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Treo 650 PIM: Neither Heaven nor Hell Yet...

Well, my intended review of Treo PIM applications is certainly taking longer than I had anticipated as I've now 'invested' over 24 man-hours in research and testing and I'm still only on step 4 of 5...  However, I hope to have this finished later today and so be able to share with you the pros and cons of all of these PIM's.

I would particularly like to thank all Treonauts who took part in yesterday's PIM survey - the results were not only extremely interesting (you can view them here) but they also proved to be very helpful in focusing my review.  In light of some of your answers, below are a few more questions to help further refine our view on PIM applications for our Treo.

Treo 650 PIM Applications (Part 2)
1. If you're currently using the built-in PalmOS PIM application is it because:

It fully meets my needs
I have not yet found another PIM that I like
I didn't know there were other PIM options
I don't have the time to look for another PIM

2. Which of the following Treo PIM solutions have you previously installed and tested? (Check all that apply)

Agendus GoodLink
Beyond Contacts Intellisync
DateBk Other

3. Which is/are your most important PIM components?

Today Tasks
Calendar Notes
Contacts All of the Above

4. Which are the three types of 'Tasks' that you most frequently create? (For example: 1Call/email, 2Follow-Up, 3Report)

Click Here to View Current Results

Treonauts are still looking to be perfectly organised...

Posted by Andrew on March 15, 2005 at 10:58 AM

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