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Yet Another Slap in the Face

I'm sorry but I simply don't know how to react or what to say any more - I am in a state of shock and complete bafflement. 

It is extremely sad to see that Treonauts have been slapped in the face by palmOne so often over the last few months that the latest sudden price increase of the unlocked Treo 650 GSM only adds insult to injury.

At a time where all Treonauts should be feeling happy and elated at the news that their GSM models have finally been released, I simply cannot believe how palmOne (or any company for that matter) could have such a blatant total disregard and lack of respect for its customers in general and most avid fans in particular.  The overall reaction from Treonauts has been so vociferous that this promises to become a PR fiasco of similar proportions to that of the 'memory issue' - as if the company needed one of those.  It's almost as if there was a concerted effort from some people within palmOne to openly torpedo their company's efforts.

After discussing this with a number of people via email and over the phone, the unanimous conclusion is that they are absolutely disgusted by both what palmOne has done and how the company has gone about announcing (or not in this case) their price increase. 

For starters, it is literally unheard of for a company of the size and stature of palmOne to make such a 'mistake' and overnight increase its prices on such an eagerly and patiently awaited product - at a minimum it demonstrates complete ineptitude on the part of the company.  I can in fact not think of a single case in recent memory where a company has increased prices for its product following its commercial release - on the contrary, prices usually come down and not the other way around.

Someone suggested that the strict minimum that palmOne should do now is extend a special two week offer of the unlocked Treo 650 GSM at $599 from today and to make this open, transparent and available to all its customers both online and offline while clearly stating that after this 'special launch promotion' the price will revert to $699.

While I still don't consider this to be an ideal solution it would at least provide many more Treonauts the opportunity to purchase their unlocked Treo 650 GSM at a fair price while palmOne would avoid losing even more of the goodwill of its best customers.

As always, the cookie will crumble on the strength of your views, thoughts and opinions on the matter.  Below is a very short survey where you'll be able to share these with your fellow Treonauts.

Doing the right thing with the unlocked Treo 650
1. Do you believe that palmOne should 'openly' reinstate its original advertised price of $599 for at least a two week 'promotional' period?


2. Do you believe that palmOne's original $599 pricing was a genuine 'error' and that the true price of the unlocked Treo 650 GSM was $699 all along?


3. Your 'open' thoughts to palmOne are:


UPDATE: A number of sites are now covering the story and I anticipate that by Monday it will (sadly) be pretty much everywhere.  Please let me know if you come across any additional news items.
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Treonauts will slap back if they need to...

Posted by Andrew on February 4, 2005 at 01:21 PM

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by Jnetty | Feb 4, 2005 2:28:38 PM

Treonauts Mods you seem to have more power and more connections than the average user. Maybe the entire problem with Palmone and Cingular be pushed to all the technology magazines and news companies that have giving the Treo 650 great reviews but are unaware on how dissatisfied the users are at the moment with the tactics that PalmOne and Cingular are coming up with.

by Craig Danuloff | Feb 4, 2005 4:04:30 PM

Every move PalmOne has made since the announce of the 650 says they're going to be gone in 18 months. The compound bad decision making here is amazing, it's a strange combination of arrogance and desperation. If there was a viable competitor who would buy a Palm? The HP Mobile Messanger announced yesterday may be it, or something else soon will be. But I have no doubt that my current Palm 650 will be my last Palm.

by Jnetty | Feb 4, 2005 5:01:31 PM

Here are two more links to stories, i wish the big networks pick up on it.


by John Marchiando | Feb 4, 2005 10:06:56 PM

You should see what a fiasco ordering from PalmOne has been. I ordered a Cingular 650 on 2/2 at 8 AM Eastern and was told this wouldn't ship for at least a week. This is fine, since I'm going out of the country and won't be here to sign for the FedEx guy. I get an email at 7:18AM on 2/3 saying that it had shipped! Cool! Well, the Handmark Weather software was all that arrived (overnight - figure that out) and the website kept flipping between "shipped" and "Order Received" for the 650 and the Lifestyle Guide. There are now 2 tracking numbers for the last 2 items, but when you click them (oh, and did I mention that it's for USPS, NOT FedEx) there's an error. Not that the system can't find the tracking number, but an error on the Parcel Direct page (whatever that is). I have made at least 8 calls to PalmOne's customer service line and have met with some pretty nasty people. One woman told me that I should be happy that it shipped early and to stop calling! I can't even figure out if the thing actually HAS shipped!

This will likely be my last purchase of any PalmOne device.

by Michael B | Feb 4, 2005 11:01:21 PM

I ordered my Cingular Treo on 2/2 and I am currently using it for this post. I have owned several Palms in the past but this is my first phone. My experience has been exceptional and I love my new Treo. I so much want Palm to succeed. I think they really have a better system than MS but I too am concerned that they are a company in great peril. I love this new Treo, too bad it might very well be the last.

by Taz | Feb 5, 2005 8:42:45 AM

Once more PalmOne have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory :o(

If they don't want us to buy the Treo 650, which everything they've done so far suggests is the case, why did they bother making it :o\

by wiseoldman | Feb 5, 2005 4:05:29 PM

Enjoy these words of wisdom from the wiseoldman:

Call PalmOne to order the unlocked GSM Treo 650. Express dismay when they tell you it's $699. Tell them you saw it on their site for $599 and won't pay $699. Magically, they'll give it to you for $599.

You're welcome.

by stupid | Feb 5, 2005 6:52:29 PM

PalmOne is done

by Mike P. | Feb 7, 2005 8:44:35 AM

Give me a break. When I saw the $599 price I know that I thought it was a little low for an unlocked version relative to the carrier price. I think most everyone here at this website did too. Everyone's just mad that they didn't grab it before the price was corrected. What a bunch of whiners. This website should stick to reporting useful information. The last couple of "complaint" articles really just serve to bring the quality of the site down, in my humble opinion.

Mike P.

by Andrew | Feb 7, 2005 9:20:09 AM


As I mention elsewhere, this 'complaint' is not about a pricing issue but a matter of principle about how palmOne interacts with its customer base and to highlight the very real damage that this is causing the company's brand equity.

As you know, I will be the first one to sing praises when and where they are due but it is also our responsibility to ensure that Treonauts are not taken for granted.

It is clear that palmOne wants you to buy their products but it should be equally clear what its customers expect in return for parting with their money.

Cheers, A.

by sexyboy | Feb 10, 2005 11:46:51 PM

i think andrew is right, it is not about the price...but it is about respect to customer, if you cares on what your customer may think...try do it like the memory card issue, people will close their mouth when saw palmone at least do something on their mistake...i am from asia, the price is 2788.00 in our country....well, it still not very expense as even some mobile phone also selling at this price or more like the nokia 9500 is 3500+ (crazy), BUT palmone simply raise price is surely BAD.

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