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A New Treo Cradle Now Available

Following my post yesterday with the review of Seidio’s INNODock ‘multimedia’ cradle for the Treo 650, today another – somewhat cheaper ($24.95 vs. $39.95) and plain vanilla – cradle became available for our Treo.

Like the INNODock, the Smartphone Experts Cradle (right) syncs and charges your Treo 650 via USB, has an integrated hotsync button and LED indicator but does not have the audio-out jack at the back.

In my case, I’ll be getting one of these cheaper cradles with the separate S&C Wall Adapter as a simple solution for charging the Treo by my bedside.

For those Treonauts who were not tempted by the multimedia possibilities of the INNODock this cradle will undoubtedly prove to be an excellent alternative solution.

Treonauts are always powered-up

Posted by Andrew on July 6, 2005 at 03:52 PM

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by Jorge | Jul 7, 2005 4:13:44 AM

If I use the seidio multimedia cradle bedside, can I plug in speakers to amplify my alarm clock, as well as to produce the sounds of motown while i'm puttin my lady to bed?..

by A. Davis | Jul 7, 2005 1:46:38 PM

In case you missed it, Yahoo! today launched Yahoo! Local via SMS to compete with Google's. I've added links via my portal at http://palm.nccomp.com/SMS.html

Oh, and AC... thanks for the link in your Discover article. :)

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