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January 2006

Below is a list of Treonauts news & review posts written in January 2006 in chronological order. Simply click the title of the excerpt to view the full post.

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Treo 700w: The Treonauts Take

It seems that many Treonauts cannot wait for me to finish my detailed review of the Treo 700w and would like to know _now_ exactly how I feel about this latest addition to the Treo family so below is my...

January 6, 2006 | Comments (76) |


Treo 700w Now Available To Buy

Finally, the Treo 700w is now available to buy directly from Palm (and shortly also from the Treonauts Smartphone & Accessories Shop) either with or without a new Verizon contract. The Treo 700w is available for $399 with a 2...

January 5, 2006 | Comments (26) |


Treo 700w Review: Part 3

Happy New Year Treonauts!!! I hope that you had a fantastic time celebrating and my Very Best Wishes for a Fun, Healthy & Prosperous 2006! This year promises to be one of the most exciting yet for Treonauts thanks to...

January 4, 2006 | Comments (26) |


Treo 700w Now Live on Palm Website

Additional details and pictures of the Treo 700w – now officially announced to become available for sale tomorrow January 5th at $399 with a 2 year Verizon Wireless contract – have become available on a dedicated Treo 700w page on...

January 4, 2006 | Comments (4) |


Holiday Snaps

Evidently during the holidays we’ve all likely been snapping pictures like crazy and many of these may have been taken using your Treo. I can’t say that I’m always delighted at the pictures that I get with the 0.3MP camera...

January 2, 2006 | Comments (3) |



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