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Cingular Treo 650: It's Official Now!

Well, we've certainly waited long enough for this one! 

A few hours ago both the palmOne and Cingular websites were updated to include Cingular's Treo 650 GSM smartphone.

Cingular's website is not yet taking orders but the phone is advertised for $399.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and a required 2 year service plan.

palmOne's website in the meantime is taking orders at an advertised price of $499 with a one-year agreement - including free shipping + free Handmark Express Weather for one year.  palmOne notes that "Due to high order volumes for Treo 650 smartphones we are currently expecting to ship within the next 1 - 2 weeks" (a shipping time which I expect will be similar if ordered directly from Cingular).

A number of different service plans are offered ranging from $20 to over $75 per month and you can also add Cingular's MEdia Works which includes "Unlimited Wireless Internet Express (GPRS), 1500 Text Messages plus 200 Multimedia Messages" for only $19.99 per month.

Cingular Treo 650 GSM [Cingular]
Cingular Treo 650 GSM [palmOne]

[Thanks Jonathan and Jeff]

Treonauts are hyper excited today...

Posted by Andrew on February 2, 2005 at 05:06 AM

Treo 650

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by stupid | Feb 2, 2005 10:51:36 AM

YIKES!!! Why is a NEW smartphone, released in 2005 have such a high SAR? http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6602_7-5020357-1.html?tag=txt
What is with that PalmOne? A SAR of 1.6 will not get FCC approval. Surely PalmOne with a better design could protect us better from a SAR of 1.51, that top ten list is not one to strive for. With a quick look I beleive most of those others on the top ten are all older phones no? (other than the S/E 910)

by Izmo | Feb 2, 2005 3:32:21 PM

Cingular took down the 650 page...are stores carrying the phone now?

by cpaDave | Feb 3, 2005 12:41:17 AM

I got mine in a company store today!

by liveswithmom | Feb 3, 2005 3:58:19 AM

I'm an oldco ATT corporate customer and tried to order the 650 via the National Business Ordering line. After wading through the usual crap I was told that the phone would be $499 and that none of my business discounts would apply to equipment - fair play, heck, I guess even Cingular execs need to put their kids through college... I politely told the saleswoman, "No thank you, I'll scheme my way to a cheaper phone some other way...". So I schemed and waited and waited and schemed. Then I see that Cingular now has the phone listed on their website for... $449 with a rebate offer... which led me to some new questions...

I'm not up on the 'new' math, but how does a $50 rebate of a $449 phone = $349? Also, the Cingular rebate conveniently goes through the end of January and the calendar on my wall says February 3 - anyone think that Cingular will honor the rebate since they had to delay the release of the phone a week? Anyone know what Cingular means by **Requires activation on the "Unlimited PDA Connect Plan"?

I want this phone, but like most everyone without a trust fund, I want it as cheaply as I can get it...

by Tony Cooper | Feb 3, 2005 8:01:55 AM

The Cingluar 650 page is back up, but the links still don't work.

by Tony Cooper | Feb 3, 2005 8:04:02 AM

Scatch my last note, the links don't work on the treo650 link, but work if you go thru the Phones link.

by cpaDave | Feb 3, 2005 1:40:07 PM

I paid $499 with a $50 rebate with a 2 year contract at the store. I was able to keep my MediaWorks plan, but the salesperson said I might have problems with it.

by liveswithmom | Feb 3, 2005 4:55:04 PM

Ahhh! Seems like Cingular got their website together and fixed the $449 - $50 = $349 math issue. Now I just wish that they would be interested in keeping existing customers... I was told by ATT that I would need to bump up my monthly service to a data/voice plan that would cost over $85/month in order to get the phone for $459. I pointed out that I could just go to the Cingular site and price up the Treo to $459 with a plan for $50/month. I was told, "It's up to you, sir...".

I'm month to month with ATT so it makes sense to port my number to Cingular to get the better deal. Hold on... are they not the same company? Seems like the left hand has no idea what the right is doing...

by plusplus | Feb 6, 2005 7:19:05 PM

Does anyone know if getting the Media Basics data package is worth it? I'm wondering if starting with 1MB per month and $1.00/MB is a better deal than the Media Works unlimited package if I'm only going to use the 'net access occasionally.

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