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Business Week: Treo Muy Grande

I guess that today is truly "Treo Feel Good Friday".

Following my post about the NYTimes, I've just received two emails (thanks Olivier & Vince) about a review of the Treo 650 at BusinessWeek.com.

Among many splending comments they state that:

[The Treo 650] was just about as good as it could be, given the state of technology when PalmOne released it last year. It deserved a five-star rating back then. Even more impressive, it deserves a five-star rating today. It has yet to be knocked from mobile computing's top tier, even though a few promising contenders are on the way.

Anyone who's looking for a well-designed mobile device that can handle e-mail, Internet access, phone calls, manage contacts and calendars, take pictures and video, and record and play music, ought to consider the Treo 650. The pocket-sized wonder also serves as a modem for your laptop, allowing you to access the Internet anywhere you go. It's outstanding in nearly every way, and with a street price of less than $500 -- about $450 with discounts -- it's fairly priced for a high-end gadget.

Naturally we get a full 5 Star rating for being Treonauts...

The Treo Grande [BW Online]

Treonauts often wonder why others take so long to see the obvious...

Posted by Andrew on April 29, 2005 at 11:43 AM

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