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The iTreoPod is Here!!!

After all the brouhaha about the iPod and Motorola combination phone, I'm extremely glad to announce that this was nothing but a giant smokescreen to veil the true nature of Apple's efforts in the smartphone arena - the iTreoPod!

CNET today reported exclusive news of this new fantastic and soon to be released combo smartphone-60GB MP3 player with quad stereo which has already garnered a rating of 7/10 from CNET and judging from early consumer responses promises to become the bestselling consumer electronic product in history.

As CNET notes: "Despite its basic lack of structural integrity, this device combines the best of the two most popular gadgets in the world."  It is clear that Apple recognized the Treo to be a much stronger vehicle for success.

In fact, the feedback has been so phenomenal that Treocentral reports that Apple is in discussions to buy palmOne so as to consolidate the market in this exciting new space.  Additionally, to celebrate the occasion palmOne has promised to release 10,000 limited edition Treo 650's in all iPod Mini colours by the end of April.

Check it out for yourself, this is one Treo that you cannot miss to see!

iTreoPod Review [CNET]
Apple in discussions to buy palmOne? [Treocentral]

[Thanks John]

Treonauts will never miss a call or beat...

April Fool's!!!  

Posted by Andrew on April 1, 2005 at 12:16 PM

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by A. Davis | Apr 1, 2005 3:11:00 PM

Why Apple should buy PalmOne...

1) PalmOne's sales are stumbling which means they could be bought for a lesser price than say 3 years ago. Plus, buying PalmOne is cheaper than buying both PalmOne and PalmSource.

2) Apple *did* have the Newton years ago... and it eventually launched the Palm/Handspring world

3) Apple is always competing with Microsoft and for the last few years MS has been steadily gaining marketshare in the mobile/embedded market, last year actually passing up PalmOne

4) PalmSource is heading towards Linux and open standards which is exactly what Apple did when they launched OS X (FreeBSD and open source-based)

5) The rumored iTunes/Motorola phone has yet to actually surface. And Apple's market play these days seems to be "make one good product, then keep making it better and cheaper". They have thus far dominated the MP3 player market. They make a solid operating system and awesome laptops. If Motorola dropped the ball, I wouldn't be surprised to see Apple look for alternatives. And after all, Palm does make the best PDA/Smartphone on the market. Not to mention that the Treo 650 ships with a video player that plays native Apple Quicktime formats

If only it weren't April 1st... :)

Personally, though... I think they should skip the duct tape and go for a modification of the iCopulate shown here http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/icopulate.shtml and just get it to marry the iPOD with the Treo.

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