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Treo Windows Mobile = Treo 700w

Although some people have been emailing me with offers to provide me with a brand spanking new Treo running Windows Mobile I am still waiting for the postman to deliver the package…  Hopefully not much longer…

In the meantime, it looks like ‘yodamessenger’, a forum user over at Dave’s iPaq, has somehow managed to intercept one of these packages and snap some pictures of it.  At the moment the image coverage is pretty slim and you can also forget about seeing a full review of it there for a while. 

Nevertheless, one of the interesting things is seeing from the picture below on the top right corner that the Treo Windows Mobile _will_ be officially called the Treo 700w…

Naturally I’m still desperately waiting to see the first images of our future Treo 700p running PalmOS which so many people assure me ‘is coming in Q2 next year’…

It’s also worthwhile restating that the Treo 700w is:

  • expected to be released in January 2006
  • will be exclusively available to Verizon Wireless for six months
  • currently only runs on CDMA networks and no GSM version has been announced
  • will apparently cost ‘slightly’ more than a Treo 650
  • will become the bestselling Windows Mobile device in 2006?

I got the Treo [Dave’s iPaq]

Treonauts want their own Treo 700w to play with

Posted by Andrew on October 27, 2005 at 09:44 AM

Treo Windows Mobile

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by Eufreka! | Oct 27, 2005 3:46:30 PM

I think it is pretty widely believed that yoda's pictures are of yet another pre-release version (it is an early OS build). So that still may not be the name.

Also, for those anticipating a 700p, what would it feature to justify the re-numbering?

And finally, are you aware that according to Microsoft, Palm can simply update its VersaMail application to incorporate Direct Push, and many of us would have no need to buy another overpriced device. In fact, the Treo 650 would then finally begin to justify its price!

by jimmie geddes | Oct 28, 2005 3:10:06 PM

I knew there was a reason why it was the Treo 700w, leaves it opened for the p. THANK GOD!!!

by Antoine | Oct 31, 2005 6:27:13 PM

So when can we see the Treonauts version of the WM Treo...nah who am I kiddin, I want to see the next PalmOS one ;)

by Dustin | Nov 22, 2005 2:54:24 PM

So does anyone know when Cingular will have this 700w or if they even will?

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