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Treo Memory Survey

Following my post yesterday about the "Treo 650 Memory Debate" and considering the heated discussions that ensued both here and elsewhere, I thought that it might be appropriate to conduct a small survey to shed some more light on the matter.

While it is true that there are not yet enough Treo 650 owners out there to provide us with a good idea of how pervasive the memory issue might be, I feel that a very good indication of it can be provided by the combined experience of existing Treo 600 owners (who are also likely going to be among the first to want to upgrade to the Treo 650).

Here's a short survey intended to shed some light on this issue as well as to provide you and your fellow Treonauts an opportunity to learn more about our shared experiences using the Treo, its applications and memory.  (Please note that people who do not currently own a Treo should only complete the first and last questions).

Treonauts Memory Survey
1. Do you currently own a Treo smartphone?

Treo 600
Treo 650
No but planning to buy Treo 600
No but planning to buy Treo 650
2. If you currently own a Treo smartphone was this your first PalmOS device?

3. If you currently own a Treo smartphone, how long have you been using it?

Less than 6 months
6 months to less than one year
One year or longer
4. What is the primary usage environment for your Treo smartphone?

Small & Medium Business
Professional (Medical, Legal, etc.)
Government Organisation
5. How many 3rd party applications do you currently have installed on your Treo smartphone?

1 - 5
6 - 10
More than 10
6. How many more 3rd party applications do you envisage installing on your Treo smartphone in the future?

1 - 5
6 - 10
More than 10
7. If you have ever downloaded and installed an application on your Treo smartphone, how would you describe your experience?

I find it time consuming and complicated
It's quite easy but I wish that it was a little more user-friendly
It's super simple, I have no problem installing new applications
8. If you have under 10 applications installed on your Treo smartphone is it because: (Tick all that apply)

I haven’t been using my Treo smartphone for long enough
I have all the applications that I need
I cannot afford to buy additional applications
I don’t know how to install other applications
I haven’t found any other interesting applications
I am worried about installing other applications
I don’t have the time to search for other applications
I don’t have the time to use any other applications
I am not interested in any other applications
My company does not allow me to install other applications
I have run out of free space and don’t know how I can install more applications
9. If you use one or more SD cards, what is your total storage capacity?

Under 128MB
Over 1GB
Over 2GB
10. Do you use an SD card to store files or applications?

Files only
Applications only
Both files and applications
I don't use an SD card
11. Were you aware that you could run applications from your SD card if you run out of space on your Treo smartphone’s built-in memory?

Yes but it took me a long time to find out about it
12. If you currently run applications from your SD card, how many do you have installed on it?

1 - 5
6 - 10
More than 10
13. If you currently run applications from your SD card, how would you describe your experience managing this process?

Very simple, I use it all the time
Somewhat annoying, I put up with it because I have to
Very annoying, there has to be a better way
14. If you use an SD card, what type of files do you typically store on it? (Select all that apply)

Movies & Video
15. How much free space is currently available on your Treo smartphone? (To find out press Home key, then Menu key, select Info then Size)

Less than 2MB
2 - 4.9MB
5 - 7.9MB
8 - 15.9MB
16MB and above
16. Do you envisage that in the future your amount of available free space on your Treo smartphone will:

Decrease significantly - I plan to install a number of new applications
Decrease a little - I plan to install some applications
Stay the same - I don’t plan to install any other applications
Increase a little - I plan to delete some existing applications
17. How many Contact records do you have on your Treo smartphone? (To find out press Home key, then Menu key, select Info then Records then scroll to Contacts)

Less than 250
250 - 499
500 - 999
1,000 - 1,499
1,500 - 1,999
2,000 - 2,999
3,000 - 3,999
More than 4,000
18. What email application are you currently using on your Treo smartphone?

The one that came on my Treo smartphone
Business Connection
Visto Message Xpress
19. Overall, would you say that the amount of memory that comes built-in on your Treo smartphone is:

Very adequate for my needs
Somewhat adequate for my needs
Barely adequate for my needs
Not adequate for my needs
20. Overall, how satisfied would you say that you are with your current Treo smartphone?

I love it!
It's great.
It's OK.
It's terrible.
21. How important do you consider it is for palmOne to upgrade the memory to 64MB on the Treo 650?

Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all
Not sure

Posted by Andrew on November 23, 2004 at 01:09 PM

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by Peter | Nov 23, 2004 3:24:49 PM

Very disappointed about the memory in the 650.

by ojleblanc | Nov 23, 2004 3:53:36 PM

I'm not sure why folks who don't currently own Treos aren't permitted to answer more questions. It would seem to me that we can contribute to an understanding of the extent to which users of PalmOS PDAs use many applications, fill our internal memory and use SD cards, too. If PalmOne is only hoping Treo 600 users will buy the 650, then I can understand the restriction. But since they are hoping any user of a PalmOS device (and others!) will buy the latest Treo, doesn't it make sense to ask these questions of a wider array of people, say of all those who intend to or are thinking about buying the T650?

by Miguel M. de la O | Nov 23, 2004 4:09:57 PM

Survey response.

by yel ohb ird | Nov 23, 2004 8:25:51 PM

Don't forget the old ones in here, the owners of Treo 180/270/300!

by Woolstar | Nov 24, 2004 11:53:41 AM

How about instead of 64MB we just have Palm upgrade the OS to be able to launch apps from the SD card. I've got a 1GB card now, and I'm going to switch to the 2GB as soon as they're out.

by Shwaydogg | Nov 24, 2004 12:55:56 PM

Yeah, some of us still have our treo 300s. Do not forget your ancestry!

by Stace | Nov 24, 2004 4:14:45 PM

Ditto on the Treo 300 concerns with this poll. I also use a 300, but decided not to submit my vote for fear of skewing the results.

For what it's worth, the 16 Mb on my Treo 300 has been adequate except for one time, but with the enhanced functionality of the 650, I would think that the memory would need to be greater than 32 Mb.

by Rob | Apr 1, 2005 4:13:25 PM

A major problem is not all apps can be run off of a card or do so with reduced functionality. ie notifications. I would expect that future Treos would have a base of 64MB with the high end units having 256MB.

BTW the new 1.08 update saves me about 1MB. YMMV.

by Robert Sheppard | Oct 23, 2005 4:57:37 PM


by Ken Bower | Jun 30, 2006 2:43:17 PM

I would really like to see the Treo 650 with 1 GB of internal memory. I would be willing to pay extra for a Memory Upgrade.

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