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DEMOfall 05 - Standout Treonaut Companies

Although there was undoubtedly something to get excited about in pretty much all the companies presenting at DEMOfall 05 there are however four that stand out because of their direct and immediate relevance to Treonauts – it also helps that two of these companies specifically used a Treo for their demo

TalkPlus Mobile Call Manager (www.talkplus.com) is a service that provides calling features typically only available with VOIP offerings and makes these available to _any_ cell phone including our Treo (available in a few weeks).  With one simple application installation on your Treo combined with IBM’s Java Virtual Machine, Treonauts will soon be able to enjoy such powerful features as multiple phone numbers and caller identities on a single phone, 10-way conference calling, and low-cost international dialing – promised to be below the lowest rates currently offered by existing VOIP providers.

This is probably one of the single most exciting new telephony services that I’ve come across and I’m willing to bet that a very large percentage of Treonauts will soon subscribe to their services.  It was also interesting to coincidentally meet one of China Mobile Soft’s (the company recently acquired by PalmSource) founders who is an advisor to TalkPlus.

Jingle Networks (www.jinglenetworks.com) offers 1–800–FREE411 (www.free411.com) which completely eliminates directory assistance charges – instead nicely offering it for free.  The company is able to provide this free service because it relies on revenues from sponsored advertising messages of no more than 10 seconds which are inserted just before you receive your number.  To experience how well and simply it works just call their 800 number and ask for ‘pizza’ in your local area.  You will then hear a message from Domino’s Pizza which is their national sponsor for this category.  I personally feel that this company has the potential to become huge and will undoubtedly soon be yet one more company acquired by Google…

EasyReach (www.easyreach.com) is an application that enables Treonauts to search, securely access and share any email or file on their work and home PC’s.  This will prove particularly useful for people frustrated with Blazer’s 2MB download limitation when trying to retrieve large personal and business files while on the go.  With EasyReach you’ll now be able to access any file that you need and forward it to your own email address or that of others.  I am hoping that the company will soon add the possibility of direct downloads to the Treo as well – a feature wich it currently lacks.

The SCO Group (www.sco.com) has developed an extremely robust enterprise-class yet simple solution called Me Inc. which consists of a suite of applications that allow remote workers to access voting, delegation, status, follow-up, real-time access to any Web service, database and other data.  I was so impressed with their solution that I may actually work with the company to build a customized version for the Treonauts blog.  To demonstrate their strong support for the Treo, SCO will be giving away one Treo 650 smartphone a week each Monday from September 26th to October 31st.

Treonauts are always looking for new solutions

Posted by Andrew on September 23, 2005 at 01:50 PM

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by Mike Hardy | Sep 22, 2005 10:01:21 PM

SCO?? I'm shocked

I was under the impression they weren't involved in producing technology anymore. I'm clearly wrong.

Of interest:


The mind boggles.

by Andrew | Sep 22, 2005 10:09:28 PM

Mike - thanks, I had failed to connect the dots with the company... I have not yet had a chance to fully evaluate their Me Inc solution but it looked very good when I played around with it at their booth.

Cheers, A.

by A. Davis | Sep 22, 2005 10:55:00 PM

Knowing SCO, they stole the code for ME from open source projects... while suing the open source companies at the same time.

Andrew - you might want to be careful what you say about SCO. Assuming they don't sue you (even for saying something good about them), many Treonauts (such as myself) are staunch anti-SCO peersons. Please don't offend us. :)

by Manny | Sep 23, 2005 8:32:32 AM

Andrew, it is so outrageous to suggest that SCO will sue you for saying something nice about them! History has shown that you have to (1) be their customer, or (2) be their supplier, or (3) have released code they want, or (4) use Linux. You are completely safe as long as you do no development and enter into no financial transactions, and avoid Linux products, such as any future PalmOS 6 Treos. ... Oh, wait, never mind.

by Carl | Sep 23, 2005 3:07:47 PM

Before embarking on a project with SCO, you should seriously consider whether they'll still be in business in a year.

by Mike Hardy | Sep 23, 2005 6:48:19 PM

I'm so glad this isn't slashdot, or this would have been a full-on sillyfest in the comments section owing to SCO alone.

I will reiterate that I'm just plainly amazed that they are actually producing something, but hey, people can change right?

I'd certainly make sure the contract was worked out, but if its good technology with the right terms and the right price, well, it is what it is.

That doesn't mean I'd have them over for a BBQ or anything though :-)

I'm very interested in the details of the apps, just to see what's on offer.

by Frogstar_Robot | Sep 23, 2005 9:17:15 PM

I'd certainly make sure the contract was worked out, but if its good technology with the right terms and the right price, well, it is what it is.

"Contracts are what you use against parties you have relationships with."

- Darl McBride
CEO The SCO Group

McBride was well known for being a serial litigator before he came to Caldera (renamed to The SCO Group...yes kiddies a failed Linux company bought a sales contract to a UNIX nobody wanted and mistook it for the business equivalent of a nuke). Nobody in their right minds signs ANY contract where McBride or his equally obnoxious boss Ralph Yarro are involved.

by Andrew | Sep 23, 2005 9:43:55 PM

Thanks for the advice/warning relating to SCO - I will definitely take it into account moving forward.

Cheers, A.

by Jeff Leggett | Sep 27, 2005 2:56:48 PM

I too, am aghast you would consider doing business with SCO! Shame on you.

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