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Treo 650 Missing WiFi 'Found'

After searching through the complete dump that he took from the Treo 650 GSM, Treo hacker extraordinaire Shadowmite (who else these days...) has apparently 'found' the complete WiFi driver set built-in.  He adds that:

I found the wifi drivers in the memory image on the gsm 650, but they are NOT listed in rom, the phone doesn't know they are there. They are in a unused location in memory just sitting there with the first characters of the filenames removed. I currently have no clue why they are there, or if they are different from what we already have.

But I intend to research them and compare them... It'll just be a little hard since I have to extract the data byte by byte.

All carrier declarations to the contrary, it really does appear that WiFi support for our Treo 650 has been 'purposely' disabled.  I can only hope that Shadowmite will do what he does best and find a workaround to this as my expectation that carriers will do anything sensible on this front is rather low these days.

PalmOne's WiFi card drivers found dormant in the ROM of the Treo 650 [Ubergizmo]
T5 WiFi Drivers, will they work on the Treo 650? [Treocentral Forum]

Treonauts are tired of asking Wi they can't Fi...

Posted by Andrew on February 18, 2005 at 12:52 PM

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There have been a few reports about this guy finding the wifi drivers in the 650's firmware image. He says the first character of all the filenames are missing, which reminds me a lot of what MSDOS used to do when it deleted filenames off of FAT file... [Read More]

Tracked on Feb 18, 2005 6:13:26 PM


by Jnetty | Feb 18, 2005 3:54:15 PM

Are this dormant drivers for the SD card wifi adapter or does the Treo 650 might have built in Wifi Support?

by b0tes | Feb 19, 2005 12:29:45 PM

the driver is dormant on the actual device. and appears to be for the palmone wifi card, no less.

by iZ | Feb 21, 2005 4:25:31 PM

you may choose to word this diffently than the complete dump that he took
....unless you meant that as a commentary on how Palm has been treating its customers...memory, price increases, no wifi, roadshow, etc.

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