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Treo Taxi

Tom at SiliconValleyWatcher has come up with yet another use for our Treos... [via GigaOm]

"I was running late and needed a taxi, but there were few to be seen along Geary Street, and with six lanes of traffic, it was difficult to be seen. Then, I spotted a taxi three, maybe four blocks away, but it was in a far lane, and likely unable to see me until closer, and by then it would be difficult for it to pull across two lanes of traffic to pick me up. But, pulling out my trusty Treo 600, I...

I switched on the screen, which is quite bright and large on a Treo 600, and waved it high above my head. Within seconds the taxi flashed back a response, and it had time to move across two traffic lanes, and I was in the cab and on my way.

“That was the first time I’d seen anybody do that,” Chuck Walker, the cab driver said. “That was very effective, I could see you from a long ways away. Otherwise, it’s difficult to spot people unless they step out onto the road. I told him that it was a spur of the moment thing, but that maybe we were both present at the creation of a new thing, and maybe we could launch it as a meme.

But what to call it? The taxi beacon? The taxi flash, or flash a taxi? Or, the “San Francisco wave,” which would likely be shortened to the “Frisco wave” by outsiders, much to the annoyance of San Franciscans, who generally hate the term “Frisco.”

I did my first "Treo Hailing" a couple of nights ago... works just as advertised...

What has been the most unusual way that you have used your Treo lately?

Posted by Andrew on October 7, 2004 at 09:01 AM

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by Jim Turby | Oct 7, 2004 2:31:36 PM

I used my Treo as a replacement flashlight

by barnet taxis | Apr 19, 2011 10:57:08 AM

This was very effective, I can see you from a long ways away. Otherwise it is hard to spot people, unless they go out on the road. I told him that he was a catalyst for something for a moment.

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