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A Ton of New Treo 650 Accessories!

It’s been quite since I have seen this many new Treo accessories come out at once and below is the list of the 17 new products which I hope UPS will deliver in the next couple of days and I plan to review many of these in the coming weeks…

SPE Hybrid Headphones ($14.95)
Like my favourite Seidio Retractable 2–in-1 Headphones, the SPE Hybrid Headphones for Treo 650 is a headset that also doubles as a set of headphones – it lacks the retractable but is nearly half the price of the Seidio. The headset comes with a microphone and a one-touch button, and has been designed to plug directly into your Treo with a 2.5mm stereo plug.  This single headset allows you to do a variety of things such as listen to music, be alerted of an incoming call, and answer and hang up calls with a one-touch button.

Motorola H700 BT Headset ($89.95)
The best just got better.  With proven 5th generation technology and form, the Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset enhances the popular folding microphone design with superior audio performance, echo cancellation technology and an approximate 30% reduction in size.  I am personally a huge fan of Motorola’s ‘PowerFlip’ which allows for quick On/Off switching to save battery life and I wish that many other BT headset would incorporate a simple solution like this.

Jabra JX10 ($149.95)
The Jabra JX10 weighs less than 10 grams and measures less than four centimeters, placing it among the smallest headsets in the industry. Its small size and distinctive minimalist design make it one of the most elegant, discreet and stylish Bluetooth headsets for those who love great design.  This ultra-hip BT headset designed by the Jacob Jensen Design team is fast becoming the accessory of the year and I can’t wait to test it.

inMotion iMT1 Speaker System ($179.95)
Put away those headphones with the Altec Lansing inMotion iMT1 audio system. Just dock your Treo 650 for convenient conference calls with this portable, amplified speakerphone - anywhere you have Sprint or Verizon Wireless service. Or use it to play your MP3s. This compact, lightweight speaker system provides high-quality, crystal-clear sound without bulky speakers. Plus, the inMotion iMT1 also recharges your Treo smartphone while it's docked, automatically.

Helix Holster ($19.95)
A significantly cheaper competitor to my current preferred Seidio Shield Holster, the the Helix Holster, was designed with sheer-strength technology and has soft touch coating. You can easily slide your Treo in an out of the holster with one hand, and be confident that it will remain in place.  The Holster comes with two interchangeable belt-clips - an easy-to-use fixed clip with a low profile, and a 360 degree alligator style swivel clip. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle the beast.

Motorola H300 ($49.95)
The Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset promises lengthy talk times, excellent audio and a lightweight form – no charging required.  Powered by one AAA battery (I like that!), this headset is designed for people always on-the-go who need to communicate wherever, whenever – providing a remarkable 30 hours of talk time (Wow…) from one single battery.  With the luxury of a replaceable battery, you never have to worry that you left your charger back at home or that you have to wait while the headset charges to use it again.  All of this at an extremely competitive price…

Logitech Mobile Traveller ($79.95)
Don't let a little breeze ruin your conversation. Enjoy hands-free convenience with the comfortable Logitech Mobile Traveller Headset. With the WindStop microphone to minimize wind noise, your voice comes in loudly and clearly, no matter where you are. With up to eight hours of talk time, this Bluetooth headset has the performance you need to stay in touch when you are on the go. The headset features a flexible flip clip that adjusts comfortably on either ear, and at only a half an ounce, it's light enough for extended wear. Answer or end calls with a one-touch button (phone model dependent), and adjust volume without having to reach for your phone.

Jabra BT350 ($69.95)
The Jabra BT350 is a wireless mobile headset with high-quality sound and all the functionality you need for the perfect hands-free mobile experience. The BT350 features vibrate alert, which lets you know when you have an incoming call – even if you’re not wearing your headset. This, along with the convenient answer/end button and volume control, means you can manage your calls without accessing your mobile phone.

Logitech Mobile Express ($39.95)
Compact and portable, the Logitech Mobile Express Headset enables you to make hands-free calls conveniently and comfortably.  The adjustable ear loop ensures a precise fit on either ear, and advanced phone features like voice dialing, redial, mute, and call end/answer/reject are available at your fingertips. Soft-touch controls on the headset allow you to adjust the volume or mute the call. With up to 4 hours of talk time, this Bluetooth headset has the performance you need to stay in touch when you are on the go.

Seidio Skinned Shield Holster ($29.95)
My favourite holster case now designed to fit your skinned Treo…  This is the holster that Skin case fans everywhere have been waiting for - the Skin compatible version of the Seidio Shield Holster.  The combination of a skin case with  this locking swivel clip holster is the easiest way to carry and fully protect your Treo from everyday scratches and dents.  With its tight yet flexible spring clip on top, it's super easy to both secure and remove your Treo quickly when needed.

Retractable S&C Cable with button ($12.95)
Reduce cable clutter with this innovative retractable Sync & Charge USB cable - now with an integrated sync button. To initiate HotSync button, just push the HotSync button.  Unlike the cable that comes with the Treo 650, this cable can both Sync & Charge your Treo over a USB connection without the need for a Wall Charger.

MobiTV on CD-ROM ($39.95)
Turn your Treo 650 into a portable TV! MobiTV brings you a variety of live broadcast programming wherever you have coverage.  Get up-to-the minute news, sports, weather, and more! Innovative and easy to use, this application won a technical Emmy award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  Enjoy this four month subscription, then renew for only $9.99 a month to get portable access to all these great channels

Pocket Express on CD-ROM ($14.95)
Winner of PalmSource’s Powered Up Awards, Handmark Express gives you fast, easy, wireless access to news, weather, sports, stocks, 411 directory lookups, maps and directions. It's the best way to discover who, what, when, where, and how to get there—delivered automatically and on-demand to your Treo 650.

Seidio G4850M GPS Car Kit + TomTom Navigator 5 ($299.95)
The Seidio G4850M GPS+TomTom Car Kit turns your Treo 650 into a in-car navigation, entertainment, and communication system.  Simply slide the Treo 650 into the G4850M car kit; no more messing around plugging in additional wires and cables! The car kit securely holds and charges your Treo 650, and the internal amplified speaker makes hands-free conversations loud and clear.  You can also connect the car kit it to your car stereo and enjoy the sound through your car speakers, using the optional FM Transmitter Kit.  The unit sports a built-in GPS receiver and the fantastic TomTom 5.1 navigation software.

Seidio G2350S Speakerless GPS Car Kit + TomTom Navigator 5 ($249.95)
The Seidio G2350S Speakerless GPS Car Kit is perfect for Treo owners who prefer to use a Bluetooth headset, or would like to integrate the car kit with a car stereo. With the built-in GPS receiver and the bundled TomTom Navigation software, you will get 3D routing information to guide you on your journey with audible turn by turn directions.  As before, this unit also has  a built-in GPS receiver and the fantastic TomTom 5.1 navigation software.

Seidio G2200S Charging Vehicle Mount ($49.95)
The G2200S Charging Vehicle Mount from Seidio both securely holds and charges your Treo 650.  The cradle is powered by your car's 12 or 24-volt power source. A detachable DC cigarette lighter power cord is included. You can plug the cigarette lighter cord into your cigarette lighter or wire the cradle directly into the car's electrical system with an optional hardwire power cable.

Seidio G4500M Car Kit ($129.95)
With its powerful internal speaker, the G4500 Car kit for Treo 650 lets you enjoy phone calls and music while driving safely.  The car kit securely holds and charges your Treo 650, and the internal amplified speaker makes hands-free conversations loud and clear.   In addition to hands-free conversations, the car kit also enables you to listen to digital books and music through the built-in high performance speaker.

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Posted by Andrew on December 19, 2005 at 05:00 PM

Treo 650 Accessories

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by George Muenz | Dec 19, 2005 5:14:17 PM

So, if I already own the Treo Bluetooth headset, is the Motorola H700 so much better that its worth buying it too?



by Andrew | Dec 20, 2005 6:40:06 AM

George - I don't believe that the H700 will provide you with such a superior experience that you would need to change your current Palm Wireless Headset but I won't know for sure until I receive mine hopefully tomorrow.

At present I am actually much keener to test the H300 powered by a single AAA battery because I still find the issue of repeatedly charging a BT headset to be a massive hassle and this seems a good solution - albeit one that makes the headset a little heavier.

Cheers, A.

by SK- | Jan 14, 2006 11:51:49 AM

Hi , I'm a webmaster of Thai PDA Users' Group. I just wondering that the "Helix Holster" will leave a scrach on the Treo like "Seidio's Holster" does. I own one which is scrached my Treo at the top.

Please provide an answer, thank you very much....

sk- at tpug.org

by Ted | Feb 17, 2007 1:36:24 PM

Is there anything out there that allows the use of a Treo 650 as an AM and/or FM radio receiver?

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