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Treo 650: Finally the Wait is Over...

Well, after our wild ride over the last couple of months (26 posts over 16 weeks) reporting on all the Treo 650 rumours and sightings we're finally there.  A few hours ago palmOne circulated its official press release announcing the Treo 650 to the world.  I have to admit that after all the detective work, the days anxiously pondering what might be or not be and the excitement surrounding any snippet of information no matter how small or trivial about our new baby that the sudden burst of information has been less cause for celebration than we had anticipated. 

There is no doubt that most of the fun for Treonauts has been the chase itself and now that the trophy is in our hands (still figuratively speaking for the moment) the mind begins to wander slowly but surely as to the next generation of devices... but I'm jumping the gun here and not giving palmOne enough credit for bringing us this far.  Let me thus officially congratulate the company on its latest addition to the Treo family.  Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming the Treo 650!

Official palmOne Press Release
Official palmOne Multimedia News Release
Official Treo 650 Page on palmOne Website
4 Months Long Treonauts Coverage of the Treo 650

While we will naturally provide you with an in-depth coverage, review and opinion of the Treo 650 over the coming week I will end this post strongly lamenting the fact that palmOne has in my view missed the opportunity to achieve greatness instead merely settling for 'good'.  At a time where the company needs every little ounce of praise that it can garner to support the momentum that it built with the Treo 600 it comes as a real shock to learn that we will have to settle for 23MB of user-available memory and no upgrade to the Treo 600 camera!?!?

With all of this and from a reporting standpoint I find myself in a bit of an awkward situation - it is a little like being confronted by an absolutely gorgeous woman's smile only to be shocked by her missing teeth...

Posted by Andrew on October 25, 2004 at 10:03 AM

Treo 650 Preview

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by Aaron W Uribe | Oct 25, 2004 3:35:14 PM

Any word on the Bluetooth modem capabilities of this phone? It is conspicuously absent from the info. Is it there but not being publicized (as with the SE CDMA phone) or just not there?

by A Reddoch | Oct 25, 2004 3:42:42 PM

I use the 270 right now, and its been great. I'm looking forward to buying the 650 soon. Thank God its here! I have a question of those of you familiar with the 600's and 650's - can you plug in speakers in the headphone jack? Is that jack too small?

by digdown | Oct 25, 2004 4:41:34 PM

Do we know if the keypad has been rubberized for easier input?

by Wahili | Oct 25, 2004 6:55:25 PM

all the better to gum you with.

by triceretops | May 6, 2005 11:32:15 AM

Why is everyone so down on the new Treos? What is the deal. Are these guys in bed with Microsoft or something?


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