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Treonauts at 3GSM

Here we go again Treonauts!  I'm glad to announce that we'll be reporting live from the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes all of next week - our first event coverage of the year - from Monday 14 Feb. to Friday 18 Feb.

3GSM consists of both a large exhibition hall with hundreds of exhibitors and an expected 30,000 visitors as well as weeklong conference sessions with over 150 leading wireless industry CEO's in attendance.  The exhibition is billed as the number one place to experience the very latest innovative devices, applications and services.  The Congress for its part is billed as often controversial and always thought provoking.

We can't wait to bring you exclusive news, views, previews and interviews relating to all the latest mobile phone gadgetry that will be on show there.  As this is one of the biggest industries in the world we're expecting a show of force.

We will first have the opportunity to meet with various people from palmOne and PalmSource and then also many of the other mobile phone manufacturers, software developers and service providers in attendance.  At this stage it certainly promises to be a very interesting show and I'm sure that all Treonauts will find something to wonder at during the week.

Please let us know via the question box below, the comments area or via email - treonauts(at)pobox.com - if you have a particular interest that you would like us to pay special attention to while we're at 3GSM or have questions that you would like us to put forth to palmOne, PalmSource or any other of the companies exhibiting.

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As the fabulous entertainment capabilities of our Treo has often been at the forefront of my interest, it is particularly gratifying to have three of the leading Treo multimedia applications taking us to 3GSM.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank and introduce you to the sponsors below whose kind and generous support are making our coverage possible. 

MMPlayer has been the favorite video playback application on my Treo from the first day particularly as it is the only one that supports the playback of DivX and .avi files.  Among others, it recently won PalmSource's Euro "Powered Up" software award as Best Multimedia Solution and has been among Treonauts' most popular applications.

MMPlayer is a powerful mobile multimedia player that supports a wide variety of codecs, formats and protocols including DivX, avi, mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 video plus mp3, Ogg and MIDI audio. Users can download additional skins to achieve a truly personalized multimedia playback experience. Additional features include a five-band equalizer, customized playlists, streaming video support, full-screen mode, and email attachment playback supporting the VersaMail email client.

SplashData's applications have repeatedly demonstrated to be not only robust but also elegant and simple to use - all of which has naturally given them prime real estate on my Treo.  For example, SplashPhoto allows me to keep easily keep a digital photo wallet of some 2,000 images at hand at all times.

SplashData is the leading developer of virtual wallet applications for mobile devices. SplashData’s line of products function as an integrated digital wallet -- providing all the functions of a traditional wallet in digital form.

Even though I recently purchased an iPod, I have to admit that I rarely use it because Pocket Tunes provides me with such a rich experience and flexibility that my Treo has stayed as my preferred mp3 player.  Also, the added built-in feature to stream Shoutcast and Live365 radio is just brilliant.

Pocket Tunes turns your Treo into a personal portable audio player.   With features like Hi-Fi Graphic Equalizer & Bass Boost, users can enjoy a rich audio experience.  It is easy to use and is designed to provide easy navigation of audio files by album, artist, or genre.  It also supports the creation of playlists so that users can create their own unique musical experience by arranging audio files in any order for playback.  As a personal touch, users can select from many unique skins to alter the look and feel of Pocket Tunes.

Treonauts always look for great experiences...

Posted by Andrew on February 13, 2005 at 09:13 AM

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