is just another debugging tool... (Thanks Anon)].  There's also Tetris bundled (see below)

LEFT: An 'ARM Debugger' section... Really fills me with confidence that I will have a need for this on my Treo 650...
RIGHT: Tetris in action...

Please also note that after many discussions at PalmSource Euro DevCon over the last couple of days it appears to be pretty clear that there will be a great many applications (games + others) that will come bundled on the Treo 650.  For example, note that Sprint recently released another phone with the Audible player built-in and you can expect to see all carriers worldwide beginning to take this approach over the coming year.

All of the pictures provided by Cahsdad via TreoCentral forum (Thanks!).


Posted by Andrew on September 30, 2004 at 11:38 AM

Treo 650 Preview

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by Bryan | Oct 1, 2004 9:13:58 AM

Have I mentioned how hacked off I am about the accessories issues on a point release model? ;)

Do you know if there will be any major OS updates for the 600?

by anonymous | Oct 2, 2004 3:19:42 AM

Not to spoil the party, but you're wrong about the TV app. It is a debugging app. Its in the T600 Simulator debug version.

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