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Treo 650 Specifications Update (Not Confirmed)

Today at PalmSource's EuroDevCon, Larry Slotnick, Chief Product Officer of the company released details of Palm OS Cobalt 6.1 which provided us with significant clues as to some of the specifications coming on our Treo 650 (which I hope to have in hand later in the day...).

  • One of the key things is that it appears that the Treo 650 will have NAND support (32MB) wich translates in a "No Backup Battery" environnment - basically your Treo will be able to run out of juice completely without any data loss...
  • It appears that we will have Bluetooth 1.2 support after all
  • There will be expanded storage support with SD, SDIO, USB 'OnTheGo' (device to device without PC) and also hard drives! (FAT32) - you can just begin to dream about the opportunities for this.
  • Standard support for landscape mode (I can only hope that a future member of the Treo family will have a 320x480 screen... and I just bought a Clie PEG TH-55 with WiFi/Bluetooth and landscape screen to 'test the future'...
  • There is built-in support for QVGA, HVGA and VGA screen resolutions which some of the PalmSource licensees such as Samsung will undoubtedly be exploiting shortly
  • There's also anti-aliasing built-in which greatly enhances the overall usability and experience

PalmOS Cobalt 6.1 is shipping today and licensees will exploit it over the coming 12 months with the 10-12 devices that we mentioned previously.

I'll be updating this post with pictures shortly.

Posted by Andrew on September 28, 2004 at 04:03 AM

Treo 650 Preview

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by Josh | Oct 3, 2004 11:30:23 AM

Indeed, Cobalt 6.1 sounds nice. But the Treo 650 will be coming with the older OS, Garnet:


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