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Ed Colligan Keynote Speech at CTIA

Strongly presenting and positioning the Treo 650 as an essential business tool Ed Colligan, President of palmOne, opened CTIA with his keynote speech.

Ed's presentation outlined a changing world of business and technology where the Treo 650 and its future siblings will play center stage.

Some of the snippets I came away with:

  • The Treo 650 is "Empowering people to be more sucessful" - certainly this has been the promise of almost every new computing technology...
  • We are on the threshold of a "New Business Era" which will require "New Business Tools" such as the Treo 650...
  • The trend is for "Everybody Mobile & Everything Digital" touching upon the issue of convergence...
  • It is palmOne's objective to "make people more productive" and for them to do so "everywhere and anytime"
  • The Treo must be a tool that people can and want to use both as business and personal tools
  • "People want to do more" and the Treo 650 can help them achieve this
  • 49% of Corporates and 68% of Small Businesses are planning mobile deployments in the coming year
  • Ed mentioned the potential to create organisations with "collectives of empowered individuals" who can go about their daily business with the "power of computing in their pocket"

Closing his presentation Ed left us with the thought that whether it is for Life, Work or Play the Treo is fast becoming the device that we will use first.

Posted by Andrew on October 26, 2004 at 01:16 AM

Treo 650 Preview , Treo News

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