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Out and About in SF

As you know I’ve been in San Francisco for over a week now principally because I came for PalmSource’s DevCon but also to meet many of the people who are shaping the blogging community.  Because my list is so long and I’ve had so little time to make the most of my stay, I will actually be extending my visit for an extra week.

Below are a few pictures taken with my Treo 650 of some the places that I’ve had a chance to visit while here.

My very first baseball game ever (I know… shameful…) at SBC Park where I was invited for palmOne’s launch of the LifeDrive along with many of the top technology journalists in the area from CNet, PCWorld (whose team I finally had the opportunity to thank in person for their extraordinary support that they have and continue to give Treonauts) and MacWorld among others.

I was lucky enough to see about 7 homeruns as the Giants won playing against the LA Dodgers – which I understand was a particularly gratifying home win considering the rivalry between the two teams…

Over the weekend, a friend took me to Tiburon which is a beautiful spot just outside San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge and where you benefit from some absolutely stunning views of the city.  As pictured on the right, there are about 20 houses on stilts or immediately facing the Tiburon bay whose owners I greatly envy…  Like Sausalito a little further away, this is a great place to go for a weekend brunch or dinner.

“Cupid’s Span” by the renowned artist Claes Oldenburg along Embarcadero and facing the bay and to the left of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  A fun sculpture that is intended to emphasize the city as being “A place with "heart” where it therefore seems fitting to embed the arrow of Cupid in its ground.”  From here I walked toward the Ferry Building which now houses some of best food stores around and is undoubtedly also a great place to stop for some shopping or a delicious meal.

Finally, a great night out at the legendary Sweetwater Saloon in Mill Valley (sorry for some bizarre reason I can’t get the image to show…) which is an extremely fun, laid back and cozy place to listen to some great live music and where you may just bump into one or more famous faces – on this particular night Sean Penn, Peter Coyote and The Chronicle’s editor (Sharon Stone’s ex) were all sitting next to us…

I hope that all Treonauts have similarly had a fun and relaxing long Memorial weekend!

Treonauts know how to strike the right work/life balance

Posted by Andrew on May 30, 2005 at 06:46 PM

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by Fred | Jun 1, 2005 6:06:27 AM

Of course! Everybody's Favorite Treo Blogger with
Everybody's Favorite PDA in +Everybody's Favorite City+.

It's like the planets converging!

Have a great time there.

by Fred | Jun 2, 2005 4:12:16 PM

Of course! Everybody's Favorite Asswipe with
Everybody's Favorite Rectal Tickler in +Girlfriend's Favorite City+

It's like a retroactive abortion!

Enjoy your wanking festival.

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