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Is the T-Mobile Treo 650 next?

The most awaited Treo 650 of the moment is undoubtedly Verizon's and we had therefore not anticipated to hear news of a possible T-Mobile one for some time to come.

However, earlier today a corporate T-Mobile user reported having purportedly received 3 new Treo 650 smartphones as a 'Thank You' for renewing their accounts (?!).

In the same vein, Seth recently wrote in a comment:

"Did not know how else to pass on this tip, but I called Customer Support at T-Mobile yesterday and was told by the woman I was speaking with that she had received an internal memo that they will be carrying the Treo 650. There is no date yet on when it will occur and no pricing, but I thought if anyone could root out the facts- TREONAUTS can!"

We're still trying to get some hard information but in the meantime any Treonauts on a T-Mobile corporate account who could confirm this and send me pictures?

UPDATE: Anonymous Huge Fan writes:

"I work in sales for T-Mobile and a good friend of mine is an engineer for T-Mobile also. We will be carrying the Treo 650 in the near future. I have had 3 people confirm it from engineering and 2 people from our wireless data group. There is speculation that the Treo 650 will launch when EDGE is launched in select markets this summer. But as you know in this industry, things can change at the drop of a dime. So I am just passing this information on. Treat it as you wish."

Show me the pictures!

Unconfirmed: T-Mobile Treo 650 Soon? [Gizmodo]

Treonauts want all carriers to join the revolution...

Posted by Andrew on April 12, 2005 at 07:45 AM

Treo 650 , Wireless Carriers

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by Howard Patterson | Apr 12, 2005 12:04:43 PM

I couldn't find a related zone to post this, so I'll just ask it here: is anybody making a bluetooth card for the Treo 600? If so, how do I get one? If not, WHY NOT? It seems like such a good idea...


by Perry Holden | Apr 12, 2005 12:07:32 PM

I am now waiting to trade my 650 in on a new "LifeDrive Treo" from Palm. (Type "LifeDrive" in at Google and see the new rumors on this Palm PDA.)

Hopefully the Treo version is in the works.
(4GB microdrive, WiFi, Bluetooth, advanced multimedia capabilities are just some of the rumored specs. . . .)

by Andrew | Apr 12, 2005 12:42:48 PM


Good point - I also don't know of a BT card for the Treo 600.


Trade your Treo 650? Are you nuts?! ;-)) The LifeDrive is interesting but it won't have a mobile phone built-in... or a keyboard... If/when it comes out I might be tempted to get it as a dedicated mp3 player with Pocket Tunes - but some cretin decided to place the audio jack at the bottom of the unit again so maybe not...

Cheers, A.

by Perry Holden | Apr 12, 2005 12:58:49 PM

Hi Andrew!

No, not nuts, just greedy. I love my Treo 650 -- but I would love it even more if it had a 4gb micro drive, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. . . .

Cheers, Perry.

by James | Apr 13, 2005 8:25:40 PM

Back on the original topic, I just spoke with a T-Mobile customer service rep from their "wireless data department" (I didn't know they had one) who confirmed that yes, T-Mobile would be carrying the 650. He also said it would be available, "by summer" which he described as before May 1. Seems optimistic to me, but that's what he said.

What seems even less likely is that he thought the 650 would be priced "around $300", something he based on the 600's price. Too good to be true? I hope not...

by Ricky J. | Apr 28, 2005 8:06:06 PM

A couple of weeks ago, Howard wrote:
"I couldn't find a related zone to post this, so I'll just ask it here: is anybody making a bluetooth card for the Treo 600? If so, how do I get one? If not, WHY NOT? It seems like such a good idea..."

I contacted a female manager (Customer Relations?) at Socket Communications a few months ago to ask the same question. She said that they would produce a Bluetooth SD card for the Treo 600, but they needed certain engineering permissions from palmOne to do so. I was told to check back in a month or two. When I did, I was told it can be done, and they have yet to get the go ahead from palmOne. Obviously palmOne does not want to let go of the information because it would slow sales of the popular Treo 650.

Don't hold your breath ... My T-Mobile Treo 600 works just fine without it. A Sony-Ericsson T630 w/Bluetooth takes up the slack for car kit and headset connectivity. I just pop the SIM card out of the Treo and into the T630 and I'm good to go.

T-Mobile Treo ... where are you?

by Wali | May 8, 2005 11:12:20 AM

Okay, folks. Please don't berate me. But I'm about to show my extreme technical ineptitude here.... I'm buying the Treo 650 soon and want to get the most out of all of it's features. I'm thinking it won't be that easy for me to learn all the functions and features on my own. Here's the question: Do you know of something like Treo650 classes someone like me can take? (Don't LOL)
Thanx, Wali

by Will Maitner | May 9, 2005 9:03:07 PM

I called on May 3rd. No word yet at all about a T-Mobile Treo 650. I am getting fed up waiting. I am seriously looking at going back to Sprint.

by Will Maitner | May 20, 2005 10:21:23 PM

From T-Mobile customer relations email:

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile.

William, thank you for your email. We are not going to offer the Treo 650 as it is a phone unit exclusive to Cingular. We are to offer the RazR in the fall, although we don't have a definite release date to offer. The Treo 600 has most likely been removed from the website due to a low stock issue.

A Treo650 will work with our service if the phone is sim unlocked. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.

by Robert | May 23, 2005 9:36:14 AM

T-mobile has removed the 600 from their website and the P1 site is no longer offering the 600 for Tmo. Possibly this has to do with the inventory. Or, Tmo has given up on offering or supporting treos and is moving to another platform.

by Will Maitner | May 23, 2005 6:01:47 PM

From the PR people PalmOne uses, after I asked how long the GSM Treo 650 will be exclusive to Cingular and when/if there will be a T-Mobile T650:

It is the company's policy not to disclose details on the deals palmOne
strikes with the carriers. Sorry about that!

And no, there will not be a T-Mobile Treo 650. Instead you can purchase
an unlocked GSM unit.

by Bob | May 24, 2005 8:05:41 PM

Here is a similar thread at palmzone, for those who are interested in timing of the launch. And if you really want to know the exact timing, you might want to listen to Deutsche Telekom's conference call (in German of course :-). Email correspondence with low level cust serv or tech sup is not going to do you much good, unfortunately.


by Matt Schor | Jul 6, 2005 8:53:04 PM

I just got this from Tmobile on July 6, 2005. Maybe Tmobile will carry the Treo 650 after all:

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile.

Customer care is not aware of a date this will specifically launch.
This does not mean the handset will not be available in the future, as unofficial information indicates T-Mobile is considering offering this model.

Any device may be used not purchased directly through T-Mobile, provided it meets two requirements:

1) The device needs to be a GSM 1900 capable. The best way to determine if it is a GSM device is if you lift off the battery and there is a compartment about the size of your thumbnail for the SIM card.
2) The device must not have a SIM subsidy lock to restrict use to another network exclusively. Most devices bought domestically have this lock applied. If you are unsure if the device is unlocked, please contact the manufacturer or point of purchase.

If it meets these requirements, an active SIM card inserted in the back should activate the device.

Keep in mind T-Mobile cannot support warranties for device it does not provide. Warranty requests would need to be handled through the manufacturer, and are only honored if you are the original owner of the device.

We cannot guarantee compatibility of all features offered through our network.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you for choosing T-Mobile.

John Kevin
Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA Inc

by Will Maitner | Jul 7, 2005 4:05:11 PM

Oh please, they have been saying the same cock and bull story all along. They may carry it. There is no date available. Unofficially, we have been testing the device. There is no date for release. etc. blah. etc. blah. I give up on T-Mobile. They lost another customer because they couldn't get off their collective arse and offer the phone I need/want.

by Chrischin | Jul 8, 2005 6:57:50 AM

I can completely understand them not wanting to disclose contract negotiation details... but I don't see why T-mobile can't specify as to whether they'll carry it or not. Back when the 650 was originally released, I believe I read a press release describing the timeframe of the various rollouts, and stating that T-mo would probably start carrying it around May. Wow, has that date come and gone! And still they're jerking us around.

by Will Maitner | Jul 11, 2005 9:11:24 AM

I do not think T-Mobile will ever carry the 650. It's taken too long. It isn not going to happen.

by Kirk | Jul 14, 2005 8:08:42 AM

I contacted my T-Mobile rep yesterday (12JUL2005) and was told that T-Mobile was dropping all support for the TREOs period. We have purchased dozens of the TREO 600 for our corporation, and have pressured them to add the 650. We have grown tired of purchasing unlocked 650's at US$700 each. For what it is worth, we virtually no issues with the 650's. We had a few quality issues with the 600's, but they were all promptly resolved with PalmOne. This is really disappointing because we made a big committment to T-Mobile based on the TREO platform. As a carrier, they fit our corporate profile very well; a data footprint that matches their voice footprint (to my knowledge the only US carrier that does so), manageable corporate plans that make sense, and value based pricing. Why are they so backward in their hardware approach?

Here is and excerpt of the email our rep sent me:
"Last week T-Mobile announced that will will no longer be purchasing any products or supporting the Palm devices. This decision was made after careful review of their product and technology road map for the next 3-5 years. Handspring really doesn't have a roadmap as to how they will position themselves in the market in the near future. Couple this with the fact that the Treo 650 has yet to pass our quality control department and we do not feel as if they will be a good partner going forward. You may also see several other vendors adopt the same mentality for product launches. T-Mobile will continue to support Microsoft, BlackBerry and Smart phones. I'm not sure if this is good news but wanted to let you know..."

Can you believe this? How short sighted...

by Will Maitner | Jul 15, 2005 2:01:11 PM

That was the final nail in T-Mobile's coffin.. I'm moving to Cingular this fall when my contract is up.. Treo 650 for me, unknown phone for the wife and a Firefly for the kid.. First I'm told T-Mobile will be getting the T650.. Then I'm told Palm won't give them the T650.. Now they are saying the T650 isn't passing the mustard? Then why is every decent carrier selling the phone? T-Mobile just needs to finish it's slow death.. Sell out or close up shop, you suck T-Mobile..

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