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Treo Windows Mobile

The rumour that palmOne may develop a Windows Mobile version of our Treo resurfaced yesterday at 3GSM when, as reported by msmobiles.com, Peter Knook - the most senior person in the Windows Mobile division - stated that:

"Major announcements related to Windows Mobile and Motorola and palmOne will be presented during a press conference at 3GSM"

However, the actual press conference did not yield any additional information about any palmOne Windows Mobile devices or announcement.  Having said this, the fact that it was Peter Knook that 'spilled the beans' and that a number of sources have 'confirmed' that palmOne is indeed working on a Windows Mobile device would lead us to believe that we can hardly qualify this as a 'rumor' any longer.

Better start thinking about the wide ranging implications of this one...

3GSM World Congress 2005 coverage: rumor: Microsoft to announce palmOne as license taker of Windows Mobile
3GSM World Congress 2005 coverage: detailed report from Microsoft press conference
[both at msmobiles.com]

UPDATE: Apparently Microsoft had absolutely not intended to mention palmOne within the context of Windows Mobile but merely in reference to the ActiveSync offering which was announced back in October.  I guess that this means that we're back in pure 'rumor' mode after all...

Treonauts are not sure they want more MS in their lives...

Our 3GSM coverage is made possible thanks to the kind support of MMPlayer, SplashData and Pocket Tunes.

Posted by Andrew on February 15, 2005 at 10:02 AM

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by Jonathan Greene | Feb 15, 2005 10:56:19 AM

Considering P1 can't deliver my unlocked GSM unit ordered last fall, I'd be more than likely to buy a PPC from a PPC proper maker rather than a converted Palm. Form factor is not everything and there are much more capable units out there now.

Of course a whole new form factor with updated radio capabilities might get me to think twice, but I feel I'm getting burned with an excessive wait and no communication from P1.

by Jnetty | Feb 15, 2005 11:29:01 AM

This sounds interesting, you think a Treo 650 with palm could be converted to windows mobile just to see the difference.

by Craig Danuloff | Feb 15, 2005 12:57:55 PM

Please let me know where and when I can sign up for the upgrade! I've expressed displeasure with PalmOne for many things, but I hold zero loyalty to the Palm OS, and think it's becoming clear that MS is going to win this one too. The form factor of the Treo is a winner. Put better software on it, and better support from the company, and everyone will be better off.

by Hector | Feb 15, 2005 3:33:46 PM

Interesting. I wouldnt buy it though. I used 4 different windows phones and I came back to the palm for a reason. Even with the limitations of multitasking and such the palm os is a good stable os. Windows does a lot of what it does best. CRASH

by jaya | Feb 15, 2005 6:03:43 PM

what does this mean to palm software thousands of developers out there?

by mtreo650 | Jul 2, 2005 11:12:48 PM

Aslo notice on www.palm.com, they have divided the company into two divisions, one for palm hardware and other for palm softaware (palmsource). This is proof in the pudding that Palm is probably going to start selling Windows, I will be the firts one to buy. Now the equation will be Beutiful Hardware + Awesome Software, unlinke before Laughabale software...

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