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Over the Moon with my Treo

Well, you already know that I'm over the moon with my Treo  but in this case I mean it in a literal sense as I've added an application called 'Lunar' to my 'Just For Fun' category.


Lunar is an incredibly simple yet powerful, detailed and well designed tool to view the current, past and future phases of the Moon.

The main Lunar screen provides you with an image of the current Moon on the left and its position relative to Earth and the Sun on the right.  You can read the current: Moon phase (Waning Crescent today); the age of this Moon and percentage remaining to a new one; the distance of the Moon to Earth; the Julian Day, local time and universal time as well as the date.

One particularly nice feature of Lunar is that it supports our 5Way button and pressing it either up or down will move the Moon phase backward or forward in time respectively.  The default setting moves across time in 6 hour increments but you can change this to intervals from 1 to 24 hours.

If you want some more detail of the Moon simply press the screen on its graphic or select the Moon icon on the top right corner.  Here again you can use your 5Way to view the changing phases of the Moon and additionally you can place your thumb or stylus on it to learn the name of various locations (I happened to fall on Mare Serenitatis or the Sea of Serenity).

The final phase screen provides you with information on the major quarters and as you can see in the screenshot tomorrow happens to be a New Moon.  You can use arrows to navigate back and forth in the dates.  Furthermore, the full version allows you to export the Moon phases to your Calendar.

Lunar is shareware or $11.95 to buy [astro-metrics]

Treonauts want to travel to the Moon and beyond...

Posted by Andrew on April 7, 2005 at 12:35 PM

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by Jon | Dec 4, 2005 8:51:40 PM

This app seems to crash my Treo 650 when not connected to the interweb.

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