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Treo 700w Specs Clarifications

A couple of days ago someone questionned the veracity of my specifications for the processor and memory of the forthcoming Treo 700w running Windows Mobile so I thought that a few screenshots of the actual details might settle the matter…


As someone else pointed out, the processor on the Treo 700w is slightly different than on the Treo 650.

They are both from the same Intel family and operate at 312MHz, but the PXA272 found on the Treo 700w includes an on-chip memory cache (Stacked memory of 512Mbits Intel Flash in 32-bit memory bus) while the PXA270 on the Treo 650 does not. 

Being a later generation chip we have to assume that the Treo 700w will have a comparatively higher performance to the Treo 650 but naturally with different OS’ this may be hard to assess.

Finally, I had to perform my first hard reset on the Treo 700w after installing Skype and being unable to uninstall it – but I did successfully install a new version that I’ll review separately which does work.  In the process I discovered that the hard reset method is exactly the same on the Treo 700w as it is on the Treo 650.  Namely, while holding down the power button, turn over your Treo so that you can see the back of it then still holding the power button, use an unfolded paper clip or a similar small object, to gently press the RESET hole on the back.

Lastly, a comment left in my previous specifications post pointed out how annoying it is to re-install your applications after a crash.  I don’t have much experience on this front and have (luckily) not had a crash but I can tell you that my version 4.1 of ActiveSync does not have the Backup/Restore option enabled and therefore I cannot set it to “Automatically back up each time the device connects”.

Treonauts always question facts

Posted by Andrew on December 22, 2005 at 09:57 AM

Treo Windows Mobile

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by EQB | Feb 11, 2006 2:14:11 PM

Double check with T-Mobile. I was told by one of their reps that they will begin offering the 700 in mid February.

by Andrew | Aug 21, 2006 9:51:18 PM

Can you do Voice Command via Bluetooth on a Treo 700w?

by HHP | Oct 19, 2006 10:27:46 AM

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way to beam or copy multiple phone numbers. I am trying to upload my phone book from the contacts list on my 700W to the phone book in my car via blue tooth, but i am only able to beam one contact at a time, I have 400 of them. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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