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Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset: Absolutely Stunning

TreonautshighlyratedblogHaving studied architecture I may have somewhat higher design sensitivities than many but at the same time my pragmatic business mindset kicks in so as not to let me get attracted or distracted by beauty alone. 

I mention this because the new Jabra JX10 (only $99.95!) Bluetooth headset initially appealed to me for its undeniably high and refined design value.  However, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to test it that I discovered that its beauty was not only skin deep.  It is stunning on both counts of design and technology and I absolutely love it.

Everything about the Jabra JX10 from its beautiful (designed by Jacob Jensen), ultra-light (only 10 grams) and ultra-small (only 1.5” long) headset as well as its elegant wall and USB (via your PC) brushed steel charging cradle deserve top quality marks.  As I mentioned before however the Jabra JX10 also delivers when it comes to technology.  It has very good talk and standby times for a headset this size and more importantly excellent voice reception and clarity thanks to DSP technology which adjusts automatically to ambient noise levels for automatic volume control and reduction in background noise.


The new Jabra JX10 definitely makes it to the top of my list of preferred Bluetooth headsets (above).  Among others, it is the only headset aside from Palm’s Wireless Headset with which all call features can be used and that can be charged via both wall and USB.  Additionally, I was extremely impressed to experience the superior sound clarity provided by the DSP technology when compared to other ultra-light headsets such as the Plantronics Discovery 640 and Bluespoon AX.

The Jabra JX10 has a multi-coloured LED light indicator for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging activity and there are volume up and down buttons at the back of the unit as well as a dedicated pairing button.  Also, the Jabra JX10 can be worn with or without the earhook and the headset is easy to fit and comfortable either way.

I could go on raving about the Jabra JX10 for quite a while and those few people that I’ve had the opportunity to demo it to immediately went “Wow!” followed by “Where can I buy one?”.  My only regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to test it earlier as I would undoubtedly have purchased a few more as gifts. 

In closing, yes, this headset is not cheap but in my opinion it sits in a class of its own and is worth every penny – I wish that more accessory manufacturers would deliver such fantastically designed products for our Treo…

Treonauts are always looking for world-class products

Posted by Andrew on December 22, 2005 at 01:17 PM

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by Kevin McCormick | Jan 20, 2006 6:32:06 PM

I spoke with Jabra support this afternoon. The official word is that they have never tested the JX10 with the Treo 650 and they have no intention at this point to try to fix any problems. If an update is ever released I was told it would not be available on a Macintosh. When I told the rep I would return my headset and post the problems on the web site she said "sounds good."

Why would I ever buy a product from a company that could care less about my business? I am also bothered by the fact that this product was reviewed on this website as being "stunning." It makes me wary of ever trusting another review I read here again.

It's a shame. This is such a good looking and comfortable earpiece.

by Greg | Jan 21, 2006 12:41:22 AM

I'm very interested to see if anyone else has tried using the Treo 700w with the JX10? I can live with ordering/sending back if the call volume, etc... is in question. But, if it doesn't pair, then that would be awful! Todd, any luck on your end with your JX10 + 700w?? I just bought my 700w and really like the way the JX10 looks!

by Todd | Jan 21, 2006 6:42:58 AM

Greg - I finally was able to get my Treo 700w witht the JX10. It took repeated pairing attempts but first worked after I removed the battery from my phone and let it reboot & turned on and off the JX10. I love the look and feel and the incoming sound is good. However, I get mixed reviews from people I talk to. Some say that I sound horrible. Others say I sound good. I have not been able to establish a trend. A friend insists that I need to get a Motorola BT headset with a boom that extends past my cheekbone. It seems like this would work better but I do love the JX10 feel and look. I'm not sure what I am going to do.

by Andrew | Jan 22, 2006 11:27:45 PM

Here is a thread from Jabra Tech Support. Amazing!


I would return the headset for an exchange since we are not sure what the issue is and if we will have a future update. The BT250V works well with your phone.

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 7:13 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Contact Support: No Voice

Is it only Verizon? Will it work in the near future or should I return it?



by Arlena Boxton | Jan 23, 2006 1:21:09 PM

A big thanks to Andrew for posting easy to follow steps to pairing the Treo 650 with the Jabra JX10 (Dec 25). I'm new to both bluetooth and hands-free, tried following the instructions which came with the Jabra and they aren't very friendly to newbies and I had no success. Before I ordered my JX10 I found this site along with Andrew's posted instructions. Followed them exactly and was up and running in no time.

by Ryan | Jan 24, 2006 1:18:46 PM

Arlena that was actually posted by Douglas Boehme on Dec. 26th. Haven’t heard anything recently from the original Andrew who posted the review…especially in response to the “Why would I ever buy a product from a company that could care less about my business? I am also bothered by the fact that this product was reviewed on this website as being "stunning." It makes me wary of ever trusting another review I read here again.” posted by Kevin McCormick and the multiple posts by the second Andrew.

I was considering buying this, but would like to here again from the original reviewer. Thanks!

by Andrew | Jan 24, 2006 1:37:46 PM

Ryan - thanks for your comment.

I tested the JX10 with a Treo 650 GSM Unlocked and it has worked absolutely great for me.

I cannot unfortunately tell you if there are any issues with particular Treo 650 carriers (Verizon or Sprint for example) even though I understand that some people are having some.

Also, please note that the Treonauts Shop has a 30 days return policy so should you personally encounter any issues you would naturally be able to return or exchange it.

Cheers, A.

by Nicholas Stromwall | Jan 24, 2006 8:55:12 PM

Has anyone used the jx10 with a cingular GSM treo 650 /w software 1.17, firmware 1.51

I dont understand why there are so many mixed reviews on this. If Treonauts said it was 9/10 on voice quality inbound and outbound and rated it as stunning how can people run into so many troubles.

I would say everyone should start posting which treo model, network, firmware, and software versions they are running. If the treonauts community would start coming together, maybe we could figure out, or isolate which versions have troubles.


by farad37 | Jan 24, 2006 8:59:30 PM

Don't want to bore all of you with the long list of details however, while following the discussion here, I was reminded of my experience with Jabra customer service (which included e-mails that reached the VP of marketing). The problem was a compatability "oversight" with a Jabra BT headset & treo 650 that was clearly their fault. Final conclusion - I'm welcome to buy another model. Jabra - never again regardless of how "stunning" the product.

by Dan | Jan 26, 2006 6:55:03 AM

Does any one know a big chain store that sales th JX10, and not over the net (like BESYBUY or COMPUSA

by Yasser | Jan 26, 2006 1:26:02 PM

I'm having issue with JX10 as well. Mine is really new one. aftrined just got 2 one for me and 1 for him and we are both able to pair it...no issues at all. Call connects to JX10 (as I hear a small blip sound) but then there is no voice at all after answering the call from the phone or from the JX10. we try many phone like the Nokia 6021 and Nokia 9300 and Imate Kjam, and it has same results.

the problem he got them overseas and sending them back is going to cost more, i contact the Tech Support and they send me this :


Thank you for contacting Jabra support.

You want to make sure that your phone is pairing in hands-free mode and not just headset mode, or this will cause issues with using the headset.
Calling Nokia is your best bet as to getting it to pair in hands-free mode.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Jabra Support

I didn't get it !!! in nokia there is no hands-free there is only Handset mode.

Please help us. :)

by Zahar | Jan 27, 2006 3:44:12 AM

Maybe those people who have problems with this headset should compare their firmwares and installer versions.

by Doug Z | Jan 28, 2006 12:41:40 PM

I have had my X10 for about 2 weeks now and really like it. I have the Verizon 700W model. It was a little difficult to pair based on jabra instructions, but with a little searching, it was very easy to pair and had no troubles once I found it.

I am very pleased with the sound quality. With my old phone (motorola something), I had to pull over a few times to take important phone calls when using a wired headset. So far, I have not had to pull over at all with the new 700W (verizon) and also jabra x10 headset. I have not had callers ask me to speak up, and I have not had to ask them to speak again when driving, so I give this a great plus.

I have notices a slight hum on calls, but this is more a problem of the phone and not the bt as I also get this when using phone only.

I would recommend this headset to anyone with the verizon 700W phone.

by Dick | Jan 28, 2006 4:36:35 PM

I know almost nothing about bt but want to try it with my 650. However, after reading about all the issues with the JX10 I'm wondering if I should go with something that has been around a bit longer and less buggy.
Any suggestions as to what would be the next best thing?

by mike | Jan 29, 2006 10:09:31 AM

The biggest problem with the JX, and most BT headsets, is the echoing problem - the mic will pick up the output from the earpiece, making it hard for the personal you are calling to hear you clearly (even if they sound crystal clear to you). You'd think they'd put in a noise cancelling signal, but I supposed that is just to expensive. The only solution is the "in ear" solutions, or one where the earpiece noise is channel directly into your ear. The Plantronic Discovery 640 does this. Currently, to me, it's the best headset on the market. I've tried nearly all of them, and will probably keep looking, but for now, the 640 is the champ.

by Boris Presley | Jan 29, 2006 1:00:43 PM

Nick - I am using the JX10 with a Cingular 650 1.17/1.51. I can't make any authoritative claims yet as to call quality but so far (about a week) it seems no worse or better than other BT headsets I've used from Jabra and Motorola.

Pairing experience was completely normal. The JX10 picks up incoming and outgoing call events fast enough, if not instantly.

My beef with the unit (other than the first one I bought being DOA - would not even begin to charge) is in its charging coupling design. It is far too easy to install the cable plug into the charging jack upside-down and potentially wreck stuff.
Over-designed, under-engineeered.

Finally -- and respectfully -- wonderfully full of information as treonauts is, it is my experience that reviews here need to be discounted about 30 percent for exuberance.

by Tony | Jan 29, 2006 6:45:01 PM

I just purchased a Plantronic Discovery 640. I talk on my BT Headset 3-4 hours per day. All I can say s WOW! This headset is so much better than my Treo or Motorola it's not even close. The volume is loud and clear on both incoming and outgoing. When swapping between the 3 headsets the party on the other line tells me this headset sounds much clearer and louder. The incoming volume can be set to levels louder than you can stand. The autolink works perfectly every time. I would highly recommend this product.

by Nick | Jan 31, 2006 1:31:39 AM

After trying out this headset I can see why it received a stunning rating! This is truly a stellar bluetooth headset.

Initial reaction taking it out of the packaging was wow this thing is small.

Was a little worried that once i plugged it in to charge, the light didnt come on immediatly, but afte consulting the manual, this is normal takes about a minute or two for the charging light to come on... phew...

Had NO PROGBLEMS pairing the headset. charged it for 2 hours, then followed andrews steps:

I had pairing issues with my Jabra/T650 initially and the following steps definitely worked for me:
1. make sure the Jabra is not charging/attached to a charging cable
2. make sure it's off (and the blue light is not glowing but rather blinking)
3. turn on the Jabra using the power button (this is not the same as the pairing button)
4. press the pairing button until the blue light comes on steadily
5. using the bt hands free "wizard" on the 650, add a hands fee unit
6. at this point, it should find the Jabra - enter 0000 as the key and you're off and running.

I had problems if I:
1. tried to do this while the Jabra was charging
2. tried to start pairing with the Treo before I started pairing with the Jabra

Overall voice quality is excellant, and cant even feel it when it is on! Voice quality is awesome..

Im using a cingular treo gsm 650 /w software 1.17, firmware 1.51...

To those that had problems, curious if you followed Andrews steps for pairing, and if you are running the latest firmware.


by david | Jan 31, 2006 8:41:50 PM

My JX10 works fine w/ my Verizon Treo 650. The ear piece however broke. First the chrome tip broke off then the wire part broke off at the plastic snap piece. Jabra support has been awful. I wanted to just buy another piece. They tell me to return to store although no stores like Best Buy have it. Very poor service and like others have noted they don't seem to care.

by David | Feb 10, 2006 5:15:10 PM

I have the JX-10 and am having a problem. It pairs jsut fine with my 650. It was working (althoiugh I was not able to pick up calls from the headset). Then I ran updater 1.20 for my unlocked GSM, and now I get no sound or voice even though it still pairs.



by Dan | Feb 12, 2006 8:06:04 AM

*** MUST DISABLE Auto Answer ***

...or else the JX10 does NOT work with my Treo 650 (unlocked). Recieved this morning. Charged two hours. Paired with my SE T637. Works great. Light. Comfortable. Responsive, etc. Good sound in and out. Doesn't feel like it is going to fly off. Its gorgeous. Smaller than I imagined. Way more comfortable than my BT800.

Then I went to pair with TREO 650. Pairing process was fine. However it wouldn't pick up or dial calls. D'OH!!! Tried turning off the Auto Answer option and bingo!!! Now it works. I'm sure that little secret is buried in one of the previous threads.

by Jim Adams | Feb 13, 2006 5:55:36 PM

Have you seen the Scala 500? It is supposed to be great.

by Susan | Feb 15, 2006 1:04:21 AM

Thanks for your posting. I have had my Treo for 3 weeks and have been through 2 other bluetooth headsets that I couldn't get to work.
My auto answer was already disabled. I played with it a little bit and "tada" it worked.
My phone bill is going to look like I am stalking myself. I have been calling myself all night tonight trying to get this to work. I am looking forward to see how the reception is tomorrow when I try it out on real people!
I am using a Cingular Treo 650

by Rockhead | Feb 19, 2006 10:55:35 AM

I just bought the Jabra JX 10. I also have the Palm headseat at a Motorola. None of these solve the low volume problem on the Treo 650. I've tried muting and that doesn't help either.

by Kevin McCormick | Feb 22, 2006 11:05:04 PM

I think I have found the ultimate BT headset - the Sony Ericsson HBH-610. I sent my JX10 back because of poor performance. The 610 is light weight, answers and places calls the first time every time and the sound is great. It has DSP noise canceling. My wife, for the first time (I've tried about 6 headsets) says it sounds like I'm speaking from a land line. No bells or whistles - just a great, light BT headset.

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