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Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset: Absolutely Stunning

TreonautshighlyratedblogHaving studied architecture I may have somewhat higher design sensitivities than many but at the same time my pragmatic business mindset kicks in so as not to let me get attracted or distracted by beauty alone. 

I mention this because the new Jabra JX10 (only $99.95!) Bluetooth headset initially appealed to me for its undeniably high and refined design value.  However, it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to test it that I discovered that its beauty was not only skin deep.  It is stunning on both counts of design and technology and I absolutely love it.

Everything about the Jabra JX10 from its beautiful (designed by Jacob Jensen), ultra-light (only 10 grams) and ultra-small (only 1.5” long) headset as well as its elegant wall and USB (via your PC) brushed steel charging cradle deserve top quality marks.  As I mentioned before however the Jabra JX10 also delivers when it comes to technology.  It has very good talk and standby times for a headset this size and more importantly excellent voice reception and clarity thanks to DSP technology which adjusts automatically to ambient noise levels for automatic volume control and reduction in background noise.


The new Jabra JX10 definitely makes it to the top of my list of preferred Bluetooth headsets (above).  Among others, it is the only headset aside from Palm’s Wireless Headset with which all call features can be used and that can be charged via both wall and USB.  Additionally, I was extremely impressed to experience the superior sound clarity provided by the DSP technology when compared to other ultra-light headsets such as the Plantronics Discovery 640 and Bluespoon AX.

The Jabra JX10 has a multi-coloured LED light indicator for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging activity and there are volume up and down buttons at the back of the unit as well as a dedicated pairing button.  Also, the Jabra JX10 can be worn with or without the earhook and the headset is easy to fit and comfortable either way.

I could go on raving about the Jabra JX10 for quite a while and those few people that I’ve had the opportunity to demo it to immediately went “Wow!” followed by “Where can I buy one?”.  My only regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to test it earlier as I would undoubtedly have purchased a few more as gifts. 

In closing, yes, this headset is not cheap but in my opinion it sits in a class of its own and is worth every penny – I wish that more accessory manufacturers would deliver such fantastically designed products for our Treo…

Treonauts are always looking for world-class products

Posted by Andrew on December 22, 2005 at 01:17 PM

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by CJ | Feb 26, 2006 11:31:37 PM

this is an interesting review of three headsets, including the jx10


by Gerald | Feb 27, 2006 3:27:11 AM

I was reading a few of these posts and i kept comming across people that cant use voice calling with a BT headset. Well the built in program, voice dial? i dont remember the name. i was able to push the button on my motorola blue tooth head set, say the name and it would dial. Just thought you all should know

by Kevin McCormick | Feb 28, 2006 12:36:26 AM

What is the name of the voice dial program?

by Sarah | Mar 2, 2006 12:49:36 AM

i have a treo 650/sprint. let me start my saying bt with the 650 sux. but oh well. i love my treo and can't live with anything else.

i've had the following bt headsets:

jabra 250- nice looking but not worth money
logitech mobile freedom
logitech mobile traveller
plantronics 640

i've read TONS of reviews on probably 20 different headsets and what treo 650 users say about them. i've learned that if more than 3 people have a problem with the headset w/650, i'm not waisting my time.

below is MY OPINION based on MY experience with the bt headsets i've purchased.

best fitting bt:
plantronics 640 (both with in-ear gel AND clip around the ear attached)

best incoming and outgoing sound quality in quiet, car or semi-noisy area:
plantronics,logitech mobile freedom and mobile traveller

best outgoing sound quality in windy area, or walking in a breeze way:
logitech mobile freedom and mobile traveller

best design, ease of pairing and accessories:
plantronics 640

my wish list bt:
plantronics design with logitech windstop capability.

i love the feel of the plantronics and most of the time it is clear on both ends. but walking through a wind tunnel or in a heavy breeze you can't even hear my voice on the other end, just LOTS of wind noise. on the other had in the same gust of wind, i switched to the logitech mobile freedom and the wind noise was still heard but not as loud and you could understand what i was saying.

i LOVED both the incoming and outgoing sound quality of the logitech and it was comfortable. i just felt like i had a CLUNKY old-fashion earpiece on my ear. it's so BIG. and even thought the mobile traveller is a tad bit smaller and fits a bit better on the ear, it still is CLUNKY looking.

so i'm going with cuter look and better sound most of the time (plantronics 640). instead of a clunky look with great sound all of the time (logitech mobile freedom). but overall if i didn't worry about style or clunkiness (if that is a word), i would definitely go with the logitech mobile freedom from the experience i had with it. it did everything i needed to do and everything the box said it could do.

by Sarah | Mar 2, 2006 1:01:54 AM

i've also researched one more that i'm interested in but haven't purchased yet. even though i'm in love with the design of the plantronics 640. i still have hope that there is a bt headset with the sleek look as the plantronics 640 and sound quality in WINDY areas as the logitech mobile freedom. maybe i'm dreaming and should just stick with what i have. maybe plantronics should put a "windstop technology mic" at the end of its 640 and call it the plantronics 650. THEN WE WILL ALL BE BLOWN AWAY..

sorry, dreaming again. ..

has anyone tried to use the sony dr-bt1 bluetooth headset with your treo 650? it LOOKS nice and i like the extended length of the boom. but not too many reviews out there about it and almost none with treo 650 users. if anyone has tried it, let me know. if i buy it, i will let everyone know my experience. but for now, i'll stay satisfied with my plantronics 640.

it's like having a second job as a reasearch assistant trying to find the right bt headset for the treo. shouldn't someone already have that job? oh well, again everything i post in based on MY experience with the headsets i've purchased. i can't make any promises on how each bt headset will perform because there are so many variables that each of us deal with. but, i hope my experiences can help narrow down the field. or save each of you research time...

by Lynn B. | Mar 4, 2006 12:02:44 PM

I just got the Jabra JX-10 for use with my Treo 700w. No problems at all when pairing with the 700w or a moto Razr. When paired with the 700w, I do have noticable static though. Will need to try it in a few locations to see if it goes away or if it is related to the Treo 700w. Seems to be indepent of distance from the 700w.

by rgreene501 | Mar 7, 2006 1:29:42 AM

I'm using a pair of unlocked, Cingular branded Treo 650's with the 1.71 firmware and 1.20-ENA software. My experience with these headsets is identical regardless of which phone.

I have three BT headsets in my collection now. A Jabra BT250, a JX10 and a Plantronics Discovery 640. Of the three, I have had the best luck with the 640.

The BT250 is noisy and hurts my ear after extended wear. The BT250 was cheap and has an extended talk time. It also fits securely. I never worry about it falling off my ear.

The JX10 drops calls and never feels secure in my ear. The ear clip is flimsy and it often falls out of my ear. It has decent audio, but the dropped calls are a major pain. It would be one thing if the headset stopped responding or got noisy like the 640, but it hangs up. I cannot tolerate that because my clients are affected. The JX10 is stylish, lightweight and functional. Susan, with Jabra support has been very helpful and sent replacement ear clips when I asked about availability. The LED is bright enough to tell me it's on, but not so bright that it illuminates a room. Charging via USB is a plus, but not as convenient as the pocket charger included with the 640. Call volume is good.

The 640 has the shortest battery life and broadcasts its presence with that oversized LED beacon every few seconds. It screams "Geek!" louder than any other headset I've seen. It is even lighter than the JX10 and has the clearest audio of the three. It feels very secure and comfortable in my ear. It's easy to use and can be recharged with a single AAA battery. I am learning to rely on the 640 because of better audio quality. I have accepted its relatively short talk time as the cost of doing business and I always have a fresh battery for a pocket recharge between calls. When the audio gets noisy, I just hit the cancel button on my Treo and continue the call without a headset. The LED issue is a case for duct tape. It's just too friggin bright.

by Vladimir | Mar 9, 2006 1:15:43 PM

It's written on Jabra website: "Palm Treo 650 and JabraJX10 are compatible but during an incoming call there is an average 3-4 second delay from the time the phone starts ringing and the ringing is heard in the HS. During this time the call cannot be answered using the Headset".
Has anybody encountered such or even greater delay?

by Glen | Mar 9, 2006 3:08:48 PM

Is there a car charger for the Jabra JX10?

by Andrew | Mar 9, 2006 3:38:12 PM

Glen - Yes, the JX10 comes with a USB cable to charge. You can then use the S&C adapter ($9.95) http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/5-19--4.htm to charge in the car.

Cheers, A.

by Rick Smith | Mar 16, 2006 6:29:37 PM

Just purchased a Jabra JX10 from Malcom Distributers. It paired once with my Sprint Treo 650 with the latest Rom update and then would seem to pair, give a beep when call dialed but no sound. If I turn the headset off on my Treo I could not get any sound out of the handset speaker either. It works fine with my Palm Headset but I was looking for better sound quality.

Anyone have a solution???

By the way Malcom Wireless wants a 25% re-stocking charge. "Buyer Beware "

by J3Treo650 | Mar 17, 2006 10:36:04 PM

Just got my Jabra -- piece of cake setting up --- works good except in wind I'm discovering.

Question for all you pro's:

Can the Jabra jx10 be used as a speaker to listen to music or audio books and bypass built in speaker?

by Andrew | Mar 18, 2006 7:28:16 AM

J3Treo650 - currently a BT headset cannot be used to listen to music or audio books.

However a new software promises to resolve this but it's not quite ready yet. I will naturally write a post about it as soon as I get it to work.

Cheers, A.

by daniel ian | Mar 20, 2006 11:16:26 PM

As a user of the 700 I went on a mission to find a new BT for my new 700w(which by the way is working flawlessly on the verizon network). It is so hard to pick one after all the research and varied results. So.....I bought them all!
Here's a quicky:
Motorola H700.....
Plasticy constr...soso audio...tons of static..bought two. same results. back it went!
Jabra JX-10.....
Awesome look, incredible audio quality, both in and outgoing,
impossible buttons to operate, ear loop falls off, now the worst...
totally painful to wear for more than 20minutes, made my ear so sore. wish it had an ear bud! Back it went.
NxZen 5500....Not a bad design, super comfy in-ear, awesome outgoing call quality (the best), dreadful incoming audio, OUCH! very harsh. Back it went...
Plantronics 640.....Most comfy by far, best audio in and out, Mrs. couldn't tell when I was switching back and forth bwtween wired and BT. A little static, bad away from phone.....An easy winner on all fronts, its a keeper.Thanks to Best Buy and Comp Usa for their liberal returns policies!!!!!!!!
BTW, pairing with all of these was flawless, except for the Jabra, it would loose sync, and you'd have to re-pair with the 700

by Tom | Mar 21, 2006 3:02:53 PM

I was having trouble getting my Treo 650 to connect with the JX10. It did everything but there was no audio from the JX10.

Jabra instructed I do the following and now it works!!

Thank you for contacting Jabra, North America.

You may need to do a complete reset and re-pair:

1.Turn the JX10 off.
2.Connect the AC charger or USB cable to a power source.
3.Connect the headset for 5 seconds. Disconnect.
4.Remove the headset from the phone Bluetooth menu. If the phone does not show the headset, just go to Step 5.
5.Turn the phone off.
6.Remove the battery (and sim card, if removable), and hold out for 5 seconds.
7.Re-install the battery (and sim card, if applicable) and turn the phone on, but do not touch any settings.
8.Turn the JX10 on by pressing and holding the phone symbol button until you see a blinking blue light. Release the button.
9.Put the headset into pairing mode by pressing down and holding the pairing button until you see a steady blue light. Release the button.
10.Perform the pairing procedure for the phone.

by jp | Mar 25, 2006 12:40:38 PM

well i liked the jx 10 for as long as i had it...it worked well until it unknowingly fell from my pants pocket and on the street as i got into my car...well to make it worse...i ended up running over it too!!! OUCH!! So the drawback for me was its soo light you can easily loose it and not even know it....so my reccomendation would be the treo headset....half the cost, plus half the guilt if you break it!! Lastly the JX-10 wasnt all that loud...my .02

by Jonathan | Apr 1, 2006 10:31:57 PM

I just baught the headset from BestBuy. I had the logitech traveler which by the way is a great headset. Not as great as the JX10 in terms of Sound quality but better value I have to say. I wanted to find out for the treo 650 doe anyone know of any software, hardware combination that will allow me to do voice activated dialing from the 650 or is that still just a pipe dream? Anyway to comment on Jabra's tech support I have to say its the worst I have ever, ever come across. I had to call them on a BT800 headset, I wont go into details about the call but if your buying Jabra, dont expect any quality level of support.

by Stewart Hogg | Apr 4, 2006 9:47:18 AM

I got the JX-10 based on this write-up of it as it sounds like the best for a treo 650 however everyone I speak to on it says I sound like I'm in a tunnel, and it's difficult to understand me - My treo 650 is through Sprint running the latest firmware - someone I work with is using a Sony Ericsson HBH-608 which I tested with my treo, and it works a lot better than the JX-10 - sorry but the JX-10 needs to go back and I will be going with the HBH-608.

by Troy | Apr 5, 2006 6:57:05 PM

I'm unsure if this is the proper place to post this, but I'm trying to find out why my Treo 650, and my Jabra JX10 won't allow for call waiting. Both devices say they are able to use this, but whenever I'm on a call, it rings busy for incoming calls. How can I resolve this?

by Dave | Apr 8, 2006 8:22:05 PM

My Sanyo Sprint phone is not BT compatable, but Jabra makes a BT adapter (A210) for non-BT phones. Will the Jabra JX10 work with this adapter?

by M Michael | Apr 19, 2006 3:33:16 AM

I have tried several Bluetooth headsets, including the JX-10. All of them, except the Palm Treo set, were crackling. This was the case on two Treo 650 phones.

Seems to me that the Bluetooth in Palm's Treos are hit and miss. Works for some, not for others. What I have heard from dealers is that the Bluetooth is touch and go.

by Ray | Apr 28, 2006 12:58:56 PM

Finally, which bluetooth headset works best with Sprint 650? I am debating between Jabra JX10 and Motorola H700. Please help asap. Thanks.

by Mark | Apr 29, 2006 2:15:37 AM

I have a BlackBerry 7250 (Verizon) and the Jabra JX10. I had no trouble getting them to pair, but there was no audio. I found by disabling BlueTooth then re-enabling it on the BlackBery after pairing the devices...the Jabra JX10 started to function normally.

by Evan | May 13, 2006 2:44:58 AM


by Erich | May 17, 2006 11:29:20 AM

I bought my JX10 a few months ago. It paired easily (with the instructions above, thanks daniel!) It's worked fine with no hiccups and the size is perfect. My only problem is that the ear loop just broke yesterday. I called Jabra, told them about it and they are sending three out to me gratus. Those of you complaining about it being fragile, have you looked at it? It's plastic, not steel. Be careful with it. And don't have it unsecured in your ear suspended over a bowl of water. Have fun out there.

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