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Treo Cases | A Treo 650 Case of Cases for all Cases

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A couple of months ago, someone emailed me asking what case I was currently using with my Treo 650 and if I could recommend one.  Well, this question proved considerably more difficult and lengthy to answer than I had imagined but in the process I came to an important realisation.  Namely, there is no ‘perfect’ case but instead there is one that is ideal for each particular situation.

Before I get started there are two personal preferences that I have to mention.  I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like cases with removable clips but have no problem with belt clips.  Additionally, I prefer my Treo to be ‘naked’ and thus both form-fit and skin cases have proven of little appeal to me.

The Basic Cases
As you might recall, my favourite case for the Treo 600 was the Vaja iVolution and alongside this I used what I would term ‘basic’ cases which were my iPod case that had a belt clip and also the protective case that originally came with the Treo 600.  I would switch between the cases depending on the occasion typically using the iPod one if I was out without a jacket and didn’t want to put the Treo in my pocket while the Treo 600 case I used if I needed added screen protection.

In the early days of getting my Treo 650 I continued to use both the iPod case and Treo 600 case (both below) while waiting for my new Vaja iVolution to arrive.

CaseiPod CaseTreo600

Another basic case that really appeals to me is the Nutshell one but the only thing that annoys me about it is that it doesn’t have a headset jack cut-out.

The Luxury Case
Actually, the Treo 650 Vaja iVolution ($100) below is less of a case per se than an elegant sleeve to protect your smartphone.

This case proved to have the same construction and leather quality of my previous one and in this respect it did not disappoint.  However, in sharp contrast to the Treo 600 model, I found typing on the keyboard to be extremely cumbersome as the leather edges sit both too high and too close to the outer keys.  This fact alone had the effect that this case has gathered dust as I kept looking for one that was practical and that I liked.

CaseVaja650 CaseVaja650Back

The Music Cases
Of course the Covertec pouch case ($35) (left below) and Seidio Shield Holster ($28)are not music cases per se but I have found both to be the single most practical ones for listening to music while on the go.  Why?  Because they both 1) allow easy and quick access (in and out) to my ‘naked’ Treo, 2) allow me to have the audio jack inserted at the bottom without any problem and 3) provide very good protection for my Treo while on the go.

I had been eyeing Covertec’s case for quite some time and I have not been disappointed at all as both the quality of the leather, detailing and build are superb.  I got the black leather model (the black outside + orange inside color is very cool) but I’m also thinking about getting the brown one for the summer.

Seidio’s holster meanwhile is surprisingly easy to use and particularly fast getting the Treo in and out of it.  The Treo sits face-in to protect the screen and it rests against a velvet surface lining so no worries about scratches.  A small latch at the top (just above the camera) bends slightly backwards to release the phone – a very neat setup.

Overall, I’ve decided to use the elegant leather Covertec for outdoors while finding the plastic Seidio more practical for indoors when I want to listen to music at home or the office.  [Note that here I’m using the Seidio retractable 2–1 headset – a practical solution with which you can both listen to your music and answer your calls instead of having to unplug the audio jack and pick up the phone.]

CaseCovertecMusic CaseSeidioMusic

CaseCovertec CaseSeidio

The Flip Cases
As I mentioned before, I’m no longer a fan of cases that don’t allow for access to my naked Treo.  Having said this, I can objectively provide you with my thoughts on two models that I have.

The first is Noreve’s Tradition ($50) case which sports a good soft leather and inside velvet lining, a solid construction with a flip up that has two SD card pockets as well as a business/credit card pocket.

However, Noreve’s oval shaped keyboard cutout is odd and not very practical for typing or accessing the Home and Menu buttons.  Also, the leather bulges up around the screen when it should ideally rest flat.

The other is Sena’s Magnetflipper case ($44) which has one of the most stunning and elegant leathers that I have come across – the full black shiny front face makes quite an impression and the sides are super thin.  Also, as with Noreve’s, it also sports two SD card pockets but in contrast opens with the more practical flip down.  Lastly, although the leather is still too close for comfort to the keyboard overall it proved to still be very usable.

However, Sena’s case is also not perfect with some minor details that let it down – particularly the latch button at the back which should be covered in leather instead of showing the button through.  Additionally, although the magnetic flip is extremely practical I found myself concerned about the possible effects of holding a magnet (albeit a tiny one) to my brain…

CaseNoreve CaseSena

CaseNoreveOpen CaseSenaOpen

The Funky Case
The foofpod fabric pouch ($28) is originally designed for the iPod and not our Treo but since both devices have nearly identical dimensions it fits perfectly.

Foofpods are handmade to special order in Australia by some nice Irish ladies (don’t ask) and the company had been on my radar for some time when a couple of weeks ago I finally decided to order my own.

I chose their Murasaki model made from premium Kimono polyester in super rich purple color and with a silver lining which I thought was just the right level of OTT that I needed for my Treo.  What can I say, I love this pouch because it’s a completely unusual one and I typically use it to hold my Treo in a suit, jacket or coat pocket.

Other fun fabrics include faux fur, Irish Tweed, denim and corduroy and there’s bound to be at least one model that will appeal to the more extrovert Treonaut.  My only wish is that the company would actually start making these for the Treo proper and add an opening for the headset jack at the bottom.

FoofPod01 FoofPod02

FoofPod03 FoofPod04

The Homemade Case
For this last case in the series, particular thanks must go to Brent who pointed out in a recent comment how he uses a simple ziplock bag to protect his Treo from dust and water at construction sites.

I tried this with two different ziplock bags.  The first a standard one and the second which totally by coincidence proved to be part of the original packaging of the Foofpod (image below right) and worked like a charm since it’s the exact size of our Treo.

I had no difficulties making and receiving calls with either with people hearing me perfectly well (albeit mildly attenuated).  Access to the keyboard and all function buttons was easy.  The only thing is that the standard ziplock bag might be pierced more easily than the much more sturdy plastic used in Foofpod’s one (I don’t know what the material is called but it’s the same companies ship memory chips with).

While Brent uses this setup at a construction site, I’ve finally found the perfect solution for taking my Treo to the beach without the risk of getting sand or water on it (note that neither of these bags is totally watertight though).  Finally, my only worry is whether my Treo might suffer for lack of oxygen…

CaseZiplockNormal CaseZiplockStrong

So, you might wonder which of all these cases I’ll keep using daily.  Well, I’ll definitely stick to the Covertec Pouch, Seidio Shield Holster and Foofpod which are great products that each add to the enjoyment of my Treo in different cases (no pun intended).

Treo 650 Vaja iVolution ($100)
Covertec pouch case ($35)
Seidio Shield Holster ($28)
Noreve’s Tradition ($50)
Sena’s Magnetflipper ($44)
foofpod ($28)

Treonauts are happy no matter what the case may be… Treonautstar4

Posted by Andrew on May 17, 2005 at 11:37 AM

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by Mr Osita Onyeanwu | Jun 7, 2005 11:13:08 PM

goodday i'am Mr Osita Onyeanwu,i need ur goods ,i will like to order for ur goods in my country,if u will seed me sample of ur goods then i will seed u money through ur acout number thanks

by Marvin | Jun 19, 2005 5:09:03 PM

Is the Covertec case allow for a "skinned" treo to be placed in it?

by Palmnut345 | Jul 7, 2005 11:26:21 AM

I'm wondering if the problem still exists with the Vaja iVolution cases. Do they still come too close to the edge of the outer keys?

Their return policy doesn't leave a lot of room for errors but I'm really wanting one.

Thanks. And I realize I'm a LOT late on this one. :-)

by Andrew | Jul 7, 2005 11:34:10 AM

Palmnut345 - unfortunately yes the problem with the Vaja case's edge around the keyboard is still annoying.

Vaja have informed me that they are looking to update the design in the future but at present it's still an issue.

It's a real shame as Vaja's build and leather quality overall is excellent.

Cheers, A.

by Deepak | Jul 10, 2005 3:30:35 PM

Bought a Hiptop genuine leather cover for $19 at local Frys store, it is actually made for T-mobile sidekick and it fits JUST RIGHT. love it.

by sassy1 | Jul 19, 2005 9:08:49 PM

Can anyone comment on the magnet issue...is my precious Treo safe around a small magnet closure (like the one of the Piel Frama case)?

by ron | Aug 1, 2005 1:01:54 PM

I have used a vaja case for the 600 for about 3 months now -- it is a beautiful case, but since it functions more like a sleeve, I have TWICE had my device FALL OUT of the case from my beltclip, once on a dark street causing me to lose my memory card in the dark, and a 2nd time damaging the device. others here mentioned the screen edges being covered, which means taking the device out of the sleeve for full onscreen function. a good looking case, but bulky and I wouldn't recommend it for active belt clip use, unless you can find a grip solution to keep it from falling out of the sleeve. I'm giong to try the timbuk2 with an igrip, not as steamline and you have to remove the device, but I find myself doing this with the vaja frequently anyway.

by Daniel | Aug 15, 2005 7:43:59 PM

I must repeat Deepak's question: can anyone comment on the safety of using the small magnetic locks on the pouch cases within close proximity of the Treo? No memory/crash issues? I'm guessing not, but don't want to take a chance, either.

Having asked that, does the SmartPhone Experts side pouch stick out really far? It looks a bit... poofy.

by Clint Grommett | Aug 23, 2005 12:31:26 PM

I have the Treo 600 and in a parking lot, I bumped the face of it against a car side mirror while getting into a truck. It ruined it!!! I bought a RhinoSkin aluminum case for $22 and it's awesome! I don't need to open it to use it as a phone, the delicate touch screen is protected, and the aluminum is thin & covered within with neoprene for soft protection. Before this, I had a sweet Covertek leather form-fitting case, which was great, unless you bang your Treo around.

by Angela Parker | Sep 3, 2005 2:07:13 AM

I'm searching for a new case now -- and wanted to warn Treo fans that some leather cases will stretch with use, leaving the handheld less protected.

My lovely (and loved) Piel Frama fit snugly when I purchased it, but recently allowed my Treo 650 to slip out of the top (it was loose due to stretching, I guess, from hard use.) The skidding across a parking lot that followed destroyed my Treo.

I selected the Piel Frama model to keep the screen and the face covered and protected and wanted a case (unlike the slide versions) that didn't require me to remove it and use it unprotected.

Although I'm still looking for the perfect solution, I wanted to urge everyone to check the "fit" of their cases regularly, especially leather cases.

by manages | Sep 6, 2005 4:36:40 PM

by Nir Tsook | Sep 17, 2005 10:13:25 AM

I am using a vertical Flip-Lid leather Case made by CAPDASE. It is not listed in Treonouts. Got it in Hong-Kong for about 15USD. It is a beutifull high quality leather case with excelent build and fit to my Treo 650. My only comment is a missing cutout for the speakerphone on the back, which I added myself. You can use the Camera when the Flip-Lid is open. Bundled with the case is a quick-release clip which I do not use. Highly recommended!

by Joe | Oct 1, 2005 11:55:59 PM

Use Speck's rubberized case - with the added protection for the screen and keyboard, your Treo will have enough protection and yet not be too bulky.

by Jojo | Oct 9, 2005 5:00:12 PM

I was using the Speck rubberized case up until about a week ago. I used it for close to two months.

Pros - Cheap. bought it on eBay for $30. All around protection. Protects jog wheel and surrounding buttons (not keypad). Plastic screen over Treo's screen protects (when in place.)

Cons - Plastic screen easily falls off. It's only held in place by silicon recesses. Plastic screen scratches easily (it's not recessed like the Treo's so it is exposed.) Became hard to read Treo's screen through plastic screen due to scratches. Bought in conjuction with holster. Holster is flimsy at best. Constantly "hooked" holster's hook through hole for mute/sound switch.

DEAL BREAKER - Case stretched out. I had to remove it several times (less than 5 times) from the case when I needed to reset the Treo. The pulling and stretching to get the Treo out must have stretched the silicon. Case is now so lose that the portion that covers the on/off button buckles (folds) when in the holster and turns the phone off. >=(

Recommendation - Save your money and get a real case that covers the buttons when not in use. I've had good luck in the past with EBC cases.

by Peter | Oct 11, 2005 5:31:33 PM

Like Greg, I use the Timbuk2 case. It doesn't offer much protection for the Treo, and it has a 'bicycle messenger' look to it, but it's functional, and comes in different colors. You can attach it to a belt, messenger bag, etc.

by Elizabeth Mathes | Oct 26, 2005 11:06:02 PM

In reading all the comments I am suprised no one mentioned how the Vaja case wears. I have only had mine for a few months - the front is pink, or I should say it started out pink, it is now black - it looks terrible, cannot be cleaned - I have tried everything. I have e-mailed the company 3 times, the last time I sent photos, obviously they don't care as they have not responded but to say it is fine leather and must be handled with care. I take that to mean you need a case for your case. I keep mine in my purse, it isn't abused - for that much money I feel it should have held up better. I am getting ready to just send it back to the company. I won't even use it anymore it looks so bad.

by sammyja | Nov 10, 2005 4:27:00 PM


by Ken Boyer | Nov 17, 2005 9:27:28 AM

I wish I had seen these reviews before purchasing a case. I would not recommend the OEM case with belt clip. The screen protecting plastic is very thin and quickly dents from finger nails. There is no opening for the camera lense. And the white stitching is not very attractive. Going to try the Seidio shield holster next. Thanks for the reviews here!

by Jim Dolan | Dec 15, 2005 9:43:18 AM

I have had the Vaja case for a little more than a year. Unfortunately it has stretched out and from time to time, when the Treo spins in the clip to an upside down position the Treo falls out of the case onto the ground. Ouch! I'm very disappointed that this expensive case, although elegant, is basically useless after a little more than a year. Stay away from it.

by tania | Dec 26, 2005 4:41:29 AM

I have a great leather case that has plastic all down the front and a belt clip that I use constantly (I may be a chick, but I don't do handbags...) I think it's one of the palm ones - it has Treo 650 written inside it. Anyhow, it clips over the top, covering the sd card, camera lens and most of the IR panel. I thought this would shit me when I got it, but seeing as how I use BT and not IR, it hasn't irked me at all. The camera lens is mostly covered, and I like to think of that as protection. But, best of all, the clip stops me losing the sd card. I've lost count of the number of times the card has been ejected, but held in place by my cover. That in itself is the best design feature ever, even if it might have been accidental :) .

by gilroypak | Dec 26, 2005 5:30:40 PM

HELP: Any comments on the "toughskin" case? I have already smashed my first 650 (naked) and with the replacement due any day, I know I need a case. Don't need a clear keypad protector, in fact, would prefer no keypad cover while in-use as they get scuzzy looking. Desireable features are ability to have a beltclip, no-slip feature (E grips vs toughskin), and good protection in the event of a drop. Current top considerations are the Toughskin and the Sena Magnetflipper...very different choices but I think both would fulfill my needs. Not particularly fond of the detachable case for the toughskin and would prefer a swivel clip. PLEASE, any thoughts?

by new 650 | Dec 30, 2005 2:06:58 AM

Hey gilroypak, I had the same problem. My treo fell out of my hand and the buttons stopped working, but it looked fine. WAs going to take it to the dealer but I accidentally dropped it again and the screen messed up. Did you have to pay for a new one? They made me pay for a completely new one. Freaking Ridiculous, whats the point of a warranty if you have to pay for a completely new one. I want a case which can protect it against anything. Looking at the Ionnopocket Hard Case and the Thick Skin One also the Rhino Skin on newegg. I would like some help from anyone with some experience about the best sturdy case, must protect treo well. Thxs

by gilroypak | Jan 20, 2006 2:29:39 PM

Still haven't bought a case, but have decided on Sena magnetflipper. my insurance covered the replacement with $50 deductable. i'll let you know about the case when i've had time to eval it.

by Joseph Cowan | Jan 25, 2006 12:14:03 PM

I have been using the Belagio belt clip case for 2 years with my Treo 600 and anticipate using the next version when I switch to the Treo 650 next month. The Belagioo has a strong belt clip (my dogs kept popping the phone out of my "holster" clips) and it fits well with the buttons and keyboard "naked". The best part is the over the top magnetic clip to hold the phone in. This protects from an issue no one seems to have issues with but is a constant problem for me. Somehow I continue to inadvertantly pop out the SD card by accident. I have been saved from losing it altogether only by the over the top clip of the Belagio. I like the naked feel of the phone now and also the protection of the belt clip and cover for the SD card. And it's only $29.00!

by likemy650 | Feb 14, 2006 3:02:32 AM

I currently have the Innopocket aluminum hard case and it offers great protection from bumps and scratches, and the phone is firmly held inside by felt lining. I wouldn't recommend it tho because texting is difficult with open case resting against your right hand, and it's difficult to hear/speak to caller with case closed. I am looking more and more at the black magnesium case (stronger than aluminum and better designed) to replace my Innopocket, even tho I like the crisp aluminum look, because the fashion aspect is not important to me.

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