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PalmSource Powered Up Winners

The winners of PalmSource’s Powered Up Awards were announced this morning and below are the three applications that have scooped the top prize in the consumer category.

Best Entertainment: EDGE
“EDGE (Extreme Dungeon Game Experience) is an exciting "real-time" Role-Playing Game (RPG) with vibrant, console-quality graphics, rich sound, and a deep storyline.” 

I haven’t personally had the opportunity to test it yet but I have heard other Treonauts rave about it.  Although it’s in a different ‘technical achievement’ league I personally found SkyForce to have delivered the most hours of gaming fun for me.

Best Multimedia: Pocket Tunes Deluxe
“Pocket Tunes™ Deluxe plays Internet radio, WMA and MP3 files, and supports online subscription music services, providing users access to millions of songs!”

No surprises here since Pocket Tunes has been one of my own personal favourite all-time best multimedia applications.  Having said this, I am somewhat disappointed not to have seen a major upgrade in quite a while and I am anxiously waiting for a new version to come out soon.  Other applications in this category that would have made it to the top of my list are TCPMP and MobiTV.

Best Wireless/Over-The-Air: Pocket Express
“Pocket Express delivers news, sports, weather, stocks, directories, movies, maps, Oxford dictionary and more to Treo smartphones and other wireless Palm devices.”

I was very impressed with the changes made from the first version of Pocket Express and now v2.0 is not only graphically richer but also extremely simple to use.  The only thing that I still see as lacking with this and other similar applications is a closer integration with an online equivalent so as to deliver a richer ‘double-play’ solution.  In this category I would also look at InfoMan to which many Treonauts have converted.

It’s a shame that PalmSource did not release the full lineup of shortlisted applications for its Powered Up Awards as I would very much have liked to see which other applications had been within the top three in each consumer and business category.

Naturally, congratulations to all the winning developers and to help you share in the spirit I have created a 20% off coupon for these and all other applications in the Treonauts Software Store valid until Monday 26 December.  Simply enter the promotion code POWERTREO in your shopping cart.

Treonauts always have the best software

Posted by Andrew on December 19, 2005 at 01:51 PM

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