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First Treo 700 Image?

Hot on the heels of the Treo 670 rumours now comes an image purporting to be that of our future PalmOS based Treo 700 below next to our Treo 650.

‘Supposedly’, our new Treo 700 will have a new 1.3MP camera with an increased digital zoom capability of 4x and 8x.  The screen resolution remains unchanged but apparently the actual screen might be slightly bigger.  Additionally the Treo 700 will support EVDO on both the Sprint and Verizon networks.

In terms of design, instead of the very angular Treo 670 which we’ve seen, this Treo 700 further emphasizes the already rounded features of our Treo 650 (I personally prefer this).  The antenna is also reduced by about half (but not altogether gone as I would have liked).  Finally, also note that there’s an additional button on the side which could be another launcher button.

At present there’s absolutely nothing to lend credence to this being a genuine image of a forthcoming Treo 700 but it’s an interesting design nonetheless – plus it keeps us dreaming of what will come next…  Again, don’t expect our next-generation Treo to become available before the end of this year or beginning of 2006 though.

Treo 700? [CoolTechTimes – Thanks Jose Rafael]

Treonauts would like to hold the next Treo in their hands

Posted by Andrew on August 11, 2005 at 04:47 PM

Treo Zen Preview

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by A. Davis | Aug 11, 2005 5:18:25 PM

If they keep rounding it out... it's gonna start to look like a narrower version of the Tungsten W. Links to it aren't on the Palm site anymore, but you can see a pic here: http://www.infosyncworld.com/reviews/n/3323.html If I recall correctly, this guy was out around the time of the Treo 270, then they canned the W around the release of the 600.

by A. Davis | Aug 11, 2005 7:23:04 PM

Now here's something to make us call this bogus... on my Treo650 with all pictures removed, set at 320x240, it says I have 180 left. Set at 640x480, it says I have 60 left (note that changing resolution changes the number you can store, but changing between 1x and 2x doesn't). And just for the sake of it, I removed my SD card.

In the supposed Treo700 pic, its set to 1280 (presumable 1280x1024) with 217 pictures remaining. But Palm didn't just increase it to 64Mb or even 128Mb. Do the math... on a Treo 650, doubling the resolution cuts available storage by 1/3 (reference above). 1280x1024 is more the double 640x320, but for the sake of argument, let's just say that it *is* double 640x320. Based on previous math, doubling the resolution again would cut image storage by 1/3 again... so from 60 to 20. That pic shows 217 available at 1280xsomething... roughly 10 times the amount I'd have available from the prior math. The 650 has 32Mb. We thus see a correlation of 32 to 20. To exound this to be near the 217 mark, it would be roughly 320 to 200. So to be able to do what that picture shows, you would need at least 320Mb RAM and more likely between 480Mb and 512Mb. Historically, Palm has gone from 4mb to 8mb, from 8mb to 16Mb, and onwards to 32Mb. Jumping right on up to 470/512Mb is quite a jump. It would definitely negate the need for tools like PowerRun. But, more apps means more things to make your device crash which means more support calls to Palm. Then again, we're now faced with the 670 and the 700. It would seem the 670 will be the M$ powered Treo and the 700 will be the successor to our 650. However, there's nothing to say that the 670 pics aren't just a mock-up type device and the 700 pictured might be the M$ version (especially since the 700 is to have EVDO and all the 670 pics were from Verizon which just happens to have the largest EVDO rollout). They could easily have it run Windows but retain the power camera app. My point is that Windows phones need more memory. This device, if the pic is legit, appears to have it. For sure... we have a lot to speculate about...

So... this means one (or more) of a few things:

1) This is complete and total bullshit (my vote's here).

2) Palm is increasing the storage on the 700. Finally... thank you, Palm!

3) Palm has added support for the camera app to default to SD storage if found (possible, but unlikely as it would lead to more tech support issues).

One must wonder...

by michael ducker | Aug 11, 2005 7:29:21 PM

Photoshop. 'nuff said.

by Andrew | Aug 11, 2005 7:53:43 PM

A. Davis - LLLLLOL. I don't think I've laughed this hard in ages (still laughing as I write this).

Cheers, A.

by TazUk | Aug 11, 2005 8:03:08 PM

I doubt very much that it's an actual device but I do think the design of it is much better than the rumoured Treo 670, which looks like a step backwards IMHO.

by A. Davis | Aug 11, 2005 8:51:59 PM

Oh yeah, I meant to say keep the stock "Palm Camera App" not the power camera app. I was trying to say that the 700 could run Windows, but retain the Palm camera application.

I gave some more thought to this while driving home from work tonight. Honestly, I find this all pretty funny, honestly. The videos of the supposed 670 are pretty compelling, but with enough work they could be faked. I find it ironic that the 670 was all Verizon branded, yet the 700 supposedly has EVDO. Granted, the 650 CDMA version was out first with Sprint, so I can sort of see a 670/700 coming out first also in a CDMA version. And we all know that competitors like to get the short term exclusive... Sprint had it with the 650 which is why I kind of thought the 670 was legit as Verizon might've wanted the exclusive and to have it work on their EVDO network. But then there's the whole 670/700 thingy. Let's assume the 670 is real and will be the Windows phone and the 700 is real and will be the new Palm phone. If Verizon gets the nice 670 (all the pics and vids have Verizon logos), why would the 700 first come out in CDMA (since it supposedly sports EVDO). If Verizon gets the "Treo w/ Windows 670" exclusive, I highly doubt that Palm would also give them the 700 exclusive, yet Verizon is the only company with a large EVDO rollout (anywhere but Korea and Japan anyway). It just doesn't add up. The 700 seems to look more like the real deal and we all expected the EVDO support, which makes me think the 670 was simply showing off Windows on a Palm (though in a mock-up case... perhaps an early 650 design). Or, for the real conspiracy theorists... not too long ago we thought we would see a Verizon 650 w/ EVDO. What if they were working on it (the 670), but couldn't get it to work so they just went with the Sprint version w/ 1xRTT just to have something, then decided to go with the 700 for the true EVDO version?

And speaking of Windows smartphones... wtf??? A few months back, Palm says they're shifting to Linux but becoming OS agnostic. In other words, they see a linux solution with palm on top as the real future, but will allow for Windows as well. This is the same direction Motorola is going. Yet all we're seeing are pics and vids of future Treo's with Windows. Why??? Why aren't we seeing any leaked pics or vids of a future Treo running Linux? Probably because most of the idiots making these fakes use Windows and couldn't install Linux if they tried. The don't know what it looks like, so they can't use Photoshop to make it. :)

And back to the camera thing... my math was very dumbed down. Think about it... I based my math on 32Mb of RAM and 20 images available at 1280x960. In reality, just cause there's 32Mb of RAM, doesn't mean we have 32 available. With no 3rd party apps installed, its more like 21Mb to 24Mb. And the resolution is more like 1280x1024 which would require more RAM (or fewer images). In all, my math was very conservative. To match the numbers in the pic, you need more like 512Mb.

All in all, all these pics and vids are great for conspiracy theories, but each have holes in. I, for one, am sticking with my 650 for now. Though maybe I'll download a Cobalt theme, then post some pics of a new 650 running Cobalt. ;)

by MikeyinCA | Aug 12, 2005 2:08:36 AM

Treo 700 pic?
I have never seen a more fake looking picture with comments wondering if it's real.
You must be joking for sake of a new article. It reminds me of a FHM front cover.
A laughable joke of a photo.

by ClarkKent | Aug 12, 2005 11:06:36 AM

Fake photo. New Palm Treo has the same exact case as the Windows Mobile Treo pics shown here. Quick Specs:
Same camera, no update here
64 MB

by Chadwick | Aug 12, 2005 11:27:28 AM

Crap, now I have to spend another $600-700 on THIS phone. Here's a novel idea for Palm... if they're going to roll out a new variation every year like they're EA Sports, howabout lowering the price, or at least have an upgrade plan.

by Slithy | Aug 12, 2005 2:25:51 PM

I agree with Andrew. The 670 looked like a step backward in design. This looks like a small but plausable step forward.

by Airmax | Aug 15, 2005 3:57:27 AM

@A. Davis

Even on the 650 you can choose the SD card as space where to save the pics. My Treo 650 then says 1400 left. So thank you for calculations, but they aren't worth anything. Sorry for that.
BTW: I take this pic for real.

by Jeff Kirvin | Aug 15, 2005 12:41:31 PM

Palm Can Succeed Without Windows
The net was buzzing last week with vague speculation that Palm might build a device running Windows Mobile, maybe. It was a slow news week.

c|net reported on Thursday the comments of Palm Chief Financial Officer Andrew Brown. In an interview, Brown said, "CIOs don't get fired for using Microsoft products," and "The fact is we are Switzerland, whether it be over the e-mail server or the OS." This came hot on the heels of the Treo pictures and videos I talked about last week, leading many to consider the idea of a Windows Mobile Treo a "done deal."

But what did Brown really say? Nothing new, in fact. Palm has been claiming to be OS agnostic for years now. They've always been open to a Palm running Windows Mobile, but never seen the need for it. And still, I don't think they do. What would a Windows Mobile Treo really do for them? The enterprise market? That's why Treos can already sync with Exchange servers via ActiveSync. Between that and technology licensed from Good, Palm OS Treos can already match Microsoft and RIM products step for step. That no one seems to know this is a marketing problem, not a need for a new device. Aside from that, the Treo 650 can already do much of what Windows Mobile people have been waiting for in Windows Mobile 5.0. Palm OS already has persistent storage, better office applications and great one-handed navigation. So again, what would Palm get out of the deal?

Nothing, and I'm sure Ed Colligan knows that. I can understand Brown thinking Windows would be a good idea. From a marketing standpoint, it would increase their sales for a few quarters. CFOs don't tend to look more that a few quarters out anyway. But in the long run, it would make Palm just another Window Mobile licensee, without the marketing budgets and distribution partners that Dell and HP have. They'd lose much of what makes a Treo a Treo, and after the novelty wears off, they'll start to sink.

Nor could Palm offer a single piece of hardware with selectable OS "kits," something I've seen mentioned by Alan Grassia and Tyler Faux in their podcasts. Palm OS and Windows Mobile prefer different resolution multiples. Palm OS has always been based on multiples of 160 pixels with the exception of a few QVGA devices. The Treo 650 has a 320x320 screen, doubling each axis of the Treo 600. Windows Mobile devices have been based on a 240 pixel screen, either 240 across in a QVGA device or 480 across in a VGA device. While Windows Mobile 5.0 does support square screens for phone devices, it does not support a 320x320 screen. The options are 240x240 or 480x480, nothing in between. So unless you build the device with swappable screens (not likely) you can't run Garnet and Windows Mobile on the same hardware. (This point is moot if you're talking Cobalt or Cobalt-on-Linux, as those versions of Palm OS can run at Windows Mobile-friendly resolutions.)

by abe burton | Oct 4, 2005 3:41:12 AM

650 sucked ...internet sucked everything on the phone sucked ...have the new sprint ppc6700

by abe burton | Oct 4, 2005 3:43:25 AM

6700 got everything the treo 700 gonna have now...the only thing it does not have is a walk talkie threw nextal

by albert | Oct 13, 2005 12:58:50 AM

does anyone know the real specs for the phone and how much better it will be then the 650. does someone also know if the camcorder will have a zoom, and mayb a flash for the camra/camcorder. pleae email me at [email protected]

by albert | Oct 13, 2005 1:00:53 AM

another quick? whats the differece between 670 and 700. email me at [email protected]

by Dr. Judi | Nov 3, 2005 11:06:19 PM

Any information on a Cingular TREO 700 or 670?

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