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Finally: Cingular Treo 650 ROM Update!!!

Although some Treonauts bravely ventured for Cingular’s Treo 650 Unlock Hack other less daring ones were probably beginning to think that this day would never come…

Nevertheless, Palm and Cingular Wireless have today finally made available an official update to the Treo 650.  Cingular Wireless Treo 650 customers will be notified of this update via an SMS.  Users can access the software update and installation instructions via Palm’s dedicated support page.

The software update (version 1.15) provides improvements in several areas including:

  • Optimizes memory handling and frees up more memory with non-volatile file system improvements.
  • Includes VersaMail 3.0c, the latest version for Cingular Wireless Treo 650
  • Adds voice quality enhancements
  • Includes "Get Good" application which facilitates faster, wireless installation of Good Technology’s GoodLink email software for business customers
  • Improves battery life by automatically turning off the screen after 30 seconds of a call. Most users will not notice while the handset is next to their ear, but this power-saving feature lets you continue your conversation with the display off. The power savings will vary depending on usage patterns. To turn the display back on at any time, tap the screen. Do not press the red Power/End button, unless you want to end the call. The screen-off feature applies to handset mode only, not speakerphone or headset modes.
  • Incorporates two software patches previously released on Palm's website:
    • Carkit Update for Treo 650 (Bluetooth carkit drivers)
    • Treo 650 Voicemail Updater 1.04 for Cingular Wireless

As with Sprint’s and the Unlocked Treo 650 updates in June, I’ll add more information to this post as soon as I receive some feedback from the first Cingular Treonauts who take the plunge.  However, I anticipate that we will hear of very similar improvements to previous updates including:

  • Further memory management improvements
  • Keyboard lights brightening and dimming along with the screen
  • Dialling out becoming dramatically faster (but still ‘small’ lag)
  • Voice dialling delay is completely gone

Treo 650 Updater 1.15 (for Cingular Wireless, including former AT&T Wireless customers) [Palm Support]

Ooops…  Last week I also apparently missed to mention that a firmware update 1.03 had been release for the Verizon Treo 650

UPDATE 1: Dial-Up Networking (DUN) is now fully enabled in Cingular’s Treo 650!

Treonauts always want to be updated

Posted by Andrew on July 25, 2005 at 07:38 PM

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by Rene | Sep 26, 2005 8:38:30 AM

My Treo 650 was working fine, but now i cannot hear any incoming or outgoing calls. I have not installed any new software, and I have made no changes to any settings. Has anyone else had this problem?

by amb | Jan 13, 2006 12:14:38 PM

Same as mworthington 9/16/05.
My Treo 650 was working fine, but now I cannot hear any incoming or outgoing calls. No changes to the device.
Running Cingular 1.17
Any help?

by Spencer | Jan 31, 2006 3:27:03 AM

There is no sound whatsoever coming out from any speaker. When I get a call the speakerphone option on the screen does not even appear...there is a gap where the icon should be. The Bluetooth headset does not work as well. But the alert sounds work and when I receive a call the phone rings but I am unable to pick it up due to none of the speakers working with this function. There is no sound when MP3 songs are played either, but when I hook up a headset for music, that works. The speakers do not work in only certain functions: the phone & MP3 thus far. It does work for task alerts and the phone rings when a call comes in.
Any help? Thanks

by Mike | Mar 18, 2006 7:24:04 PM

I'm using a kensington USB Bluetooth adapter with a Treo 650 on the cingular service. Recently upgaded to firmware 1.17. I'm able to get the devices to connect (system tray shows a green bluetooth icon w/ blue background) and the phone displays nothing new. It ceates a dial up networking connection that is associated with the dial up networking connection in my bluetooth places.

When I try to dial *99***1# or **99***1# or wap.cingular, the bluetooth connection drops and I get the error "Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device)". (Using user name: [email protected] pwd: CINGULAR1)

I am able to sync via the bluetooth connection.

Any ideas?

by jeffrey kent | Apr 8, 2006 10:08:50 PM

same problem as some people above expressed..no change to my treo but suddenly missing the speaker icon and no one can hear me as of it were on mute

by Ed | Jun 9, 2007 11:22:30 AM

I have owned my 650 Cingular for almost two years. Rocky start but learned to fix or live with certain quirks. Pairing my Bluetooth to Treo headset and BMW worked fairly well for months until one month ago when I suddenly couldn't answer incoming calls using either mode. Haven't changed anything nor have I added any apps. I hear incoming ring but when I push answer button - the call is disconnected. I installed 1.51 upgrader a long time ago. I thought it was a BMW problem until I test a couple compatible headsets I have and samething happs. Therefore-it must be in the phone. Cingular reps are no help. Ideas?

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