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WiFi'ng with my Treo 650

A couple of months have gone by since Enfora’s WiFi Adapter for our Treo 650 was released and I’ve now had enough time to play around with it to venture into writing a review.

First though I’d like to look into why one might need or prefer a WiFi adapter as opposed to either an SD or internal solution.  Having played around with both of Palm’s LifeDrive and new T|X handhelds which have WiFi built-in there is no doubt that it’s extremely convenient but the main drawback is enormous and rapid battery drain on the devices.  The WiFi on SD card option is also interesting but for the fact that I actually need my SD slot to run my applications and access files.  On many fronts with 1) its own built-in battery and 2) its own radio allowing you to use WiFi and the phone at the same time Enfora’s external solution actually provides many advantages and more importantly is currently the only WiFi solution available for our Treo.

Evaluating the Package
The Enfora WiFi Adapter ($149.95) package consists of three accessories (below) and a CD-Rom with the required software.  There is a blue-grey replacement back cover to which the adapter latches on to and also a separate wall charger.

My first impression upon opening the box and holding the adapter in my hands was one of surprise as I expected it to be considerably heavier than it really is and even its thickness was not something that I found particularly big. 

However, the inclusion of a separate power charger (which is actually heavier than the adapter itself) was something that annoyed me.  I fail to understand why Enfora didn’t simply design it to be powered by the standard Treo charger which has the same power output (5V) required to power the adapter (as Palm intelligently did with its Bluetooth Wireless Headset).  Additionally, you cannot Hotsync your Treo with the adapter fitted but you can listen to music since there is an opening for the audio jack.

At the very least an included or additional USB charging kit would be ideal for any travelling executive (I’m working on sourcing one).  Having said this, the good thing is that if your Treo is sitting in the adapter Enfora’s wall charger will power both simultaneously so you won’t have the need for a separate travel wall charger.

Above left, Enfora’s WiFi Adapter with my Treo fitted with the replacement back cover – you can see the two holes into which the adapter locks.  My Treo sitting in the adapter with the green light on indicating that I’m connected to a WiFi network.

Above, the Treo 650 with and without the WiFi adapter to show you the thickness of the unit.  Even here the angle of the picture gives the misleading impression that the adapter is thicker than it really is.  Additionally, the shape of the adapter is designed in such a way that it fits very snugly in your hand giving you a good and comfortable grip.

Enfora’s WiFi Adapter connects over 802.11b with data rates of 1, 2, 5.5 or 11Mbps (I achieved a max of about 180kbit/sec using DSLReport’s mobile speed test located at www.dslreports.com/mspeed and Blazer on my Treo).  Thanks to its built-in battery the adapter does not drain power from our Treo and provides 5 days standby and 24 hours typical usage.

Evaluating the Software
Installing the Enfora WiFi Adapter sofware (works on both Windows and Mac) is extremely easy and requires nothing more than a Hotsync.  All files and required network settings are automatically set up and you’ll be ready to go in a couple of minutes.

Running the Adapter for the first time I fitted my Treo and turned it on then pressed the power button on the Adapter and launched the Enfora WiFi Manager application on my Treo.  Next I had to scan for available wireless networks and login (it works on pretty much any wireless network thanks to its support for WEP security and soon also WPA) via the Profile Settings in the application.

Overall, Enfora’s WiFi Manager software is extremely intuitive to use and all the required configurations within easy reach.

I do recommend that you check Enfora’s ‘Downloads’ page which has all the installation documentation (including how to use the Adapter if you have a Sprint Treo) and also the latest Manager software (v3.1.11) and Firmware (v3.04).

Currently the only issue that I’m having is that although I have disabled the Power Save mode (which automatically puts the Adapter to sleep and disconnects the WiFi connection) I am still unable to keep an ‘always-on’ connection.  Enfora’s support team were extremely prompt in helping me out with this issue but my little ‘bug’ is still not resolved.

Enfora’s WiFi Adapter may not be quite as elegant as a built-in solution for our Treo but it has some undeniable advantages which will prove clear to anyone who needs to have the convenience of accessing a WiFi network at high speeds while retaining the benefits on long battery life and simultaneous voice and data communication.  Personally for example I am much happier going to a conference with my WiFi enabled Treo than having to carry my 2.5kg laptop…

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Posted by Andrew on November 2, 2005 at 01:22 PM

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by james baird | May 3, 2007 5:07:04 AM

I have a treo 700p. I understand that the enfora will pick up a wifi signal. but will it broadcast one as well. say for example if my phone is logged on to the net will my laptops wifi see the signal and be able to access the net.

by DJ | Jul 21, 2007 7:22:48 PM

Does the ENFORA Sled work for ALL TREO Versions?

by Mike | Aug 10, 2007 8:33:28 PM

I recently got a Sled for my 650 TREO. It has worked great, but I am having one problem. When I am connecting to my Home network, which is secured, I get the error message Error PPP timeout (0x1231). Sometimes when this has happened I have found the Key has changed from 128 to 64 but other times it hasn't. Any ideas? Thanks

by Anthony Nunoo | Oct 11, 2007 11:08:06 AM

I have Tre 650 but bought Treo 680 because of the need for more memory(650 has just 22mb base). I found Rogers data usage fee expensive and would like to use WIFI. Unfortunately, the treo 680 cannot use the Enfora adapter. Using a card in my Treo 680 means I cannot use those softwares on my card! Some of these programs need the internet. It will be nice if Enfora make a compatible adapter for the Treo 680.

by Kobi H. | Mar 10, 2008 7:32:29 PM

Any chance to get a Bluetooth to WiFi Adapter ?
If we could connect using the Treo650 BT, to a BT-WiFi Adapter, we might be able to get past this limitation ?
(This way the adapter can be placed in another pocket or in a bag, instead of enlarging the Treo itself)

If you have such a solution - Please reply to [email protected]

by sachin | Mar 12, 2008 1:26:32 AM

i have to use internet on my treo 650 by wire less or wi-fi

by Debra | Jul 12, 2008 4:22:06 AM

can someone email me the info on where i can buy just the dc plug for the enfora. I have misplaced mine and now am out of luck in using it. Thank you for your time and effort. please email me at [email protected]

by noah | Aug 2, 2008 2:38:00 PM

i have the Treo 700p and am currently looking for a WI-Fi solution for it... if i cant find one I'm getting an Archos..

by Peter Kote | Oct 22, 2010 7:52:25 AM

I love my Enfora on my Treo 650. No problems at all.Two questions:Will a Cigarette car inverter work for charging in the car?Also is the Novatel Mi FI cmatible with the Treo650 & the Enfora Sled?

by Raymond Kedja | Aug 31, 2011 8:12:45 AM

Bonsoir je suis un des fans de Treo 650 wi-fi j'aimerai avoir ce smartphone

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