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Finally: Treo 650 Sprint & Unlocked ROM Updates!!!

After many months of Treonauts waiting, palmOne has finally released the ‘new & improved’ official Treo 650 ROM updater for the Sprint and Unlocked version.  In an email, palmOne stated the following regarding each version:

Treo 650 Sprint CDMA
“Users can now access the Sprint software update and installation instructions.

The software update (version 1.12) provides improvements in several areas including:

  • Enables Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) – allows a Treo 650 to act as a modem when paired with a Bluetooth enabled laptop.  (Use of this functionality requires the selection of an appropriate pricing plan from Sprint.)
  • Adds support for more Bluetooth carkits including Acura, BMW, Chrysler and Toyota Prius (see all compatible car kits)
  • Reduces post-dial delay before a call is connected
  • Provides additional ways to send a SMS message from the Missed Call Alert or Call Log 
  • Updates VersaMail to version 3.1 to enhance stability and add improvements

Now there's a new user guide that incorporates the changes after running the Treo 650 Updater: Treo 650 User Guide (PDF)

The update also includes enhancements from the previous 1.08 update released in March 2005.  The Customer Support page on the palmOne web site contains additional information.”

I guess that we should be happy that after waiting nearly 7 months for it, Sprint have finally made good on their promise to enable DUN…  Meanwhile, the other improvements will certainly allow more that one Sprint Treonaut to enjoy their Treo 650 to the max.

Early user reports have been very positive and signal that:

  • Memory management ‘may’ have been improved further
  • Keyboard lights brighten and dim along with the screen
  • Dialling out has become dramatically faster (but still ‘small’ lag)
  • Voice dialling delay is completely gone

Treo 650 Unlocked GSM
“Users can now access the Unlocked GSM software update and installation instructions.

The software update (version 1.13) provides improvements in several areas including:

  • Improved memory management -- includes non-volatile file system (NVFS) improvements that optimize memory handling and free up more memory.  palmOne implemented a NVFS system in the new Treo 650 because of the strong benefits it provides: preserving data and applications if the battery runs down, and the ability to change the battery on the fly.  In the original implementation, NVFS stored each record in 512 byte blocks.
  • This software update reduces the overhead of storing database records in the file system. It does so by compacting more than one record into a single 512 byte block.  In effect, each 512 block is divided into 16 32 byte subblocks, which allows small and large records to be stored more efficiently.
  • Overall voice quality improvements and enhanced call clarity 
  • Updates VersaMail to enhance stability and add improvements 
  • Latest carrier settings files

I’ll be going through the motions of updating my Treo 650 unlocked ROM and add to this post with the results shortly but in the meantime please let me know how you get on with your own updates.

Finally, alas, there’s still no news on the Cingular Treo 650 updater but most people I speak to keep telling me ‘very soon’…

The update process itself went smoothly and I used the “Alternate instructions for users that cannot clear 15MB of free space on the smartphone”.  The only thing that I did after creating a ‘Temp’ user name was to set the HotSync to ‘Do Nothing’ for all my Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes (right-click to ‘Custom’ in HotSync tray icon) a small additional step that saves time and ensures that the updater stays away from this critical data.  Also, a minor detail, in the instruction palmOne does not tell you how to then go about deleting the ‘Temp’ user name that you created but it’s only a very simple two click process which is explained in “Change or delete your device's User Name”.

What can I say after the updater installation? OMG!!! This absolutely rocks! Just to see that I’ve gone from 8MB+ of available free memory (after moving pretty much all of my apps to the card with PowerRun before the install) to 16MB+ is absolutely awesome! Evidently with 3,000+ contacts the previous 512 byte blocks were seriously affecting me…  It’s like getting an entirely new Treo 650.

Treonauts like to be updated on a regular basis

Posted by Andrew on June 16, 2005 at 09:49 PM

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Tracked on Jun 17, 2005 3:41:13 PM


by bc | Jun 21, 2005 4:47:10 PM

updated my Treo 650 yesterday (Rogers GSM) - update went smoothly, enjoying all the extra free memory now. after reinstalling some apps I cleared to make room for the update process, I've got over 11MB free (was 6MB)

However, in the 1 day since I've had 2 random resets - I believe both times were when pressing the mail hard-button to launch Versamail (the update results in Versamail v3.0c, for me, not v3.1). no apparent reason for the crashes, a little worrisome...

While I used to experience many random crashes in the first few days of owning the Treo, after my installed application mix stabilized and I weeded out incompatible apps, I had not seen any crash for several weeks - and that was prior to the update, (f/w version 1.06-ROW, at that time)

anyone else see random crashes launching Versamail now?

p.s. prior to the update, I already had DUN working on Rogers. so unlike some other carriers they were already supporting it.

by Adri | Jun 25, 2005 4:16:34 AM

I acutally have a question. I've had great sucess w/ versamail after the update. however, when i set up the versamail to sync every hour, it keeps my gprs connection alive-killing battery life. does anyone know who to get this to stop?

by jrock | Jun 25, 2005 4:03:15 PM

I just upgraded to the 1.12 firmware on my Sprint Treo 650, and now my universal wireless keyboard (palmone brand) no longer works. Any ideas on what went wrong?

by PUtley | Jul 18, 2005 11:12:09 AM

I just did the Sprint 1.12 update. All seemed to be well until I went into a roaming area and after coming back into the Sprint coverage, the "R" goes away on the phone but the word "Roaming" remains on the the screen instead of going back to "Sprint". Any of the Trenauts seen this since the their Sprint update??

by Cindy | Sep 21, 2005 9:46:21 AM

I have a new Treo 650; I'm a former Treo 600 owner. It appears that I have already maxed out the RAM memory with added software although most of it is on a card. I have several questions.

1. Can someone recommend a program that will permit me to move locked software to the card, freeing up memory on the 650?

2. Can someone recommend a program that is safe to clean left over information that doesn't delete when programs are removed; it seems like there's a lot of left overs even from web searches.

BTW, I'm a T-Mobile customer but purchased an unlocked GSM Treo as T-Mobile doesn't carry the 650.


by JOHN | Oct 7, 2005 5:33:33 PM



by Hiptop | Oct 20, 2005 10:46:12 AM

is there a way to unlock a treo 650 CDMA?

by Gabe | Feb 11, 2006 8:03:57 PM

I have an AT&T-locked Treo 650 and wanted to get it unlocked so I could use it on my Cingular network. I called the Cingular customer care and they said they do not unlock AT&T phones because unlocked AT&T Treo 650s lose data-intensive functionality when used on the Cingular network. This means that if I did get the phone unlocked and added my Cingular SIM to the phone, I would not be able to access Internet, downloads, e-mail, etc.

Has anybody else experienced this or can anyone prove that what Cingular is telling me is not true?


by tony | Feb 27, 2006 10:19:32 PM

If I unlock my Sprint treo 650 for GSM, can I continue to use my Sprint Service. I need GSM while out of the country.

Thanks in advance

by Irvin Baxter | Mar 16, 2006 1:29:50 AM

I have the Treo 650 from Sprint. This is the CDMA model. Will unlocking it allow me to use it as a GSM phone? I'm going overseas and want to use it there. Thanks.

by Jim Schimpf | Aug 6, 2006 5:35:07 PM

I bought a used treo 650 CDMA phone from a friend who had it on Alltell. I wanted to use it on my sprint account. I flashed to 650 with the sprint upgrade, seemed to work fine. Alltell says will not release the esn number. Do I have any options??? Can I change the ESN so it will show on Sprint system?

by R silva | Aug 22, 2006 7:30:00 PM

Anyone knows how to unlock the Cingular SIM so I could use any SIM card. I recently moved to Europe from the US and want to use any european SIM.
Thank you!

by marcus | Oct 10, 2006 8:30:57 PM

I have had a treo 650 with sprint for 2 years and I absolutely love it, not sprint of course but the treo. I've taken a job in an area where sprint does not have coverage and I have to switch to alltel, Is there a way I can unlock my sprint treo 650 for usage on the alltel network????

by David Chaffin | Oct 23, 2006 12:42:57 PM

I have a alltel palm 650 treo and want to convert it to sprints network on which I am currently on. I need codes or anything that would help me convert it myself. I am on yahoo as asu76904 if anyone would like to message me with instructions.

by Charlotte | Nov 22, 2006 5:12:06 PM

As many people on this, I am hoping for the answer to how I can flash or unlock my Sprint CDMA Treo 650. I am now with Verizon and using the VX9800 which I hate. I want my treo back. If someone can help me make my Treo work with Verizon I would be extremely pleased. I appreciate any help that is offered.

Thank you.

by Jorge | Dec 6, 2006 7:53:16 PM

hey guys happy holidays. Does anyone out there know where I might be able to find an unlocking kit for a Sprint Treo 650 CDMA. My brother wants to send me one for xmas but it needs to be unlocked before I can use it down here in Colombia. Amillion Thanks in advance and Happy holidays

by David Killough | Dec 22, 2006 5:35:30 PM

Merry Christmas Everyone. Like the rest of you I really enjoyed my Treo 650. I'm heading into the mission field and want to take it with me. The problem is that it's with Sprint which is CDMA and needs to be unlocked for T-Mobile and the rest of the world which is GSM. Does anyone know how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Merry Christmas!

David Killough

by mandy | Feb 23, 2007 3:43:53 PM

I have a sprint Treo 650. Can anyone confirm if I will be able to covert and use with Cingular?
I'll need technical helpmaking this happen if possible. :)

by junior | Oct 11, 2007 1:40:36 PM

do anyone know how to unlock sprint palm treo 755p
to use on any other network

by Deb | Oct 29, 2007 2:07:38 PM

I need to know how to unlock my Sprint Treo 65 to use on TMobile. Can this be done? I miss my Treo and I desperately want it back.....

by kim | May 24, 2008 2:31:27 PM

any suggestions on how to flash my Sprint CDMA Treo 650 to Cricket? I have the MSI number if that is needed

by Peter | Sep 10, 2008 12:35:31 PM

I need to get the internet on my Sprint Centro that was flashed to Cricket. I tried using the 650 instructions but it does not seem to be working. Any suggestions? Please sent to [email protected]

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