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Palm & RIM Connect with BlackBerry Inside

After many false hopes over many months, Palm and Research In Motion (RIM) have created a massive amount of buzz after they finally formally announced the forthcoming availability of the BlackBerry Connect push email solution for the Treo 650 starting in early 2006. 

According to the press release, the solution will enable the following:

  • push-based email using BlackBerry Connect with Palm’s VersaMail email client;
  • support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino;
  • wireless calendar synchronization;
  • remote address lookup of corporate email directory;
  • convenient email-attachment viewing;
  • Triple DES encryption; and
  • IT policy enforcement and commands (such as remotely disabling or wiping email and PIM data from a device in the event it is lost or stolen).

Aside from this the release also states that “BlackBerry Connect will be available for new and existing Treo 650 users through select carriers. Pricing and distribution details will be provided at a later date. The Treo 650 with BlackBerry Connect is being demonstrated this week at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2005 in Orlando, Fla. at Palm’s and RIM’s booths -- No. 417 and No. 515, respectively.”  (Please let me know if someone has pictures from the symposium and BB Connect in action).

Evidently there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Treonauts who have been anxiously waiting for the BlackBerry Connect software to become available on their Treo since it promises to combine the best smartphone with the leading wireless email solution thus providing us with the best of both worlds. 

As Palm has often stated before and Joe Fabris, Director Palm Wireless Marketing, reiterated in a News.com interview "The long-term goal is to get e-mail available on every Treo with every server".   In this respect, our Treo already supports several corporate wireless email solutions including Microsoft Exchange, IBM's Lotus and Domino, Good Technology's GoodLink software, Intellisync, Seven, and Visto in Europe.

Additionally, while this announcement is currently only tied to the Treo 650 Palm has clearly stated that it envisages all future devices to support BlackBerry Connect including its recently announced Treo running Windows Mobile since RIM is already working on a Windows Mobile client.

There’s no doubt that Palm and RIM’s partnership will benefit both companies.  Palm will now have the opportunity to introduce our Treo smartphone into the thousands of global organizations who had limited their wireless email infrastructure to only BlackBerry servers and by extension BlackBerry devices.  For its part, by licensing its software to competing hardware manufacturers such as Nokia, Siemens and now Palm, RIM is ensuring that its wireless email solution retains its leadership in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Bottom line this is great news for all existing and prospective Treonauts and promises to increase the appeal of our Treo even further.

Palm and Research In Motion Bring BlackBerry Connect to the Treo 650 Smartphone [Palm Press Release]
Palm, RIM ink licensing deal [News.com]

Treonauts love the freedom of choice

Posted by Andrew on October 18, 2005 at 10:51 AM

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by A. Davis | Oct 18, 2005 12:10:02 PM

And don't forget Groupwise...

From the Good announcement following the Treo 700w announcement:


"The combination of GoodLink, GoodAccess and the Treo smartphone based on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 delivers a powerful wireless messaging and corporate data access solution for mobile enterprises with Microsoft Exchange and, in the future, IBM Domino and Novell Groupwise corporate email systems."

by Mark | Oct 18, 2005 2:23:15 PM

Do we know whether this software is intended, out of the box, to enable the Treo to work *exactly* as if it were a RIM device? Or am I likely to have to wait for my firm's IT department to specifically support this software, configure the Blackberry server appropriately, etc.?

I've held off purchasing a Treo 650 for the best part of a year because of the lack of ability to work with my firm's Blackberry server. Now the software's finally coming, I guess I want to know that unlocked Treo 650 + BB Connect software + existing SIM card from RIM device = Treo Blackberry heaven!

by LakaHata | Oct 18, 2005 2:44:31 PM

HALLELUAH!!!! This is huge news for us Blackberry fans who use Treos. It is a marriage made in cyber heavan. Its like when Johnny Gill joined New Edition, or when Randy Moss went to the Raiders.


(Lets see Palm and Microsoft are joining forces, RIM is licensing their stuff to Microsoft and Palm, Cingular took over ATT, Sprint merged with Verizon..does anybody find this kinda...are we going to see 1 super device one day??)

by GG | Oct 18, 2005 5:39:46 PM

From the intial documents on the PalmSource website, there is a desktop installation required and I would bet something on the BES server. It will not have the full functionality of a Blackberry in that contacts, notes and tasks (talking Exchange here) will not be wirelessly syncd.

by Ben | Jan 14, 2006 9:20:03 PM

Does anyone know if this will work with the 700w? The verizon "wirelesssync" system provides an indirect and semi-awkward "push" every 15 minutes.... but I'd prefer a direct

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