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Treo 650 sets New Speed-Typing Guinness World Record!!!

As part of palmOne's official UK Treo 650 launch with Orange yesterday in London, I had the opportunity to be present as Arttu Harkki of Finland (pictured below) set a new speed-typing Guinness World Record using a Treo 650!

Arttu (who previously held the Guinness World Record for SMS texting in 2001) finished typing a 55 word text on his Treo 650 using only one hand and one thumb in 2 minutes 22.9 seconds thus winning a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest speed-typing using a phone that incorporates a QWERTY keyboard.

As he later stated, it is obvious that his timing could have been even faster had he been allowed to use both thumbs but the official adjudicator from Guinness World Records noted that the reason that only one thumb was allowed is that "there are a lot of phones that incorporate QWERTY keyboards, and we need to make sure that the record is standard across all models".


The full specifications of the record text are: 1 paragraph, 55 words, 264 characters (no spaces), 318 characters (with spaces).  Therefore Arttu was typing at about 23.3 words per minute and 136 characters per minute.

Since yesterday I have naturally been curious to see how close my own typing would come to this record  and so I set out to conduct a little test.  First I typed the above text in a Memo on my Treo exactly as per the record with one thumb and managed (no practice) to do 4 mins. 39 secs. or about half as fast as Arttu's record.  Secondly I typed using two thumbs (as the Treo should be used) with KeyCaps enabled and managed 2 mins. 45 secs. - coming very close to the record.  Finally, to get a benchmark against 'normal' keyboard entry, I typed it using palmOne's Infrared Wireless Keyboard and managed 1 mins. 26 secs. - I know, I'm a fast typist...

I am naturally over the moon with Arttu's record using our Treo 650 and I hope that this will finally put the people in the "my BlackBerry keyboard is better than yours" camp in a very quiet room now that we're also the champions when it comes to mobile speed-typing.

If you'd like to have a go at the record yourself, here's a copy of the official text:

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell (UK), who filed his patent for the telephone on 14 February 1876 at the New York Patent Office, USA. The first intelligible call occurred in March 1876 in Boston, Massachusetts, when Bell phoned his assistant in a nearby room and said ‘Come here Watson, I want you.’

Treonauts will always be winners...

Posted by Andrew on April 28, 2005 at 09:38 AM

Treo 650

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by eileen | Apr 28, 2005 4:36:12 PM

OK, I'll be the nitpicky one. For this line:

said ‘Come here Watson, I want you.’

The correct punctuation should be...

said, "Come here Watson, I want you."

And yes, I didn't use the correct punctuation to quote the quote but I did that so as not to be too confusing, hehe.

Nice speed record though! I don't think I'm nearly as fast as you, or the record holder for that matter.

by BenJoe | Apr 28, 2005 6:29:07 PM

Well I just did it with two thimbs and did it in 2 minutes. I don't dare try one thumb for fear of failure, ok maybe I will try it.

by wojo | Apr 29, 2005 8:52:52 AM

Heh, I tried typing it on my computer and did it in under 30 seconds on the first try. I guess I'm pretty fast :-P

But I know I'm not nearly as fast on my 650...

by KC | May 2, 2005 6:36:27 PM

why did the verizon 650 countdown start over again on the 2 of may?

by Anthony Charnley | May 4, 2005 9:08:42 AM

So the Treo 650 finally launched in the UK. But it is still unavailable on both PalmOne or Orange websites.

Did anyone say anything at the launch about actually being able to buy the thing?

by Serge | Nov 26, 2005 7:42:36 PM


I just got a treo 650, I'm a web developer, and I use flash alot, does treo 650 support macromedia flash?

Or I have to wait the treo 700 with the windows mobile OS ?

Does the windows OS will be compatible with the 650 ?



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