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Bad Memory Spreads

As I had predicted last Monday in the "Treo Memory Debate", the issue is now beginning to spill across to mainstream online media.

Both CNet and ZDNet run the same story by Richard Shim entitled "palmOne moves to ease Treo 650 memory gripes":

"The Treo 650 comes with 23MB of usable memory, which some customers--mostly those upgrading from previous devices such as the Treo 600--say isn't enough to store their data.

Some have even said PalmOne didn't let customers know ahead of time that the Treo 650 would have less memory capacity than the Treo 600."

ComputerWorld and MacWorld also run a double bill with a comprehensive and very well researched story entitled "New file system constrains Treo 650 storage capacity" by Tom Krazit:

"While the NVFS memory problem will not affect most Treo 650 users, it's somewhat embarrassing for PalmOne's flagship product to ship with this type of issue, said Sam Bhavnani, an analyst with Current Analysis Inc. in La Jolla, Calif.

"It's surprising this wasn't uncovered internally before. It might be one of those things where they needed to hit a launch date" in order to have the product out in time for holiday shoppers, he said."

Perhaps at some stage some of these people will take the trouble to review the results of the three Treo 650 memory surveys that we posted last week and that so many of you participated in (you can go back to view the current survey results pages by following the links below):

I don't know about you but after going through the survey results I have a strange feeling that there is still a very high level of discontent among Treonauts and I sense that we haven't yet heard the last about this memory issue...

Treonauts have a very good memory...

Posted by Andrew on November 29, 2004 at 06:11 PM

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by Perry Holden | Nov 29, 2004 11:23:06 PM

So when are handheld manufacturers going to make devices with user increasable memory a la PCs?

I am a T3 user that will be buying a Treo 650 for it's overall utility (one device vs. two on my hip). So I am going from 52mb down to 16ish (23 * .67). This reminds me of the line from Harry Potter III --- "I am going to suffer, but I am going to be happy about it."

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