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Treo Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Hot on the heels of my post on Treo Bluetooth headsets yesterday I coincidentally received a wonderful surprise today - palmOne's new but as yet unreleased 'Treo Wireless BT Headset' [in store now!].

I have to admit that I am rapidly changing my tune and warming to the idea of using a Bluetooth headset on a regular basis after testing this latest model.

I really like the Treo Wireless Headset because it's small and light ([Corrected, not 27gm] only 17 grams/0.59 ounces), it has great inbound and outbound call quality with volume controls on the unit, it shares the same design looks as my Treo 650 (two-tone greys), you can easily and quickly fit it over your ear with one hand, the earphone does not go into your ear and thus doesn't pick up ear wax, it boasts a terrific 7 hours talk-time and 170 hours (1 week) standby time and lastly it can be recharged using the standard Treo 650 wall charger thus reducing the need to carry a separate one when travelling.

I tested the Treo Wireless Headset in a number of ways: calling people, receiving calls, placing a call to my office voice mailbox to hear the audio quality and moving away from my Treo 650 to determine operating range.  In the first three instances I can say that everything worked without a glitch and everyone told me that they could hear me loud and clear (I did not test it in outdoor conditions yet though).  As with all other BT headsets that I tested, the operating range is limited to a few feet (10 in this case) and more often than not you'll be better off having your Treo 650 within 4 or 5 feet.

The Treo Wireless Headset benefits from certain 'enhanced features' listed below and although I initially had some difficulties using the 'redial last number' function in the end they all worked perfectly.

  • Redial the last number: While the headset is in standby mode, press and hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds until you hear a series of two tones. Press the button again to dial the number displayed on the phone.
  • Reject an incoming call: When your phone rings, press and hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds until you hear a series of two tones.
  • Take a second incoming call (call waiting): When you are on a call and your phone notifies you of an incoming call, press and hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds until you hear a series of two tones.
  • Put a call on hold: While you’re on a call, press and hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds until you hear a series of two tones. Repeat to retrieve the call.

I found the Treo Wireless Headset design to be very elegant and to nicely complement my Treo 650.  The headset can be easily worn on either the right or left ear by rotating the ear grip and all control buttons (main multifunction and volume) are very easy to use.

The Treo Wireless Headset is extremely easy to fit and very comfortable to use over extended periods of time - particularly as the earphone does not go into your ear but gently hovers near it.  Also, the fact that I can use my existing Treo 650 charger is without a doubt an extremely smart and welcome feature.

I had not anticipated that I would so quickly and overwhelmingly warm to this new headset and I have no doubt that both my previously tested Jabra BT 250 and iTech BT Buzzer Clip will now gather dust as I begin to use the Treo Wireless Headset on a daily basis.

palmOne has not yet released this headset and there is therefore as yet no pricing information.  However, I anticipate that the headset will be available to purchase within the next couple of weeks as a specification page is already up on palmOne's website.

UPDATE: Also, I have now been able to test the headset outdoors and earlier today held a 20 minutes conversation while walking by an extremely noisy main street.  When asked if he could hear me clearly, the caller told me that he could obviously tell that I was in a noisy environment but that otherwise he had absolutely no problem hearing me on the line.  That was the last bit of confirmation that I needed.

UPDATE 2: I can now confirm that I have tested the Treo Wireless Headset under heavy wind conditions and that I was still able to hold a perfectly intelligible two-way conversation - meaning that we could both hear each other clearly even with the wind and surrounding noise at my end.

UPDATE 3: Treo Wireless Headset now available to buy in your Treonauts Store for only $49.95!

Treonauts are discovering the joys of Bluetooth...

Posted by Andrew on March 10, 2005 at 08:31 AM

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by Ben | Mar 18, 2005 5:11:44 PM

RE HS820.."Unfortunately, the Treo just acts like it isn't even there. Anyone have any ideas? I'm itching to use it."

I had a hard time pairing my 650 w/ any BT headset also. I had the Jabra 250 and the Motorola hs820( used b4 w/ my Moto v600 they worked great). After trying over and over again I went to a Sprint store and tried the only one they were selling...the Body Glove headset...it worked fine. So I returned the Jabra and sold the HS820 on ebay. But now I'm looking to get the Treo headset, and I hope I don't run into the same problem. Do you think I will??

by Reo | Mar 19, 2005 9:13:54 AM

I got the 650 and then purchased at the store the BTH Scala 500. The Scala 500 isn’t very good you have to always manually reset the phone to recognize the 500 headset after being turned off.
But all other of its functions are average.

Before I purchase either of the two Troe models of BT headsets for my Treo 650 from PalmOne. I am assuming that both models "the Jabra tweaked version " and the new 650 BT headset, do both automatic lay hook up to the phone when turned on? ( I assume they do).
The next big question is if you have the key pad lock guard enable, does either of these two Treo BT headsets override the pad lock and allow you to either answer incoming calls or place out going calls when you in your car and it the 650 is in your bag?

Your Suggestion and help will be appreciated.

by merlot | Mar 21, 2005 2:57:12 PM

I had the Motorola and now the Scala. The Motorola was nice but when you dial out on the Treo 650 you must push the talk button the headset for each and every call. The scala connects automatically every time. Also I found the Motorola to have nowhere near enough volume. The only downside to the scale is some of the static that you can hear a lot although the person you are speaking with will hear very well without hearing the static.

by Mark R. | Mar 21, 2005 5:12:30 PM

Does it pick up automatically on outgoing calls when paired and on like the Scala 500? I notice significant static if the Scala is more than a couple of feet away from the phone. How does the strength/quality of the signal compare to other headsets you've used?


by PJ Arts | Mar 23, 2005 8:28:14 PM

I bought the Treo headset last week, and have been more then pleased. My ears get very uncomfortable from any earbud within a short period of time...after more then 30 minutes in my ear, there is actual pain.
The Treo headset is so light as to not even be there. It is VERY adjustable and flexible...so whether 'dainty' or 'man ears', you will find it a comfortable fit.

I use it in an old Mustang convertibel, which sounds windy, even with the top up. I have had no problem hearing callers, and the volume is even louder, now that I've installed the Treo updater v1.08

The instructions for setup were simple and logical. Even better, the Treo and headset recognized each other instantly. This headset is light, comfy, clear, easy to setup and easier to use.

by Bernie Dodge | Mar 24, 2005 10:09:49 AM

Forgive my innocence. I have a new 17inch PowerBook and was wondering if this could also be used with that. Skyping and phoning with one device would be grand. Does anyone know for sure if this would work?

by Andrew | Mar 24, 2005 10:23:31 AM


Great question! Although I haven't tested it, theoretically you should be able to use your BT headset with your BT-enabled PC (Mac/Windows).

However, note that the headset can only connect with 'one' device at a time and so you would have to choose and reset with your Treo or PC every time that you wanted to use the headset - not the most practical setup.

I guess that the best option would be to buy two headsets ;-)

At any rate, please do let me know if you manage to make the headset work with Skype.

Cheers, A.

by Andrew | Mar 24, 2005 10:26:15 AM


Unfortunately you won't be able to use to MP3's with your headset as only the Phone is supported.

Cheers, A.

by Don | Mar 26, 2005 5:26:36 PM

Mentioned above, but did not seem to be an answer and this is a dealbreaker for me. Does ANY BT headset have the ability, with the 650, to work with voice dial with just a push of the headset button. This is how my wired Bodygolve headset works and it is THAT capability I need in any headset for it to be useful when driving.


by carlos | Mar 28, 2005 9:11:55 PM


I heard that Erricson is coming out with a stereo bluetooth headset used for phone communication. As I know that the Treo650's bluetooth stack does not support the mp3 protocol, do you think there is a possible hack out there? It seems like if you could hear a voice, you can most likely pipe in some music somehow...

Thanks a bunch for the nerdy inquiry, you seem like a knowledgable chap.


by JGobeil | Apr 3, 2005 11:40:22 AM

I have a Jabra 250 that used to work great with a Motorola phone. With the 650, it transmits but does not receive. Weird !

by rwerbler | Apr 5, 2005 4:55:14 AM

If your desktop pc has a usb bluetooth adapter, can you use this as a usb headset, or better yet, to make use of a softphone?

by Andrew | Apr 5, 2005 5:59:50 AM


Sure, you can use the Treo BT Headset to make calls via, for example, Skype on your PC with either a USB BT adapter or built-in BT.

I haven't yet personally tested this but I know of others who have successfully done it and are very happy with the results.

Cheers, A.

by Darrell | Apr 5, 2005 4:34:03 PM

I use the Bluetrek G2 and this is a great headset. Its the lightest out there with the longest battery life. The only complaint that I have is that it could be a little louder but with the new update that just came out for the Sprint 650 i'm hoping that it will take care of this. It said that it would update the bluetooth volume issues. I use it often and only have to charge it maybe once a week. Take a look at it @ www.bluetrek.com. Let me know what you think.

by randy | Apr 6, 2005 2:47:19 AM

So what is better the motorola 850 or the palm treo headset for a treo 650?

by Greg in The City of the Arts | Apr 9, 2005 11:46:53 PM

I have tried a Jabra, the Moto 810 and 820. I took them all back but the 820. My problem is the headset volume (what *I* am hearing, not what the person I am talking to is hearing). Of these 3 the 810 seemed to have the loudest volume, but like the Jabra it made my ear hurt after a very short period of time. I have been waiting on the PalmOne version. Even if it is a branded Moto or Jabra or whatever, if what I am reading here is correct then the volume (what the headset user is hearing) is still better on the PalmOne version. Correct? Thanks in advance for any comments, save me before I spend more! LOL!

by randy | Apr 10, 2005 12:27:42 AM

Thank you for your response I bought the moto 850 and found the volume to be good however I am returning it because I feel that it has too many steps to answer the phone and the voice quality is tinny.

I am going to purchase the treo version but until then my plantronics with the boom on the rubber piece that holds on to your ear is much easier to use and sounds better with higher quality voice.

by Tony Cooper | Apr 10, 2005 11:00:20 AM

I have been using the HS810 for two months with my 650. The sound quality and volume is better than talking directly on the phone. I have absolutely no problems with reception up to 9m/30ft. I can answer or disconnect with a single button push. I have had zero issues. Three of us in the office switched to the 810, two on 650's and everyone is happy with the purchase.

by Quiquepr | Apr 13, 2005 12:19:09 AM

I am looking for a BT WH, I am wondering about the Treo model and the Moto 820. Any suggestions...I read that the moto supports voice dialing, does this work on the Treo650, the palm site says it does not support voice dial via BT headsets currently...any feedback?

I am more inclined to do the Moto as the palm store does not ship to Puerto Rico...major drag, also does not allow me to claim my SD card beacuse of the shipping address...

Back to the BT WH issues? I woudl appreciate input on my decision of Moto v Treo BT WH...especially the voice dial info, volume and the fact that the Moto states it can do conc calls as well as hold, switch etc....the Treo WH does not mention this capability at all


by Noah | Apr 16, 2005 10:19:22 PM

I chose the Treo headset so because it uses the same power connection as the Treo 650 itself (it also comes with and the international adapter which was a huge plus). It is great except for three things (two of which are personal taste):

1. Like Brenda I too have small ears. I have found a position in where the headset doesn't feel like it will fall off, however after 15 min. or so my ear gets sore around the back.

2. There is a blinking LED on the side of it. People are annoyed by people that talk on their cell phones in public. Why do I want a beacon that reminds everyone every 5 seconds that it is me talking on a cell phone?

3. Although it does not seem to happen 100% of the time, quite often the headset will cut off the beginning of every word when you are talking to someone who is also on a cell phone. Many people stated that I "sounded drunk" until I switched back to the actual phone.

Other than those things, it works as advertised.

by ardy | Apr 20, 2005 7:38:28 PM

Today, I saw a Cingular CS guy in their store using a Moto HS850 with his Treo 650. He said it works great and that he can answer and end calls from his headset.
Anyone can confirm that?

I like the moto HS850 better than the Treo BT headset only because you can close the boom and therefore save battery.

by Howard | Apr 27, 2005 2:58:59 PM

Treo 650 and Headset arrived on Monday. Of course, I'm ''over the moon'' (as Andy likes to say), but I'm troubled by one thing. Previously, with my Motorola 820 and Nokia 6310i, after initial pairing of devices, I can simply navigate to BT settings, select paired device (up to 5) and press connect to re-engage (no re-entry of pw or long key press to activate pairing mode). With the Treo and the Treo BT headset, it seems as though I have to put headset into pairing mode and step through sequence, including BT headset pw every time? What have I missed? Not very elegant by comparison and very cumbersome when BT Headset 'drops' connection for no apparent reason as they sometimes do. Sorry for length...appreciate any insight(s)

by Tamara | Apr 28, 2005 11:56:47 PM

I have the Treo headset with the treo 650 and I can hear everyone clear but the people I'm talking to say they hear their voice echo when they talk. I called the palmone people and they replaced it and I just received my new one with the same problem. Anybody have any suggestions?

by Roger | Apr 29, 2005 1:05:19 AM

Hi. 1st time poster. Love this site!

Is anyone else having echo problems with their Treo or the headset. It is definitely volume related, meaning the louder I have my volume up the more a caller hears himself echo.


by Manuel | Apr 29, 2005 2:15:31 AM

I have the TWH with a GSM 650 for about 1 mont now. As noted on a TreoCentral forum, you should keep the handset volume below 2 bars and the echo problem will be no more. I use the Jabra ear gels and find that the fit with the ear loop is more comfortable and secure. The volume level is much improved. I set the headset on the second lowest volume setting and hear conversations loud enough in most situations.

Remember to hit the side button after selecting the volume so that it will stick.

Hope this helps.


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