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NoviiRemote Blaster Treo Remote Control

So we know that our Treo 650 can do pretty much everything except clean the dishes.  Well now you can also add Universal Home Entertainment Remote Control to the equation thanks to the new NoviiRemote Blaster ($34.95) that just became available in our shop today.

After hearing so many people complain that the standard IR on our Treo just doesn’t ‘reach’ far enough to be of practical use as a home entertainment remote, I guess that Novii got the message and smartly came up with this new blaster which now extends the reach to 75 feet.

I haven’t received mine yet (it should be here on Monday) but judging by the emails that I’ve received letting me know that this product had been released I gather that there are more than a few Treonauts who are keen to get their hands on one of these NoviiRemote Blasters to control a few of the 10,000 devices that it is compatible with.

I’ll naturally post a full review as soon as I’ve had a chance to play with it – and had the time to setup the controls for the 20 odd units that I’ve got spread about…

Treonauts can remote control anything they want

Posted by Andrew on June 23, 2005 at 05:51 PM

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by Tony | Jun 24, 2005 1:21:22 PM

No thanks. This will kill the battery too fast. As a Tivo user, I'm using the remote quite a bit to ff the commercials. I had a touch screen remote for a while, but took it back. I much prefer real buttons...much easier to use without looking. The Treo does several things quite well, but a universal remote is not an ideal, or even very good, use for a Treo.

by Kevjin | Aug 10, 2005 12:18:26 PM

I love this on my Treo 600. It works great, once I figured out the right remote ( I never did get the learn mode to work right) When the kids are fighting over the remote all I have to do is hit the off button on NoviiRemote and that ends the argument quickly I especially like using it in the bar, but I think all those people are suspicious when I have to stand on the bar to change channels, too bad the Treo doesn't have more IR power

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