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Another Round of 'Treo 670'...

Some more pictures purported to be those of a future 'Treo 670' have surfaced but without providing any additional clues as to whether such a device might be fact or fiction.

Since the 'author' of these images additionally claimed that this particular model was running Windows Mobile (no less) and that some 'fairy lady gave it to me', we're strongly inclined to think that we're dealing with fiction at this stage particularly since no 'proof' of the second claim has yet to surface (even though rumours abound). 

However, there is something about the design of this Treo that leads me not to dismiss it entirely and to believe that it 'could' be that of a future model.  Namely, the fact that this 'prototype' does away with most of the 'rounded' features currently found on our Treo 650 in favour of a distinctly 'square' one - something which appears to follow recent design evolutions in other fields (for example car design with BMW's new 3, 5 and 7 series).


I was also curious to determine how different the keyboard design on this 'Treo 670' was to that on our Treo 650 and I therefore overlaid it on the right below.  It appears that while the Home, Menu, Calendar and Mail buttons are indeed significantly larger the rest of the keyboard proportions are intrinsically the same.  Additionally there is no way to determine whether the square buttons would be more or less efficient than the round ones on our Treo 650.


As always though, the most important question is what Treonauts have to say about the matter...

1. In your opinion the design of this purported Treo 670 is:

  A leap forward (Revolution)
  A step forward (Evolution)
  Neither better nor worse (Standstill)
  A step backward (Falling)
  A giant step backward (POS)

2. In your opinion having a future Treo running Windows Mobile would be:

  Total rubbish
  Not a good thing
  Something to consider
  Absolutely great

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[Thanks Dutchtrumpet]

Treonauts are always curious to know what's coming next...

Posted by Andrew on March 18, 2005 at 11:01 AM

Treo Zen Preview

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by palm | Mar 18, 2005 2:57:08 PM

why the 'author' do not on the backlight so we can see the OS clearly?
sure it just a hoax

by jack | Mar 19, 2005 9:57:52 AM

This is so clearly just a unit that was used in the design process of getting to the 650. What is the point of this? This is no "670" its just an interim prototype. It's not even interesting.

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