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Treo 650 Finally Hits Canada

Our Treo 650 continues its international rollout with the addition of Rogers Wireless' Canadian release today.

According to palmOne's press release, "the Treo 650 will be the first all-in-one, quad-band smartphone to utilize the carrier's EDGE network".

Additionally, "the Treo 650 supports Rogers Wireless' MyMail wireless email service -- a new service launching in April that will be included at no charge for customers who subscribe to any of Rogers Wireless' Data Service Plans. This powerful solution will offer individuals a wireless real-time, non-browser based, and fully synchronized push email, calendar and contacts experience. A secure, behind the firewall, server-based solution also will be available for larger corporate customers".  A simple push email solution at no extra charge?  I certainly like the sound of that one but I couldn't find any additional information since the service hasn't yet launched...

The Treo 650 smartphone is available immediately on the Rogers Wireless network from $549.99CAD (US$455) when purchased with a three-year voice and data service agreement (US$500 2-year, US$660 1-year, US$745 no term). The Treo 650 can be purchased online at www.rogers.com/treo650, and is available nationally at select Canadian retail stores and through corporate resellers.

It's great to see that Rogers Wireless appears to be prepared to give our Treo a strong push in Canada.  However, Canadian Treonauts should be advised that while Rogers provides them with EDGE support this comes at a $$$ price.  Data service plans that I quickly browsed did not include an 'unlimited' version and the maximum of 100MB per month will set you back a cool $100CAD...

Finally, there's also no indication as to whether Dial-Up Networking (DUN) will be enabled on the Rogers Treo 650 but most likely not.  As I've stated before, depending on your needs and based on the above prices you may be better off enjoying the freedom of the unlocked Treo 650 at 'only' $699 and use it with any SIM card of your choice across worldwide GSM networks.

palmOne Launches Treo 650 Smartphone in Canada on Rogers Wireless High-speed EDGE Network [palmOne Press Release]

Treonauts are uniting across the world...

Posted by Andrew on March 14, 2005 at 03:49 PM

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by Mark Johnston | Mar 12, 2006 7:53:56 PM

Question from a neophyte -- Could I buy a treo 700 from the USA and put in a Canadian SIM card -- say from Aliant or Rogers? Would this work? Alternatively, anyone know when the 700 is coming out in Canada?

by Keith | Jul 10, 2006 9:41:40 PM

When is the Treo 700 going to be available in Canada?

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