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More Treo 650 Raves & Reviews

Following my post ten days ago, here are some more of the latest reviews of the Treo 650.

In "The Treo 650 is Leading the Pack", Stephen Wildstrom who writes the regular 'Technology & You' column at Business Week:

"How does the best product stay on top in a world where competitors can quickly imitate good ideas? By getting better, of course. That's what palmOne has done to keep its Treo combination phone, e-mail terminal, and PDA comfortably ahead of improving BlackBerrys from Research in Motion and Pocket PCs from Microsoft and its partners."

In its review of the "Sprint Treo 650", Larry Garfield at infoSync states:

"It is always difficult to follow on success, but palmOne's fourth generation Treo manages to do just that. It takes the already first-rate design of the Treo 600 and rounds out the feature set, adding more polish, pizazz, and tweaks to perfect the design. The memory overhead problem is the only major gaffe on the Treo 650, although the current lack of Bluetooth DUN support and out of the box voice dialing is also disappointing. On the flip side, excellent software integration, a first-rate thumbboard, good camera, and record-breaking battery life make the Treo 650 a compelling product, and one that replaces the Treo 600 as the standard-setting communicator on the market."

Larry Becker for his part writes "Brighthand's First Impressions of the palmOne Treo 650":

"During the year since palmOne's last smartphone came out, there have been quite a few contenders for the title of "Treo 600 Killer," yet no device has delivered the right combination of features, power, ease of use, reliability and simple elegance to dethrone the king of all smartphones... until now. The new 'best in class' will most certainly be palmOne's latest offering, the Treo 650."

Also, in "Smart Phone Tests" (not available online) the November issue of Laptop magazine gave the Treo 600 (the 650 was not yet available for review) its highest rating ahead of the Sierra Wireless Voq, Sony Ericsson P910a and BlackBerry 7100t:

"The Treo 600 is still the smart phone to beat.  Today's decision is not which smart phone to buy, but which Treo to buy."

Leaving the memory issue aside for a moment, it is becoming evident that the Treo 650 benefits from the widest level of support for any smart phone anywhere and that every day more people are awakening to the absolute joy of being a Treonaut.

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Treonauts like to lead...

Posted by Andrew on November 29, 2004 at 02:24 PM

Treo 650

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by Derek | Nov 30, 2004 11:57:29 AM

Well, as I wrote in my blog, the Treo650 has been 90% excitement and 10% frustration.


Part of the frustration is that I'm new to Palm, and so I have no patience for spontaneous resets, or the phone being non-responsive because an app is busy and not sharing the CPU properly. But I'm getting the hang of it.

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