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From Palm to Palm

Last Thursday, July 14, palmOne – the people we have to thank for the development of our Treo – changed its name to Palm.  Alongside the name change is a new ticker symbol PALM (formerly PLMO) and also a new logo (here on the right).

This change is extremely important and significant on a number of levels.  At the top of the list is the fact that the company which was founded as Palm back in 1992 can now – after an extraordinarily convoluted tale containing hundreds of twists, turns, burns and churns – finally again be called Palm.

How Palm became Palm again…

In my view the story of Palm is a remarkable case study in business endurance.  The latest rebranding must stand as a proclamation not only of its survival against many odds in the past but also as an important new starting point for its strong resurgence with new category defining products such as our Treo and the recently released LifeDrive.  In short, a Palm that will again grow strong with a renewed commitment to its entrepreneurial “We are going to change the world” roots.

In this last respect, the fact is that two of the three original Palm founding team members are now firmly back in charge – Ed Colligan as CEO and Jeff Hawkins as CTO – and they (plus also other early Palm employees) are palpably bringing back a zest for passion, vision and commitment to the company which they started.

Ed Colligan, the founding member and now CEO, has something to smile about with his new Palm.

There is no doubt that many mistakes have been committed by Palm and its other incarnations in the past but as the saying goes “If you’ve never made any mistakes then you’ve never done anything”.  You could therefore rightly argue that Palm has actually done a lot and that it continues to set the pace today in, for example, the smartphone space.  Furthermore, as the design company IDEO’s motto states, an innovation process often requires you to “Fail often to succeed sooner”.  Notwithstanding these, I would naturally much rather see Palm sailing clear of any further obvious mistakes in the future.

As I complained back in November last year, the confusion surrounding the transition from Handspring to PalmOne had left many people struggling to understand what company they were dealing with.  I wondered then if anyone at palmOne cared enough to do something about it.  Evidently someone did and there is no doubt that a revival of the original Palm brand will prove to have many benefits particularly as research clearly indicates that its brand awareness is extremely high.

Leaving aside the branding theme and focusing on the business issues, I am hopeful that these latest changes will have a cathartic effect on the company and that it will help to imbue the entire Palm organization with a renewed openness to fresh ideas and energy to execute them well – thus bringing us ever better products such as our Treo in the future.  The rewards will certainly be huge if all the right pieces fall into place.

Like Apple with Steve Jobs’ return, I believe that Palm now has the leadership to make its mobile computing vision of the future a reality and I will be one of many championing for its success.

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Treonauts demand change and continuous improvement

Posted by Andrew on July 19, 2005 at 10:46 AM

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by btn | Jul 19, 2005 8:19:31 PM

Too bad Palm doesn't control the OS. On the other hand, there are other OSes that could benefit from Palm's hardware expertise.

by Naubahar Agha | Jul 20, 2005 12:00:20 PM

Dear Andrew,

I apologize but I could not find the appropriate forum or blog to post my comment. I saw everyone else posting random stuff here too so decided to post here. I am about to get my own Treo very soon, I'm actually getting the unlocked version from Dubai cuz I hear its cheaper there ;) we shall see... but I just wanted to ask for a few pointers. I am obviously a new Treo buyer and I just wanted to ask you if you could give me any good advice about what kind of Treo (if there are any significant differences between date of release or so, because I have heard of stuff on the internet), also I heard specifics about Type of Sim Card like the 64K one works better instead of the 32k or that one ending with the letter A is better than the one ending with G. These kind of wierd suggestions, so since I have been visiting your site lately and am struck at awe by your brilliant Treo expertise, I wanted to ask for your assistance in this. Also, I would appreciate any kind of accessories you think are extremely important or hard to live without if you own the Treo, that would be greatly appreciated too. Now, although I am shocked by your wonderful collection of accessories (I read the post and saw the SS of everything you own for your Treo), although I would LOVE to have all that, my budget is extremely tight since I will be a College Freshman this coming September. I have around $750-800 USD to spend. I dont know about a BT headset or a USB charger or anything you think would be a great addition to someone whos about to get a brand new Treo.
I can't wait to get my Treo... and if you have ANY suggestions at ALL for a newb like me... ANYTHING will be greatly appreciated. I would prefer Email please because I am not a frequent visitor of this site I just come here occasionally to check for updates or see pictures of the beautiful Treo.


by Eplu Teeti | Jul 21, 2005 3:53:24 PM

That is one corny picture

by Taimur Agha | Oct 29, 2005 2:51:34 AM

i would just like to say wow, not for ur little treo shrine site or whtever but for my bros comment wow he has no life he waited soooo long for tht little phone now first i was annoyed witht tht thing and my bro cause hes obsessed with the treo after about a year of showing me how "AWSOME" the treo is it finally just stuck with me and its awsome still he has no life i mean look at the size of his comment wow and if ne1 else here wrights a message like tht u have no life either

by Taimur Agha | Oct 29, 2005 2:52:59 AM

oh forgot to mention eplu or whtever i agree

by Khalid A.Baqi | Nov 21, 2006 4:36:58 AM

i'm from Saudi Arabia and i'm a ser of treo650. i broke the screen two weekago and i'll buy the new treo 700 POS but i don't know whwre is the nearest place for me. By the way, i'm looking for the un-locked ver. so if anyone can give me an adress or something, i'll by thankfull for 'em...

maxemum respect

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